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List of Title Abbreviations (in alphabetical order)

TG W. -- The 23rd letter. Has no equivalent in Hebrew. In Western Occultism some take it as the symbol for celestial water, whereas M stands for terrestrial water.

SD INDEX Wagner, Prof, believed in fourth dimension I 251 &n

SD INDEX Wagner, W.

----- Asgard and the Gods
battle of the Flames in I 202
black ravens of Odin I 443
common orig of rel concepts I 424
first creation described I 427
hammer, mjolnir II 99
honey dew or astral light I 344-5
Loki fr "liechan" [liuhan] II 283n
Mundane Tree I 211
Nidhogg gnaws World Tree I 407
Niflheim or chaos in I 367
Odin, Mimir in I 402
pillars of the world or Ases II 97
prophecy of three goddesses II 100
Starkad described II 346n
wars in heaven II 386
Yggdrasil, Norns, story of II 520

SD INDEX Waite, A. E.

----- "Biographical & Critical Essay" in Levi'sThe Mysteries of Magic
in error re Book of Enoch II 506
Levi's ideas on astral light I 253-4n

SD INDEX Wake, C. Staniland

----- The Origin & Significance . . .
age of Egypt (Wilkinson) II 432
age of Great Pyramid II 431-2
astronomical knowledge in Great Pyramid I 314
Bunsen on Seth II 82n
Deluge & pyramids II 352
Great Dragon (Dupuis) II 32n
Hermes son of Seth II 362
Proctor on Great Dragon II 352-3
on Sabaeans II 361-2
sacred Mysteries in Gt Pyramid I 317-18n
serpents & wisdom II 26-7n
Seth, Hermes II 362, 366

SD INDEX Waking State, & spiritual sight I 289


SD INDEX Walhalla. See Valhalla


VS Walker of the Sky (I 25) [[p. 9]] Keshara or "sky-walker" or "goer." As explained in the 6th. Adhyaya of that king of mystic works the Dhyaneswari the body of the Yogi becomes as one formed of the wind; as "a cloud from which limbs have sprouted out," after which "he (the Yogi) beholds the things beyond the seas and stars; he hears the language of the Devas and comprehends it, and perceives what is passing in the mind of the ant."


SD INDEX Wallace, Alfred Russel II 646

believed in spiritualism I 520
on evolution of plants I 585
last glaciation 70,000 years ago II 778n
man's origins complicated II 729
theosophists respect II 651
----- Contributions to the Theory . . .
"higher intelligences" I 107, 339; II 677n
man speechless ape-creature II 661
natural selection not enough II 696
----- Geographical Distribution . . .
Lemurian continent II 7-8, 8n, 193n
----- Island Life
criticism of, by Gardner II 782-3
Lemuria II 7-8, 8n
----- The Malay Archipelago . . .
sunken Pacific continent II 789

SD INDEX Wan, Buddhist Mongolian swastika II 556

SD INDEX Wanderers. See Comets

SD INDEX Wandering Jew, man would be, without "Rebels" II 243



adepts vs sorcerers II 384, 501, 503
disease &, fr North & West winds I 123
betw divine & terrestrial self II 268
first, for man in fourth race II 276
betw gods & dragon II 384, 503
betw good & evil II 225
planetary I 101
Skanda, Karttikeya, Mars & II 382
among stars, planets, moon I 202
struggles or, during evolution I 193
betw Tiamat & Bel II 503

SD INDEX War between Gods & Giants

Atlas assisted giants in II 493
described II 222-3
solar eclipse 945 BC &, (Bentley) II 76
submersion of Atlantis ended II 222

SD INDEX War(s) in Heaven. See also Revelation

betw adepts of left & right II 501-2
allegorized in Ramayana II 495
Assyrian, (G. Smith) II 386
astronomical phases of I 201-4
Brahman ecclesiastics disfigured II 502
Christian version of, transformed II 390
Codex Nazaraeus on, (Isis Unveiled) I 194-6
creation due to, (Rosicrucian) II 237
explained I 194-8, 201-3; II 103-4, 384-90, 492-505
first, discussed I 419-23
of gods vs asuras II 390, 498
human phase of II 501-2
fr India via Persia, Chaldea I 198
of Michael & dragon I 202
origin of Christian I 68, 193; II 497
pagan in origin I 198, 418
repeated on every plane II 268
[Revelation] story of I 194
secret of, in initiation crypts II 379
betw sons of god & of shadow II 495, 500
betw spirit & matter II 268, 269n
struggles for candidate for adeptship II 380
Tarakamaya or I 418; II 45, 63, 497-8
Theosophist article on, (Alee Beg) II 244-5
third, betw adepts & sorcerers I 419 &n
betw Thraetaona & Azhi-daksha II 390
three, in every cosmogony I 418
triple meanings in var religions I 202

SD INDEX "War in Heaven, The." See Mitford, G.

SD INDEX War of the Titans (Hesiod) II 63, 500

TG Wara (Scand.). One of the maidens of Northern Freya; "the wise Wara", who watches the desires of each human heart, and avenges every breach of faith.

SD INDEX Ward, Robert, ["On Heat and Light"] I 484n

SD INDEX Wassilief [V. P. Vasilyev]

----- Der Buddhismus . . .
nidanas, etc I 39 &n
time I 43 &n

SD INDEX Watcher(s). See also Silent Watcher

Amshaspends are our II 358
descended to teach early man I 267
each globe, race has its I 233
each nation has its I 576
higher dhyani-buddhas or I 267
lipikas are the four I 103-4 &n
same as builders I 53
watch over man until third race I 266

TG Water. The first principle of things, according to Thales and other ancient philosophers. Of course this is not water on the material plane, but in a figurative sense for the potential fluid contained in boundless space. This was symbolised in ancient Egypt by Kneph, the "unrevealed" god, who was represented as the serpent -- the emblem of eternity -- encircling a water-urn, with his head hovering over the waters, which he incubates with his breath. "And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." (Gen. i.) The honey-dew, the food of the gods and of the creative bees on the Yggdrasil, falls during the night upon the tree of life from the "divine waters, the birth-place of the gods". Alchemists claim that when pre-Adamic earth is reduced by the Alkahest to its first substance, it is like clear water. The Alkahest is "the one and the invisible, the water, the first principle, in the second transformation".

SD INDEX Water (element). See also Cataclysm, Deluge

in alchemy, radical moyst II 542
around Egg of Brahma II 616
blood of Earth II 43n, 400 &n
combines hydrogen, oxygen I 121
connected w messiah, baptism I 385
"critical," on Jupiter (Williams) II 137n
Demiurge became, (Egyptian) I 311
earth &, female, passive II 130
fr earth, fire, heat & mist I 250
female element I 457-8n; II 65
female, passive, & fire I 341
fire &, or Father & Mother I 70
fire &, produced matter II 65
fire finds refuge in I 402
fluid animating Earth II 400n
great deep, chaos or I 460
fr heat, heat fr air I 330
hydrogen base of II 105
Jesus a fish in midst of II 313n
Karttikeya born of, & fire II 550
letter "M" a glyph for I 384-5
liquid fire II 114
lotus product of, & fire I 57, 379n
man made of, & earth I 344-5
Metis as II 130
Mimir drew wisdom fr I 402
more complex on higher planes I 542
mother-substance regulates I 291-2
primordial form of I 254
principle of all things (Thales) I 345, 385
production of Nara II 495n
progeny of electricity I 81-2
progeny of Moon II 66
races twice destroyed by II 725-6
related to taste II 107
represents matter, female II 64
St Matthew, angel-man, & II 114
sign of II 179
swallowed by fire (pralaya) I 372-3
symbolizes divine soul II 113
symbolic of lower steps of initiation II 566n
symbolizes matter, exotericism II 566 &n
universe fr air, fire, & I 92 &n
Varuna, Neptune as god of I 462

SD INDEX Water Lily I 385

air-water symbol I 358
Audubon's yellow, doubted II 440
Gabriel holds, (Christian art) I 379n, 384
symbol of, & lotus I 379-80

SD INDEX Water Men

produced in early eras II 52-3, 634
fr remains of early rounds II 55

SD INDEX Waters. See also Flood, Space, Waters of Space

akasic ocean or I 457-8n
Apam-Napat son of the II 400n
basis of material existence I 64
displacement of Earth's II 138
Ea, Dagon, Oannes & II 495n
firmament created in midst of II 75
of the flood or deep, chaos II 145
of grace (Christian) I 458n
great flood of, in chaos II 144
important in all cosmogonies I 64
Rudra drinks up, of universe II 69n
scientists misunderstood word I 64
Sea of Space became, of Earth II 477
spirit moves on face of II 128, 145
turbid, dark II 57, 63
of wisdom II 495n

SD INDEX Waters of Space

chaos, great deep I 431
dry I 625
explained I 62-3, 64
fiery II 400n
primordial I 431, 437
ray differentiates the I 231
sea, ocean & II 477, 758
symbols of I 365, 625-6
Vishnu's navel & II 472

SD INDEX Watery, nature of first dhyani-chohans I 82

SD INDEX Watery Abyss (or Space) abode of Ea, wisdom II 53

SD INDEX Water-Yazatas (Pers) ether, not the water we know II 400n

SD INDEX Waterston, on Sun's heat I 484n

SD INDEX Watson, Dr John, rocking stones & Celts II 344

SD INDEX Watts, Isaac, Earth footstool of God I 154


carrying man to sixth race I 558
of sound & light II 489

SD INDEX We. See Vi, Vili, & Odin


SD INDEX Wealden

bed of Lemurian river II 333
iguanodon of II 348

SD INDEX Weapon(s), seven & principles II 629-30

SD INDEX Weather, Moon, planets & II 699


symbol I 60, 83-5, 639; II 614
weaving of, expansion & contraction I 83-4

SD INDEX Weber, Prof Albrecht

blunders w oriental symbol of II 570
misunderstood Vishnu Purana II 320
----- Akad. . . . Vorles (Hist. of Indian Lit.)
age of Indian zodiac II 50
on Asuramaya II 49-50, 67, 326
darsanas show Greek influence I 47n
date of Rig-Vidhana I 436
in error re angirasas II 605n
Hindu arts fr Greece II 225
Hindu zodiac fr Greece I 647
Indo-Germanic before Vedic race II 166n
purusha in Katha Upanishad I 461
world soul fr spirit & matter I 365

SD INDEX Webhara (Mount Baibhar of Pali Manuscripts) Buddhist cave initiations near I xx

SD INDEX Webster (dictionary of)

definition of evolution II 653
"empirical" II 664-5
"fire" I 121

SD INDEX Wednesday

Mercury day I 652
sacred to Hermes, Thoth II 366-7

SD INDEX Week(s). See also Septenary, Sevens

applied to life of embryo I 389
of creation in Kabbala II 623-4
days of, same in var nations I 652
each lunar, has its influence I 409
Hebrew word for, is "seven" II 624n
man's life a, of decades II 623
Sabbath equals I 240
septenary cycles & II 624-5n
Thoth-Lunis god of II 529-30
used for various cycles II 395

SD INDEX Weight. See also Atomic Weight

caloric without I 525
no, of bodies in space (Tardy) I 502
pregenetic matter had no I 590

SD INDEX Wei Po-yang, Ts'an t'ung ch'i II 554n

SD INDEX Weismann, August

ex-evolutionist I 223n; II 711
----- [Studien zur Deszendenztheorie]
germ plasm theories of I 223n, 224

SD INDEX Welcker, F. G.

------ Griechische Gotterlehre
Kabeiron fr Greek "to burn" II 363
Mars, derivation of II 392n

SD INDEX Well of Knowledge, & Moses II 465n

TG Werdandi (Scand.). See "Norns", the three sister-goddesses who represent the Past, the Present and the Future. Werdandi represents the ever-present time.

SD INDEX West (direction)

blue corn depicts, (Zuni) II 629
evil, epidemics, wars fr North & I 123
Varuna guards the I 128

SD INDEX West(ern)

consciousness by-product of matter I 327n
Eastern &, metaphysics I 79n, 149, 169, 171, 225-6, 295, 327 &n
hearsay unacceptable to, scholars I xxxvii
metaphysics & triune man I 225-6
mind subject to conceit I 161
mystics start w third creation II 544
repudiated pagan wisdom I 642
scholars & Secret Doctrine II 449
truth not exclusive property of I 279

SD INDEX West Hoadley, ruins of Atlantean monoliths in II 343

SD INDEX West Indies (ian), West African &, fauna alike II 792

SD INDEX Westminster, talking stone at II 342

SD INDEX Westminster Review

Spencer on nebular hypothesis I 600
Thompson & Atlantis II 792

SD INDEX Westropp, Hodder M., no race of dolmen builders II 753

SD INDEX "What is Matter & What is Force?" See Blavatsky


brought fr other lokas II 373
defunct given, (Egypt) I 221
Dendera Virgo holds ear of II 433
Kabiri revealed by producing II 364
mysteries of II 374n
sacred to Egyptians II 374

SD INDEX Wheat Ear of Virgo [Spica] II 433

kali-yuga & I 665; II 435

SD INDEX Wheel(s). See also Chakra

centers of force I 116-17, 144
of Ezekiel's vision I 127; II 128, 134n, 552-3
older, globes of previous rounds I 199
Rabbi Parcha's II 397n
small, or Earth chain I 205
symbol of world, globe, round I 40n, 199, 205, 232, 440; II 27, 52
winged, or seraphim I 122, 126
of world or ophannim I 440


WGa Wheel of Samsara, being reborn on earth over and over again; reincarnation; called a wheel because we whirl about from one life to another so long as we are overcome by desire.

SD INDEX Wheva, bone (Maori) II 194n

SD INDEX Whewell, Dr William

----- [Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences]
sevens & color, sound, taste II 622
----- Plurality of Worlds
disputes idea of other worlds I 607; II 149-50n

TG Whip of Osiris. The scourge which symbolises Osiris as the "judge of the dead". It is called the nekhekh, in the papyri, or the flagellum. Dr. Pritchard sees in it a fan or van, the winnowing instrument. Osiris, "whose fan is in his hand and who purges the Amenti of sinful hearts as a winnower sweeps his floor of the fallen grains and locks the good wheat into his garner". (Compare Matthew, iii. 12.)

SD INDEX Whirlwind I 77

birth of heavenly bodies & I 103
Deity becomes a I 117
Fohat or fiery I 106, 108
nebulas, first stage of I 22, 97-8n
One Life, Great Breath or I 226n

SD INDEX Whiston, William, Old Testament re human chronology II 395


brown-, race II 250
children of, Mother (Stanzas) II 109
Head, Resha Hiv'rah [Reisha' Hivvara'] or II 84
race(s) II 249
region, dhyani fr (Stanzas) II 55
Siva reborn as four, youths II 282

SD INDEX Whitechapel Murderer (Jack the Ripper) II 507n

SD INDEX White Devil

Div-sefid of White Island II 403, 407 &n
other names for II 403
of Wilford II 147, 402-3

TG White Fire (Kab.). The Zohar treating of the "Long Face" and "Short Face", the symbols of Macrocosm and Microcosm, speaks of the hidden White Fire, radiating from these night and day and yet never seen. It answers to vital force (beyond luminiferous ether), and electricity on the higher and lower planes. But the mystic "White Fire" is a name given to Ain-Soph. And this is the difference between the Aryan and the Semitic philosophies. The Occultists of the former speak of the Black Fire, which is the symbol of the unknown and unthinkable Brahm, and declare any speculation on the "Black Fire" impossible. But the Kabbalists who, owing to a subtle permutation of meaning, endow even Ain-Soph with a kind of indirect will and attributes, call its "fire" white, thus dragging the Absolute into the world of relation and finiteness.

TG White Head. In Hebrew Resha Hivra, an epithet given to Sephira, the highest of the Sephiroth, whose cranium "distils the dew which will call the dead again to life".

SD INDEX White Head, fifth race or II 705-6

SD INDEX White Island. See also Sveta-Dvipa

became black w sin II 67, 408 &n
[Mackey] II 406-7
not Atlantis or Sankha-dvipa II 408n
rakshasas, daityas of II 288
Ruta, was II 147
seven kumaras visited Vishnu at II 584
seventh zone of Puranas II 402
Sveta-dvipa or II 319, 322, 402-4, 408 &n, 584
veiled its face II 319
white devil (Div-sefid, Taradaitya) of II 403-4, 407 &n
Wilford mistaken re II 402n, 404, 407

SD INDEX White Magic

lords of II 427
Ramayana struggle betw black & II 495


TG White Stone. The sign of initiation mentioned in St. John's Revelation. It had the word prize engraved on it, and was the symbol of that word given to the neophyte who, in his initiation, had successfully passed through all the trials in the MYSTERIES. It was the potent white cornelian of the mediaeval Rosicrucians, who took it from the Gnostics. "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna (the occult knowledge which descends as divine wisdom from heaven), and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written (the 'mystery name' of the inner man or the EGO of the new Initiate), which no man knoweth saving him that receiveth it." (Revelation, ii. 17.)

SD INDEX White Swan. See also Hamsa, Swan

Leda as a II 122
overshadowed egg II 131

SD INDEX White Yajurveda, & Mahadeva II 548

SD INDEX Whydah, Africans of, revered serpent II 209

SD INDEX Wicks, four, or four lower principles I 237

SD INDEX Widblain. See Vidblainn

TG Widow's Son. A name given to the French Masons, because the Masonic ceremonies are principally based on the adventures and death of Hiram Abif, "the widow's son", who is supposed to have helped to build the mythical Solomon's Temple.

SD INDEX Wiegand, Julius, Ueber die Auflosung . . . ape evolved fr man I 185n

SD INDEX Wigred. See Vigrid

SD INDEX Wilder, Dr Alexander

dianoia & logos defined II 25
Gan-duniyas name of Babylonians II 202
genesis defined II 24n
----- "The Primeval Race Double-Sexed"
Madagascan legend II 177
man androgyne II 134 &n, 135
vegetables, insects, bisexual II 133

SD INDEX Wilford, Col F. (in Asiatic Researches)

deceived by forged manuscripts I xxx-i
Hindus borrowed fr Christians I 655n
mistakes of, described I xxxi; II 402n
misunderstood Vishnu Purana II 320
saw relation betw Hebrew & Hindu I 654
----- ["An Essay on the Sacred Isles . . ."]
Atlas & Meru II 401n, 404
confused Gades, Spain, Atlantis II 406n
dwarfed Hindu chronology I 655
kumaras II 319
seven dvipas II 409
theories on England & dvipas II 402-9
White Devil II 147
----- "On Egypt & The Nile"
Atala & the seven dvipas II 404
I't & peace in Sankha-dvipa II 406
Sankhasura II 405
----- "On the Chronology of the Hindus"
Prajapatis are manus, rishis II 142
----- "On the Kings of Magadha"
the "Great War" I 369n
Yudhishthira I 369-70

TG Wili (Scand.). See "We".


SD INDEX Wilkins, Charles, & universal philosophical tongue I 310

SD INDEX Wilkinson, J. G., Egyptian civilization before Menes II 432

SD INDEX Wilkinson, Rev Wm F., Modern Materialism, Newton's use of "Subtle Spirit" I 490

TG Will. In metaphysics and occult philosophy, Will is that which governs the manifested universes in eternity. Will is the one and sole principle of abstract eternal MOTION, or its ensouling essence. "The will", says Van Helmont, "is the first of all powers. . . . The will is the property of all spiritual beings and displays itself in them the more actively the more they are freed from matter." And Paracelsus teaches that "determined will is the beginning of all magical operations. It is because men do not perfectly imagine and believe the result, that the (occult) arts are so uncertain, while they might be perfectly certain." Like all the rest, the Will is septenary in its degrees of manifestation. Emanating from the one, eternal, abstract and purely quiescent Will (Atma in Layam), it becomes Buddhi in its Alaya state, descends lower as Mahat (Manas), and runs down the ladder of degrees until the divine Eros becomes, in its lower, animal manifestation, erotic desire. Will as an eternal principle is neither spirit nor substance but everlasting ideation. As well expressed by Schopenhauer in his Parerga, "in sober reality there is neither matter nor spirit. The tendency to gravitation in a stone is as unexplainable as thought in the human brain . . If matter can -- no one knows why -- fall to the ground, then it can also -- no one knows why -- think. . . . As soon, even in mechanics, as we trespass beyond the purely mathematical, as soon as we reach the inscrutable adhesion, gravitation, and so on, we are faced by phenomena which are to our senses as mysterious as the WILL."

SD INDEX Will(s)

absolute, & law II 164
aggregate of cosmic, & atoms I 632-3
animals have II 671n
atoms have memory, sensation & II 672
Deity first manifests as I 343
faith without, is barren II 59n
Fohat & I 111
human forms born of I 211
incarnating host preferred free II 421
Itchasakti [ichchhasakti] as, -power I 292-3; II 173
it is the, of Deity that acts II 528
procreation by I 192
rebellious angels & free- I 193-4
result of, on our actions I 639
Sons of, & Yoga II 163
voice of the, (Zohar) I 346

SD INDEX Will-Born

kumaras & jayas called II 584-5
lords propelled by Fohat II 86

SD INDEX Willi. See Vi, Vili, & Odin

SD INDEX William of Salisbury, saw Mona stone in 1554 II 345

SD INDEX Williams, W. M.

----- The Fuel of the Sun
critical state of Sun II 136n
Sun, ether, heat I 102, 585
----- "Solids, Liquids, and Gases"
critical matter in Sun, Jupiter II 136-7n

SD INDEX Willow Leaves (Nasmyth theory)

colleagues derided Herschel re I 590-1
Herschel on I 541, 591
shapes on Sun desc by Nasmyth I 530
source of solar vital energy I 541

SD INDEX Wilson, Dr A.

----- "The Evolution of Man"
all living forms not fossilized II 674
evolution a young subject II 152
----- "Letter" to Knowledge
replies to queries by "G.M." II 152

SD INDEX Wilson, Daniel

----- [Archaeology & Prehistoric Annals . . .]
on giant Scottish skeleton II 749
----- Prehistoric Man
writing known to earliest man II 729

SD INDEX Wilson, Horace Hayman

birth of Rudra fr the Saivas I 456n
blundered re Hindu symbols II 570
confused Brahma & Brahma I 453n
confused Buddhists & Charvakas I 419n
contradictions re seven prakritis I 257n
creation I 452n
dating of Vishnu Purana ridiculous I 419n, 423n
did not enjoy modern advantages I 453n
did not understand "Waters" I 457-8n
on egg symbol I 360
on Garuda Purana II 565n
has Buddha teaching Daityas in Vishnu Purana I 419n
Hindu chronology fiction II 73
indiscrete principle of I 521-2
lived w Brahmins, pandits I 420
misunderstood Hindu chronology II 321
sarpa (ahi) fr Brahma's hair II 181-2n
spirit acts thru intermediaries I 451-2n
----- [Essays . . . on Sanskrit Literature]
Buddhism in Bhagavad-Gita I 419n
----- Medical & Surgical Sciences . . .
all vegetable bodies alive I 454
----- Select Specimens of the Theatre . . .
agneyastra (fire weapons) II 427n, 629-30

SD INDEX Winchell, Alexander

----- "The Cycles of Matter"
essay [in his Sketches of Creation] I 638 &n
----- Pre-Adamites
Egypt civilized before Menes II 334
----- World Life . . .
all elements fr one element I 542
ancients on Earth's rotation I 117n
beginning of sedimentation II 715n
beings w different corporeality & senses I 608n
Charles's Law, refers to I 84
Croll on geological eras II 9
declared Kepler's ideas fanciful I 499
dissociation of matter I 543n
ethereal medium I 528 &n
generation of rotation I 500
gravity & unexplained phenomena I 497-8
heat of the Sun I 102 &n
heat thru contraction I 84-5
magnetism & gravity I 498
mistakes of Laplace I 592n
Moon cooled faster than Earth I 155n
nebular theory I 505, 544
periodical submergences II 325n
q Faye I 496
q Laplace I 498
q Lecouturier I 494
q Madler I 501
q Newcombe II 149n
q Newton I 494-5
q Whewell I 607
science on age of life II 694
scientific divination I 638
sedimentary age of globe II 695
sunken northern continent II 323-4 &n
Swedenborg's vortical theory I 118n
Thomson on Earth's cooling II 694
unknown substances I 607n
what nebular theory is not I 599-600
years required for evolution II 72

SD INDEX Wind(s). See also Four Winds

aethereal, impregnate divine egg I 365, 461
agent of transmission, nurse II 105
air, spirit &, synonymous I 342
Athenians invoke, (Boreas) I 467
carries man in his bosom II 109
evil, at South Pole II 400
fed sweat-born egg II 131
fiery, incandescent cosmic dust I 107
four kinds of, explained I 123
of Hebrews I 466
Jesus rebukes the I 468
in John 3 should be spirit I 226
life, (pranas, Anugita) II 566-9
man nursed by II 113
seed sprang fr, & chaos I 340
seven principal II 612
Sopatrus unchained the I 469
spirit or I 340, 461
symbol of human soul II 113
Toum [Tum] North & West (Egyptian) I 673
Typhoeus, Aeolus, Boreas & I 466
Vayu god of I 190, 468-9

SD INDEX Wind (the hot, destroying)

related to dragon story II 384-6
various religions on II 384-5


god of, & terrestrial Poles II 363
origin of, (Plato) II 373

SD INDEX Wing & Shadow II 121-4

SD INDEX Winged Globes

became the scarabaeus II 552
form of egg symbol I 365
Four Maharajahs or I 126

SD INDEX Winged Races, in Plato & Popol Vuh II 55n, 96, 264


eternal Lemurian II 777 &n
six symbol of, & Autumn II 583
Sun in Cancer in, (Egypt) II 431

TG Wisdom. The "very essence of wisdom is contained in the Non-Being", say the Kabbalists; but they also apply the term to the WORD or Logos, the Demiurge, by which the universe was called into existence. "The one Wisdom is in the Sound", say the Occultists; the Logos again being meant by Sound, which is the substratum of Akasa. Says the Zohar, the "Book of Splendour": "It is the Principle of all the Principles, the mysterious Wisdom, the crown of all that which there is of the most High" (Zohar, iii., fol. 288, Myer's Qabbalah.) And it is explained, "Above Kether is the Ayin, or Ens, i.e., Ain, the NOTHING". "It is so named because we do not know, and it is impossible to know, that which there is in that Principal, because . . . it is above Wisdom itself." (iii., fol. 288.) This shows that the real Kabbalists agree with the Occultists that the essence, or that which is in the principle of Wisdom, is still above that highest Wisdom.

SD INDEX Wisdom. See also Budha, Wisdom Religion

absolute, mirrored in ideation I 328
absolute, transcends time & space I 1-2n
Apollo god of oracular II 106
birds of I 443; II 292-3
black birds symbols of primeval I 443
budhism or II 100
Chochmah [Hokhmah] II 84-5, 134n
divine, & earthly, struggle II 377
dragons of I 657; II 26, 94n, 210, 379, 381, 384n, 507
dual aspect of II 364, 489
Ea god of II 53, 61, 115, 139n
early magic meant science of II 319
earthly, sensual, (James 3:15) II 134n, 275n
falling like lightning II 230-1
first emanation of Deity II 489
flows fr Deity (Zohar) I 239
follower of true Eastern II 588-9
intelligence &, described II 134 &n
knowledge & I 165
light symbol of esoteric II 94n, 162
Mercury (Budha) Lord of II 27, 28, 44, 498
-Ocean, Dalai Lama symb name II 502n
Samael & Michael aspects of II 378
Sarasvati goddess of I 95
secret, acquired by Self I 534
of self-consciousness II 113
serpent(s) of II 98, 386-7
serpent symbol of II 214, 351, 377, 386, 552
seven forms of divine I 574; II 29n
Soma parent of esoteric II 500
Sons of II 16, 18, 52
spiritual, is buddhi II 275n
Tara, Budha & birth of II 499
thirty-two paths of II 39
understanding heart & II 134n
of universal tradition II 133
West repudiates pagan I 642

SD INDEX Wisdom Eye. See Cyclops, Pineal Gland, Third Eye

SD INDEX Wisdom of Solomon. See Book of Wisdom

TG Wisdom Religion. The one religion which underlies all the now-existing creeds. That "faith" which, being primordial, and revealed directly to human kind by their progenitors and informing EGOS (though the Church regards them as the "fallen angels"), required no "grace ", nor blind faith to believe, for it was knowledge. (See "Gupta Vidya", Hidden Knowledge.) It is on this Wisdom Religion that Theosophy is based.

KT Wisdom-Religion. The same as Theosophy. The name given to the secret doctrine which underlies every exoteric scripture and religion.

WGa Wisdom-Religion, the one religion which underlies all creeds, and which is to be found hidden under the text of all holy books in all nations.

SD INDEX Wisdom Religion

in Central Asia I 376
Druids, Persians had II 756
Gautama & I xx
inheritance of all nations I xviii, xx, xliv
Jews once possessed II 469
seven main branches of II 636

SD INDEX Wise, Thomas A.

----- History of Paganism . . .
on giant bones (India) II 347
on Stonehenge II 343 &n

SD INDEX Wiseman, Cardinal Nicholas P. Stephen

plural worlds in Old Testament & New Testament I 607n
----- [Twelve Lectures . . .]
other worlds alluded to II 704

SD INDEX Wise Men. See also Adepts, Dragon(s), Initiates, Mahatmas, Masters, Serpents

of fifth race verified the SD I 273

TG Witch. From the Anglo-Saxon word wicce, German wissen, "to know", and wikken, "to divine". The witches were at first called "wise women", until the day when the Church took it unto herself to follow the law of Moses, which put every "witch" or enchantress to death.

SD INDEX Witches, Witchcraft

incantations & I 469
Sabbath of, goat & Pan II 510
Satan head of II 389n
of Thessaly & the Moon I 156

TG Witchcraft. Sorcery, enchantment, the art of throwing spells and using black magic.

TG Witches' Sabbath. The supposed festival and gathering of witches in some lonely spot, where the witches were accused of conferring directly with the Devil. Every race and people believed in it, and some believe in it still. Thus the chief headquarters and place of meeting of all the witches in Russia is said to be the Bald Mountain (Lyssaya Gora), near Kief, and in Germany the Brocken, in the Harz Mountains. In old Boston, U.S.A., they met near the "Devil's Pond", in a large forest which has now disappeared. At Salem, they were put to death almost at the will of the Church Elders, and in South Carolina a witch was burnt as late as 1865. In Germany and England they were murdered by Church and State in thousands, being forced to lie and confess under torture their participation in the "Witches' Sabbath".

SD INDEX Witness(es), one & three, John & Sankara I 570-1 &n

TG Wittoba (Sk.). A form of Vishnu. Moor gives in his Hindu Pantheon the picture of Wittoba crucified in Space: and the Rev. Dr. Lundy maintains (Monumental Christianity) that this engraving is anterior to Christianity and is the crucified Krishna, a Saviour, hence a concrete prophecy of Christ. (See Isis Unveiled, II., 557, 558.)

SD INDEX Wittoba. See Vithoba

TG Wizard. A wise man. An enchanter, or sorcerer.

TG Wodan (Saxon). The Scandinavian Odin, Votan, or Wuotan.

SD INDEX Woden. See Odin

SD INDEX Wogan, on divine Providence I 634


mates w dog II 287
"who comes out of Darkness" II 386

SD INDEX Wolf, C. J. E.

----- Les Hypotheses Cosmogoniques
endorses Kant's esotericism I 601
every star is in motion I 500, 596
how did chaos produce stars? I 599
Kepler's moon rings I 590
nebulae & nebular theory I 596-602

SD INDEX Wolf, F. A., [Prolegomena ad Homerum] on Fate or (Moira) II 604n

SD INDEX Woman (en)

ark, navel, Moon & II 461
w child (in Revelation) II 383, 384
created fr Adam's rib II 129
creation of, in Genesis II 387
creation of, (Tahitian) II 193-4
curse on man came w, (Kabbalah) II 216
early Aryan, free as men I 382-3
a "fatal gift" (Pandora) II 270 &n
formed subsequent to man II 135
inferior to man in popular religions I 136n
lunar influence on reproductive cycles I 264, 389
manushyas created, by kriyasakti II 140
procreation painful to II 262
sterility among, of old races II 779-80
treatment of I 136n, 382
Truth as a naked I 352
when, knew no man II 415


ark symbolizes II 139, 461
circle w diameter double I 391-2
desecration of symbol of I 382-3
effulgent, or golden egg I 89
Eve, Sarah or II 472
Holy of Holies w Semites I 264, 391; II 457n, 466
human, a reflection II 84
lotus symbol of I 385
Maqom (Hebrew) or II 84, 457 &n
of nature I 373n; II 234, 462, 466
nether world, of life I 364n
sarcophagus symbol & II 462

SD INDEX Wonders by Land and Sea. SeeShan-Hai-King

SD INDEX Wondrous Being. See also Watcher

"ever-living-human-Banyan" I 207
Great Sacrifice & I 208

SD INDEX Woodward, Dr H., "Evidences of the Age of Ice," axial changes & glacial ages II 726

SD INDEX Word. See also Logos, Sounds, Vach, Verbum, Voice

Ahura Mazda & II 358
basic property of akasa I 372
born fr mind I 350
called image of God II 479-80
of central sun I 231
Fohat is, made flesh I 111
of God I 87; II 107
Logos, Spirit, Voice I 79, 99, 103, 337, 384, 431-2, 447, 470, 472, 614; II 25, 36
Mathra Spenta or II 480
Memrah or I 346
Mercury or II 541
motion, number & I 67
names in various religions II 704n
"one number fr no number" I 94
passing on, by initiates I 404; II 220
syllables & letters of I 351-2

SD INDEX Word(s)

five, of Gnostics expl II 580
last, cannot be given II 310
ten, or dbrim of Kabbala II 37, 39-40
unknown potency of spoken I 307

SD INDEX Word on Atlantis, A II 371. See de Mirville

SD INDEX Wordsworth, Bishop Christopher

King of Ai hung on tree II 558
translator of Genesis 4:1 II 127

SD INDEX Worker's Hammer (in Book of Numbers) swastika is II 99

SD INDEX Working Powers. See Builders

SD INDEX Workmen, seven, in Pymander II 97

SD INDEX Works and Days. See Hesiod

SD INDEX Works by The Late H. H. Wilson. See Wilson

SD INDEX Works of Sir Wm. Jones. See Jones, Wm.

TG World. As a prefix to mountains, trees, and so on, it denotes a universal belief. Thus the "World-Mountain" of the Hindus was Meru. As said in Isis Unveiled: "All the world-mountains and mundane eggs, the mundane trees, and the mundane snakes and pillars, may be shown to embody scientifically demonstrated truths of natural philosophy. All of these mountains contain, with very trifling variations, the allegorically-expressed description of primal cosmogony; the mundane trees, that of subsequent evolution of spirit and matter; the mundane snakes and pillars, symbolical memorials of the various attributes of this double evolution in its endless correlation of cosmic forces. Within the mysterious recesses of the mountain -- the matrix of the universe -- the gods (powers) prepare the atomic germs of organic life, and at the same time the life-drink, which, when tasted, awakens in man-matter the man-spirit. The Soma, the sacrificial drink of the Hindus, is that sacred beverage. For, at the creation of the prima materia, while the grossest portions of it were used for the physical embryo-world, its more divine essence pervaded the universe, invisibly permeating and enclosing within its ethereal waves the newly-born infant, developing and stimulating it to activity as it slowly evolved out of the eternal chaos. From the poetry of abstract conception, these mundane myths gradually passed into the concrete images of cosmic symbols, as archaeology now finds them." Another and still more usual prefix to all these objects is "Mundane". (See "Mundane Egg", "Mundane Tree", and "Yggdrasil".)

WW World [[I]]n proceeding to consider these four words: World, Kosmos, Universe, Space, we must be careful that we are not led astray by false analogical reasoning.

Now World comes from two Anglo-Saxon words: wer, man and yldo, age, generation. World, therefore, would mean a generation of man; not a globe, not a sphere. But, as you will remember, in our first study we pointed out that in philosophy there is a close relationship between time, which is the mayavic extension or flower of duration, and matter, which is the flower or extension of substance. Hence, as the extension of time was conceived in a physical sense as something huge, spatial, so the name was applied -- that is the name world was applied -- to the extension of matter, substance, and hence came to mean, by a natural progress of thought, the physical globe, as for instance, our planet, Terra, the planet Mars, or any other sphere. So it is proper to apply the term world, according to present usage, to a globe, a physical sphere, a planet. But we should remember that the signification of the word itself was originally an epoch of time, and therefore the term world is not applicable to the close reasoning which we shall be obliged to follow in the future, as the word sphere, or any other equivalent term that you may care to employ. Still, the word world is perfectly proper at the present time in popular parlance; and the definitions, as I think will be obvious to all of us, which we are now considering, are for the purpose of having terms among ourselves, when we are studying together, which by their accuracy and point, form a kind of mental shorthand, mental stenography, a mental cipher. It is the same as in mathematics in solving intricate equations, it would be a most tedious and endless process to explain the derivation of every mathematical formula if we had to stop at each word and obtain an exact definition of what it meant. For instance, take: cos a = cos b + cos c + sin b + sin c + cos a. This is perfectly clear. But suppose that we had to stop and explain what cosine meant, and what a spherical triangle was, and what the cosine of -- and the sin of -- meant, you will realize that we would have to cover several blackboards in explaining what is clearly set forth in that formula to anyone who has studied spherical trigonometry. In that same way, by pursuing our studies along exact lines, by laying down definitions, when the words defined come up, he who hears understands immediately that a certain definite thing is meant: there is no vagueness.

SD INDEX World, The (NY), criticized HPB I 317n

SD INDEX World(s). See also Earth, Globes, Planets, Universes

akasa soul of I 13n
appearance & disappearance of I 16-17
believers in plurality of II 706
billions of, every manvantara I 143n
born fr one another I 203-5
communication betw other, & ours I 133
consciousness key to knowing II 701
creative, formative, & material I 98-9
destroyed, renewed II 704-5
destruction of, many meanings II 705-6
deva of each portion of II 538
dhyani-chohans "created" II 510
"dragon's head" symbol name of every II 505
elohim formed, six by six I 239
every atom becomes a I 85
every, has parent star & sister planet II 33
evolved fr the One Element I 540-3
Fohats as many as there are I 143n
formation of, (Stanza 5) I 22
formed of preexisting material II 84, 510
fourfold destruction of II 311
fourteen, of Syrians explained I 435-6
Hermes on building of I 436; II 489
higher & lower, blend w ours I 604-5
higher by essence not location I 221n
history in zodiacal signs II 431
hostile conditions surround new I 203-4
invisible, peopled I 583n, 606, 611; II 700, 702
"Kings of Edom" does not mean II 705
Kliphoth (Qelippoth) is our, (Zohar) II 111
laya-centers & I 145
like sparks fr a hammer II 704
a living organism I 281
Malkuth lowest I 239
matter of various, differs I 143 &n, 589
new, patterned on former I 144-5
objective symb of One & many I 129
often needs repair (Newton) I 503
old, conquered by new I 202-3
once "of one lip," knowledge I 229-30
orientalists & Vedic divisions of II 622
other inhabited II 699-709
outbreathing & inbreathing of I 4
plurality of I 607-9; II 699-709
plurality of, implies many gods II 538
progressive development of I 43
rulers & regents of I 99
scintillas, sparks or I 99
Seven Agents contain material, (Egy) I 436
seven times depopulated II 617
seven, (globes) in Hindu lit I 112
some primordial, died soon II 704 &n
-Soul, or Deity (Plato) II 555
Space is real, ours, artificial I 615
stars not known as, to Epistles eds II 704
succession of, widely taught II 756-7
tenth, of Syrians our quaternary I 436
three, or rajamsi II 621-2
within worlds I 133


TG Worlds, the Four. The Kabbalists recognise Four Worlds of Existence: viz., Atziluth or archetypal; Briah or creative, the first reflection of the highest; Yetzirah or formative; and Assiah, the World of Shells or Klippoth, and the material universe. The essence of Deity concentrating into the Sephiroth is first manifested in the Atziluthic World, and their reflections are produced in succession in each of the four planes, with gradually lessening radiance and purity, until the material universe is arrived at. Some authors call these four planes the Intellectual, Moral, Sensuous, and Material Worlds. [W.W.W.]

TG Worlds, Inferior and Superior. The Occultists and the Kabbalists agree in dividing the universe into superior and inferior worlds, the worlds of Idea and the worlds of Matter. "As above, so below", states the Hermetic philosophy. This lower world is formed on its prototype -- the higher world; and "everything in the lower is but an image (a reflection) of the higher" (Zohar, ii., fol. 20a.)

VS seven worlds (I 16) worlds of Rest Eternal [[p. 5]] Some Sanskrit mystics locate seven planes of being, the seven spiritual lokas or worlds within the body of Kala Hamsa, the Swan out of Time and Space, convertible into the Swan in Time, when it becomes Brahma instead of Brahma (neuter).

VS all three worlds (III 27) [[p. 66]] These three worlds are the three planes of being, the terrestrial, astral and the spiritual.

VS abode of the World's Mother (I 24) [[p. 9]] The "Power" and the "World-mother" are names given to Kundalini one of the mystic "Yogi powers." It is Buddhi considered as an active instead of a passive principle (which it is generally, when regarded only as the vehicle, or casket of the Supreme Spirit ATMA). It is an electro-spiritual force, a creative power which when aroused into action can as easily kill as it can create.

SD INDEX World Egg I 64-5. See also Egg

SD INDEX World Germs

primordial, & Fohat I 672
spiritual particles I 200-1

SD INDEX World Life. See Winchell

SD INDEX World of Action (Asiatic [`Asiyyah] World), our Earth, our world II 111

SD INDEX World of Emanations (Atzilatic ['Atsiloth]) gives birth to three worlds II 111

SD INDEX World of Formation (Jetzira, Yetsirah) habitat of the angels II 111

SD INDEX World Soul. See also Anima Mundi

connected w all phenomena I 10
differentiated I 140
homogeneous element I 203
Mahat or Maha-buddhi I 16
plane of a circle & II 555

SD INDEX World Stuff

Anaxagoras on I 595
curds in cometary stage I 206
eternally homogeneous I 569
fifth, sixth cosmic principle I 101
first ignition of I 84
now called nebulae I 595
pre-protyle I 598
of science vs ancient chaos I 579
Sun, planets evolved fr I 101

SD INDEX World Teachers, Reformers. See also Avataras, Initiates

described II 358-9
transmitters I xxxvi-vii
truths of, not new I xxxvi-vii

SD INDEX World Tree. See also Asvattha, Tree of Life, Yggdrasil

described I 406-7

SD INDEX Worms, hermaphroditism & II 167

SD INDEX Worsaae [J. J. A.], on flint remains II 752n

SD INDEX Worship. See also Faith, Religion

ceremonial, profitless II 93
degeneration of II 273-4
essential meaning of II 34 &n
exoteric, a materialization II 498
fourth race resorted to body- II 279
idol- II 279, 723
Lemurians had no outward II 272-3
lunar & solar I 387, 397, 402; II 139n
man should, in his soul I 280
phallic I 264n; II 469-73
sacrificial II 230
sexual- & body- II 285
of shells I 578
silent, of nature I 381n
tree, serpent & crocodile I 403-11

SD INDEX Wraie or Wraith, or will-o'-the wisp II 206n

SD INDEX Wren, Sir Christopher I 426

SD INDEX Writing

ancient methods of II 346n
in China & India II 226
discussed II 439-40, 529
invented by Atlanteans II 439, 442
known to earliest man (Dawson) II 729
known to Phoenicians II 440
Panini & II 225, 439-40
refused to some ancient nations I xxxii
unknown in Stone Age II 442

SD INDEX Wuliang-sheu [Wu-liang shu] (Chin) Boundless Age or I 356

SD INDEX Wundt, Wilhelm M., Die Theorie der Materie, on physical atomism I 513

SD INDEX Wu Wang, Emperor of Chow Dynasty II 302