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List of Title Abbreviations (in alphabetical order)

PV Cib "Light, torch." Fourth in the Maya primary calendric series of regents or Ahau, equated with Hunahpu of the Popol Vuh as Regent of the Fourth Age or Age of Quiche-Maya culture.

SD INDEX Cibola Expeditions

seven cities & II 35
Spanish met white chiefs during II 744

SD INDEX Cicatrization, affected by fission II 166n

SD INDEX Cicero, Marcus Tullius

----- [De Natura Deorum]
time & man's ideas II 451
----- De Senectute
sodalities II 212n
----- Tusculan Disputations
profaning the Mysteries II 419

SD INDEX Cichen-Itza. See Chichen Itza

SD INDEX Cidastes (genus) II 218

SD INDEX Ciel et Terre [Terre et Ciel].See Reynaud, J. E.

SD INDEX Cifron (Arab), cipher derived fr, (Muller) I 360-1 &n

SD INDEX Cimah [Kimah] (Heb), Pleiades (Job) I 647-8 &n

PV Cimi Second in the Maya primary calendric series of regents or Ahau, equated with the Came of the Popol Vuh.

SD INDEX Cimmerians (Gk)

descend fr Atlantean subrace II 774
long nights & days of II 773

SD INDEX Cipher II 307n

hieroglyphic, the Senzar II 439
Muller on I 360-1
nought or I 94; II 554
Sephrim & I 361n; II 40, 234

SD INDEX Circassia, raised stones in II 346n

SD INDEX Circe, Ulysses & II 769n

TG Circle. There are several "Circles" with mystic adjectives attached to them. Thus we have: (1) the "Decussated or Perfect Circle" of Plato, who shows it decussated in the form of the letter X; (2) the "Circle-dance" of the Amazons, around a Priapic image, the same as the dance of the Gopis around the Sun (Krishna), the shepherdesses representing the signs of the Zodiac; (3) the "Circle of Necessity" of 3,000 years of the Egyptians and of the Occultists, the duration of the cycle between rebirths or reincarnations being from 1,000 to 3,000 years on the average. This will be treated under the term "Rebirth" or "Reincarnation".

SD INDEX Circle(s). See also Center, Diameter, Pi, Point

Aristotle omitted I 615
Boundless I 65, 99, 113-14, 239, 333, 429, 614; II 573, 589
Chinese symbols of II 554
circumference a limited symbol I 1
circumference of, or hidden deity II 536
cosmogonies begin w, or egg I 443
cross & I 5, 19; II 30, 545-53, 582
cross equivalent to, of year II 546
cube, triangle & I 612-16
darkness associated w I 443
David's, -dance around ark II 460-1
diameter of II 536, 553
dimensionless II 553
earliest form of cross & II 549
ever-eternal nature I 4
fiery, Egyptian symbol of kosmos II 357
fire, water, cross & II 550
four, & Fohat's sons I 204
God is a, (de Cusa, Pascal) I 114; II 545
golden egg & I 359, 426; II 553
Hebrew root of I 364n
how, becomes a number I 99
infinite, perfect cube fr II 465
is thought, diameter is Word II 106
nine figures, as I 99
no number I 91; II 574
nought or, symb infinite All II 553, 621
Parker's premises re I 313, 315-16; II 544
Pascal's, symbolical I 65
point, triangle, etc I 320-1, 426
Proclus on invisible II 552
seven II 80-1, 487-8
seven, of fire II 103, 232, 275n
space & eternity in pralaya I 1
spirit of life, immortality II 552
square in, potent magic I 99
squaring the I 315-16; II 450, 544
symbol of universe I 359
symbol of Unknown I 113
triad in, or Tetraktis I 99
uncrossable boundary I 134n
unmanifested I 398
zero &, as infinity I 99, 333

SD INDEX Circle of Necessity. See also Rebirth

Egyptian after-death experiences & II 379
monads & II 303

SD INDEX Circular

dance II 460-1
Irish, stones fr Africa II 343
motion I 116-17


OG Circulations of the Kosmos -- Also Circulations of the Universe. This is a term used in the ancient wisdom or esoteric philosophy to signify the network, marvelously intricate and builded of the channels or canals or paths or roads followed by peregrinating or migrating entities as these latter pass from sphere to sphere or from realm to realm or from plane to plane. The pilgrim monads, however far advanced or however little advanced in their evolution, inevitably and ineluctably follow these circulations. They can do nothing else, for they are simply the spiritual, psychomagnetic, astral, and physical pathways along which the forces of the universe flow; and consequently, all entities whatsoever being indeed imbodiments of forces must of necessity follow the same routes or pathways that the abstract forces themselves use.

These circulations of the kosmos are a veritable network between planet and planet, and planet and sun, and between sun and sun, and between sun and universe, and between universe and universe. Furthermore, the circulations of the kosmos are not restricted to the material or astral spheres, but are of the very fabric and structure of the entire universal kosmos, inner as well as outer. It is one of the most mystical and suggestive doctrines of theosophy.

SD INDEX Circulation(s)

between two planes I 148
of blood I 559
nerve-auric II 298n
in universal ether II 74
of vital fluid & cat symbolized II 552-3n
of vital fluid in solar system I 541

SD INDEX Circulo vicioso (Lat) vicious circle I xxii

SD INDEX Circumcision, & the cross II 589

SD INDEX Circumference

circle & I 11, 90, 426, 616; II 38
of circle or hidden deity II 536
diameter & II 544
digit nine & II 581
relation of point to I 426
symbol limited by human mind I 1

SD INDEX Cis-Himalaya(n) II 34n. See also Trans-Himalayan

adepts, wheat, corn & II 374n
crypts of, initiates II 588n
Narada or Pesh-Hun in, occultism II 48
secret teachings of II 251, 308n, 574, 636
sevening in, occultism II 602
submerged in Lemurian times II 327

SD INDEX City (ies)

absence of remains of II 311-12
Atlantean II 371, 760
built by divine kings II 366
built on former cities II 220-1, 397
Chaldean, of Eridu II 226
Egyptian, before pyramids II 432
first large, on Madagascar II 317
founding of, symbolic (Ragon) II 795-6
of fourth race II 20-1
holy, interpreted II 84
Lemurian, cyclopean II 317-19
"of letters," secret works in II 529
records in older Phoenician II 440 &n
seven, of Cibola II 35 &n
of third race II 198
two extinct Central Asian I xxxiii-iv

SD INDEX City of God. See Augustine, St

SD INDEX Civilization(s). See also Atlantis, Continent, Nations

ancient, preceded by others II 334
antiquity of, (Gould) II 311-12
Atlantean II 263
Atlantean & Egyptian II 429-30
Babylonian, fr India II 203
Central Asian I xxxii-iv
Chaldean, fr India II 226
Christian barbarism & II 430
earliest, date fr Eocene II 744
Egyptian, had no Stone Age II 786n
fate of modern II 331
first, fr divine dynasties II 318, 364
fourth race Chinese highest II 280n
Haeckel traces, to ants, bees II 650
high prehistoric II 432
Lemurian II 317-19
Lemuro-Atlantean I 191; II 433n
lost II 222, 429-34
lost arts of ancient I 208-9 &n; II 430-1
Miocene, (Donnelly) II 266n
most brilliant, in Tertiary II 679
physical, at cost of spiritual II 319 &n
physiological changes before II 317
prehistoric Central Asian I xxxii-iv
primeval, & Darwinists II 786n
puzzle of autochthonous I 652
rises & falls of II 330, 723
savagery &, side by side II 318, 522, 717, 722-5
Secondary Period II 266n
Sons of God founded I 208-9; II 198, 318, 364
submerged II 311-41, 393-402, 426-9
sunken, evidence of II 742-77

SD INDEX Civilization of the Eastern Iranians.See Geiger, W.

SD INDEX Clacha-Brath (Celt), judgment stone of II 342n

TG Clairaudience. The faculty, whether innate or acquired by occult training, of hearing all that is said at whatever distance.

KT Clairaudience. The faculty -- whether innate or acquired by occult training -- to hear things at whatever distance.

OG Clairaudience -- In its largest sense the word means simply "clear-hearing." True clairaudience is a spiritual faculty, the faculty of the inner spiritual ear, of which the psychical clairaudience is but a distorted and therefore deceptive reflection; neither is it hearing with the physical ear, so imperfect and undeveloped a sensory organ as the latter is. The power to hear with the inner ear enables you to hear anything you will, and at whatever distance, whether on Mars, or on the Sun, or on the Moon, or on Jupiter, or perhaps even on some distant star, or easily anywhere on Earth. Having this spiritual clairaudience, you can hear the grass grow, and that hearing will be to you like a symphonic musical poem. You can hear the celestial orbs singing their songs as they advance along their orbits through space, because everything that is, is in movement, producing sound, simple or composite as the case may be. Thus in very truth every tiny atom sings its own note, and every composite entity, therefore, is an imbodied musical poem, a musical symphony. (See also Music of the Spheres)

SD INDEX Clairaudience I 470, 537

TG Clairvoyance. The faculty of seeing with the inner eye or spiritual sight. As now used it is a loose and flippant term, embracing under its meaning a happy guess due to natural shrewdness or intuition, and also that faculty which was so remarkably exercised by Jacob Boehme and Swedenborg. Real clairvoyance means the faculty of seeing through the densest matter (the latter disappearing at the will and before the spiritual eye of the Seer), and irrespective of time (past, present and future) or distance.

KT Clairvoyance. A faculty of seeing with the inner eye or spiritual sight. As now used, it is a loose and flippant term, embracing under its meaning both a happy guess due to natural shrewdness or intuition, and also that faculty which was so remarkably exercised by Jacob Boehme and Swedenborg. Yet even these two great seers, since they could never rise superior to the general spirit of the Jewish Bible and Sectarian teachings, have sadly confused what they saw, and fallen far short of true clairvoyance.

OG Clairvoyance -- In its largest sense the word simply means "clear-seeing," insight behind the veils, inner visioning. Genuine clairvoyance is a spiritual faculty and is the ability to see and to see aright; and in seeing to know that your seeing is truth. This is no psychical faculty. The clairvoyance commonly called the psychical clairvoyance is very deceptive, because it is a mere moonlight reflection so to speak, and this moonlight reflection is uncertain, deceiving, and illusory. Genuine spiritual clairvoyance, of which the psychical clairvoyance so called is but a feeble ray, will enable one to see what passes at immense distances. You can sit in your armchair and see, with eyes closed, all that you care to see, however far away. This can be done not only in this exterior world, but one can penetrate into the interior and invisible worlds with this spiritual vision, and thus know what is going on in the worlds spiritual and ethereal. This vision is not physical vision, nor that which, on the astral plane, manifests itself as psychical clairvoyance; but true vision is spiritual clairvoyance -- seeing through the inner spiritual eye.

SD INDEX Clairvoyance (t) I 1n, 41, 470, 537; II 206, 370n, 493

adept's spiritual eye not I 46n
aspect of jnanasakti I 292
corroborates tradition I 647
once common to mankind I 537
permeability of matter & I 251

SD INDEX Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology.See Dowson, J.

SD INDEX Classics (Gk & Rom)

giants, gods, continents in II 760-77
hints in, re secret science II 795

SD INDEX Clausius, Rudolf J. E.

gas atoms elastic spheres I 513
theory of I 587n

SD INDEX Clavijero, F. X. S., seven families of II 35

SD INDEX Clef des Grands Mysteres. See Levi, E.

TG Clemens Alexandrinus. A Church Father and a voluminous writer, who had been a Neo-Platonist and a disciple of Ammonius Saccas. He lived between the second and the third centuries of our era, at Alexandria.

KT Clemens Alexandrinus. A Church Father and voluminous writer, who had been a Neo-Platonist and a disciple of Ammonius Saccas. He was one of the few Christian philosophers between the second and third centuries of our era, at Alexandria.

SD INDEX Clement of Alexandria (Clemens Alexandrinus)

esteemed Book of Enoch II 535
ex-initiate I xliv; II 559
held Kabbala & Bible veiled II 536
knew Moon as Jehovah's symbol I 387
serpents, giants are demons II 279-80, 280n
understood cruciform couches II 559
----- Stromata
elements & pagan knowledge I 125 &n
Jewish, Egyptian temples I 462
knew astronomy of Exodus I 125; II 361n
Mysteries not given to all II 447
Phoroneus father of mortals II 519
sacrilege of Aeschylus II 419


make Satan enemy of God II 377
make true saviors evil ones II 411-12

SD INDEX Clerk-Maxwell. See Maxwell, J. Clerk

SD INDEX Climacteric Year I 656 &n

SD INDEX Climate(s)

axial changes & II 314, 329-30, 356-7
changes of, & man's stature II 777n
eternal spring of early races II 135, 400, 738 &n
Fohat's four sons & I 204
of Greenland in Miocene II 11, 677, 726
man changes Earth's II 700
moon, sun, planets, etc cause II 699
periodical changes of II 446, 726-7, 736
polar regions once tropical II 329, 770n, 773-4, 777
secondary evolutionary causes II 262-3, 648-9
seventh II 319-20, 403, 407, 616
of third-race II 329
zones & influence II 249

SD INDEX Climate and Time in their Geological Relations. See Croll, J.

SD INDEX Clito, Neptune marries, sires Atlas II 765

SD INDEX Clodd, Edward

----- "Antiquity of Man . . ."
describes Paleolithic man II 686n
European marsupials II 713n
mid-Miocene man II 710-11
no man in Tertiary Europe II 714
----- "Science and the Emotions"
on science & religion I 3n

SD INDEX Clymene (Gk)

Atlas son of II 493
mother of Prometheus II 519

SD INDEX Coach ha-Guf. See Koah Haguph

SD INDEX Coadunation, of chain-globes I 166

SD INDEX Coagula, on Smaragdine Tablet II 99

SD INDEX Coal, formation I 253n; II 155, 695n, 712

SD INDEX Coasts, elevating, sinking II 787n

SD INDEX Coats of Skin, Matter I 189

cycles & I 642-4; II 56, 72
of early man II 154
Java-Aleim made, for Adam II 202
men, animals evolve II 299, 736
nature can produce II 56
not necessarily physical I 607
offering of, (Leviticus) II 748
thickened, & divine man II 281

SD INDEX Cobra(s)

hatched fr incense egg I 363-4
man's saliva & I 262 &n
nagas or II 209

SD INDEX Coccyx, rudimentary tail & II 328-9

SD INDEX Cochin, China, ears distorted in II 339

TG Cock. A very occult bird, much appreciated in ancient augury and symbolism. According to the Zohar, the cock crows three times before the death of a person; and in Russia and all Slavonian countries whenever a person is ill on the premises where a cock is kept, its crowing is held to be a sign of inevitable death, unless the bird crows at the hour of midnight, or immediately afterwards, when its crowing is considered natural. As the cock was sacred to Aesculapius, and as the latter was called the Soter (Saviour) who raised the dead to life, the Socratic exclamation "We owe a cock to Aesculapius", just before the Sage's death, is very suggestive. As the cock was always connected in symbology with the Sun (or solar gods), Death and Resurrection, it has found its appropriate place in the four Gospels in the prophecy about Peter repudiating his Master before the cock crowed thrice. The cock is the most magnetic and sensitive of all birds, hence its Greek name alectruon.

SD INDEX Cocker, B. F., Christianity and Greek Philosophy, Plato's "god over all" II 554 &n

TG Codex Nazaraeus (Lat.). The "Book of Adam" -- the latter name meaning anthropos, Man or Humanity. The Nazarene faith is called sometimes the Bardesanian system, though Bardesanes (B.C. 155 to 228) does not seem to have had any connection with it. True, he was born at Edessa in Syria, and was a famous astrologer and Sabian before his alleged conversion. But he was a well-educated man of noble family, and would not have used the almost incomprehensible Chaldeo-Syriac dialect mixed with the mystery language of the Gnostics, in which the Codex is written. The sect of the Nazarenes was pre-Christian. Pliny and Josephus speak of the Nazarites as settled on the banks of the Jordan 150 years B.C. (Ant. Jud. xiii. p. 9); and Munk says that the "Naziareate was an institution established before the laws of Musah" or Moses. (Munk p. 169.) Their modern name is in Arabic -- El Mogtasila; in European languages -- the Mendaeans or "Christians of St. John". (See "Baptism".) But if the term Baptists may well be applied to them, it is not with the Christian meaning: for while they were, and still are Sabians, or pure astrolaters, the Mendaeans of Syria, called the Galileans, are pure polytheists, as every traveller in Syria and on the Euphrates can ascertain, once he acquaints himself with their mysterious rites and ceremonies. (See Isis Unv. ii. 290, et seq.) So secretly did they preserve their beliefs from the very beginning, that Epiphanius who wrote against the Heresies in the 14th century confesses himself unable to say what they believed in (I. 122); he simply states that they never mention the name of Jesus, nor do they call themselves Christians (loc. cit. 190). Yet it is undeniable that some of the alleged philosophical views and doctrines of Bardesanes are found in the codex of the Nazarenes. (See Norberg's Codex Nazaraeus, or the "Book of Adam", and also "Mendaeans".)

WGa Codex Nazaraeus, the Codex of the Nazarenes; the Book of Adam. See Norberg's Codex Nazaraeus.

SD INDEX Codex Nazaraeus

Adonai, Kadush, El-El I 463
arcane, arka II 463n
capital sins & cardinal virtues I 195-6 &n
Gnostic systems in II 96n
Iurbo, Adonai II 389
seven creations I 217
seven spirits & races I 248 &n
spirit female & evil in I 194n
War in Heaven I 194-6

SD INDEX Coecum, vermiform appendix of II 681

SD INDEX Coelo, De. See Aristotle (De Caelo)

SD INDEX Coelus [or Uranus]

Cyclopes sons of, & Terra II 769
Mercury son of Lux & II 541

TG Coeur, Facques. A famous Treasurer of France, born in 1408, who obtained the office by black magic. He was reputed as a great alchemist and his wealth became fabulous; but he was soon banished from the country, and retiring to the Island of Cyprus, died there in 1460, leaving behind enormous wealth, endless legends and a bad reputation.

TG Coffin-Rite, or Pastos. This was the final rite of Initiation in the Mysteries in Egypt, Greece and elsewhere. The last and supreme secrets of Occultism could not be revealed to the Disciple until he had passed through this allegorical ceremony of Death and Resurrection into new light. "The Greek verb teleutao," says Vronsky, "signifies in the active voice 'I die', and in the middle voice 'I am initiated'". Stobaeus quotes an ancient author, who says, "The mind is affected in death, just as it is in the initiation into the Mysteries and word answers to word, as well as thing to thing; for telutan is 'to die', and teleisthai 'to be initiated '". And thus, as Mackenzie corroborates, when the Aspirant was placed in the Pastos, Bed, or Coffin (in India on the lathe, as explained in the Secret Doctrine), "he was symbolically said to die".

SD INDEX Cogito, ergo sum (Descartes) II 242

SD INDEXa Cogito ergo sum II 242 (Lat) "I think, therefore I am." -- Descartes, Principes . . . 1.7

SD INDEX Cognition, cognized, & cognizer are one I 56

SD INDEX Cohesion

Keely & I 559
Lodge on I 488
occult explanation of I 259 &n, 525
phenomena, noumenal causes I 145-6, 592
ultimate causes of I 514-17

SD INDEX Coincidences, re Great Pyramid I 314

SD INDEX Cold & Heat, progeny of electricity I 81-2

SD INDEX Colebrooke, H. T., Miscellaneous Essays

Greeks learned fr Hindus I 47n
manas is dual I 334
yugas or cycles II 624n

SD INDEX Coleman, held Aryans ignorant of globular Earth II 154-5

SD INDEX Colenso, Bishop John William, Elohistic and Jehovistic Writers, admits to changes in Bible II 473

SD INDEX Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

on chance I 653
Christians & heathens II 474
on personality I 275
time an abstraction of deity I 645

TG Collanges, Gabriel de. Born in 1524. The best astrologer in the XVIth century and a still better Kabbalist. He spent a fortune in the unravelling of its mysteries. It was rumoured that he died through poison administered to him by a Jewish Rabbin-Kabbalist.

SD INDEX Collect. de Reb. Hibern. See Vallancey, C.

SD INDEX Collectio Nova Patrum. See Montfaucon, B. de

SD INDEX College(s)

of astrologers, magi II 203
sacerdotal I 168; II 215, 220, 532-3

TG College of Rabbis. A college at Babylon; most famous during the early centuries of Christianity. Its glory, however, was greatly darkened by the appearance in Alexandria of Hellenic teachers, such as Philo Judaeus, Josephus, Aristobulus and others. The former avenged themselves on their successful rivals by speaking of the Alexandrians as theurgists and unclean prophets. But the Alexandrian believers in thaumaturgy were not regarded as sinners or impostors when orthodox Jews were at the head of such schools of "hazim". These were colleges for teaching prophecy and occult sciences. Samuel was the chief of such a college at Ramah; Elisha at Jericho. Hillel had a regular academy for prophets and seers; and it is Hillel, a pupil of the Babylonian College, who was the founder of the Sect of the Pharisees and the great orthodox Rabbis.

KT College of Rabbis. A college at Babylon; most famous during the early centuries of Christianity, but its glory was greatly darkened by the appearance in Alexandria of Hellenic teachers, such as Philo-Judaeus, Josephus, Aristobulus and others. The former avenged themselves on their successful rivals by speaking of the Alexandrians as Theurgists and unclean prophets. But the Alexandrian believers in thaumaturgy were not regarded as sinners and impostors when orthodox Jews were at the head of such schools of "hazim." There were colleges for teaching prophecy and occult sciences. Samuel was the chief of such a college at Ramah; Elisha, at Jericho. Hillel had a regular academy for prophets and seers; and it is Hillel, a pupil of the Babylonian College, who was the founder of the sect of the Pharisees and the great orthodox Rabbis.

TG Collemann, Jean. An Alsatian, born at Orleans, according to K. Mackenzie; other accounts say he was a Jew, who found favour owing to his astrological studies, with both Charles VII. and Louis XI., and that he had a bad influence on the latter.

SD INDEX Collingwood, J. F., editor of Buchner's Force and Matter II 154n, 719n

SD INDEX [Collins, Mabel, Idyll of the White Lotus].See Subba Row, T.

TG Collyridians. A sect of Gnostics who, in the early centuries of Christianity, transferred their worship and reverence from Astoreth to Mary, as Queen of Heaven and Virgin. Regarding the two as identical, they offered to the latter as they had done to the former, buns and cakes on certain days, with sexual symbols represented on them.

SD INDEX Cologne, three magi in cathedral of I 654n

SD INDEX Color(s)

akasa, sound, touch & I 205
based on septenary law II 628
commanding forces by, & sound I 514n
cosmic electricity & I 554
of early races II 97, 178, 227, 249-50, 282
four, of sanctum curtain I 462
Keely's occult ideas re I 564-5
related to senses, elements II 107
seven, fr one ray of light II 492
"shadows" (chhayas) of var II 90, 97
unfading, of Luxor II 430

SD INDEX Colorado, monsters of II 218

SD INDEX [Colossians], day of new Moon II 76

SD INDEX Colossus II, 263, 294n, 369. See also Cyclopean

of Rhodes & Bamian statue II 338

SD INDEX Coluber Tortuosus, meaning of, distorted by Church II 230

SD INDEX Columbus, Christopher I 297; II 371, 788

SD INDEX Colure, summer tropical, & Pleiades II 407

SD INDEX Comet(s).

accumulate elements by circling I 204
all heavenly bodies become I 204
become stars I 206
collision w Earth theory II 330
curds become I 206, 250
early nebular evolution & I 599
of 1811 & gravity I 504
evolution of solar system & I 599
generated in solar system (Faye) I 500
laya-center becomes I 203-4
life came via a, (Thomson) I 366n
long-haired radicals I 503-4
Master quoted on I 593
matter of, unknown to science I 597
origin of I 500-6
planets were, & suns I 103, 596-7
prophecy by means of I 646
same substance as planets & Sun I 602
settles down as planet, Sun I 203-4
swallowed by suns I 204
tails of, & gravity I 504-5, 606-7
unexplained by science I 593
wanderers or I 201, 206, 250
world germs I 201

SD INDEX Cometary Matter I 504

different fr ordinary matter I 142, 597
planets & Sun evolved fr I 101 &n
stage for all heavenly bodies I 204
visible because luminous I 606-7

SD INDEX "Come To Us," Egyptian Day of I 134-5

SD INDEX Commentaire sur le Yaccna. See Burnouf, E.

SD INDEX Commentarius Apocalypsis. See Cornelius a Lapide

SD INDEX Commentary (ies) (quoted by HPB)

allegory of the eight Adityas I 100
animal-human intercourse II 192, 286
Asvattha Tree I 549
Atlantean man divided II 350
breath of Father-Mother I 144
circle, the One, the ALL II 621-2
Darkness clothed Sons of Light I 103
deity becomes a whirlwind I 116-17
destruction of continents I 439n
Dhruva & destiny of nations II 768
dhyanis, radiations of I 259
divine kings taught man II 201
dragon, Serpents of Wisdom II 351
early races, continents II 400-1
Earth globe in various rounds I 252n, 258-60
Earth in second round I 260
Earth's axis tilted II 329
Earth's geological changes II 312
Earth's rotation & Moon II 324-5
elements & celestial beings I 216
Eternal Bird, nest of II 293
fate of Atlantis II 427-8
fiery Mother-Fish & spawn I 97
fifth race on ascending arc II 300
fourth race black w sin II 408
fruits, grains brought to man II 373
genesis of world & numbers II 160
Heavenly Man goal of all I 183
heavenly rupa creates man II 242
hermaphrodites & Sukra II 30
holy youths refused chhayas I 192
humans are gods to beasts I 605-6
humans covered w hair II 287
humans look on devas as gods I 605-6
humans made complete II 255n
informing intelligences II 33-4
jiva & growth of Earth II 46
Kings of Light leave II 424-5
lives, comets, elements I 249-50
man first & highest mammal II 288
man's stature decreases II 331
Mighty Ones leave monuments I 434-5
mother, breaths, motion I 97
motion thrills sleeping atoms I 116
origin of human principles II 241
pitris & their doubles I 183-4
Poles moved (fourth time) II 350
primary, secondary creation II 113
Seven & Nine II 622
seven Fathers, forty-nine Sons II 564
seven Lhas II 23
sevens & man as saptaparna II 590
spheres, hierarchies II 33-4
spiritual conceptions of doctrine II 81
stone & vegetation II 593-4
Sun is heart & brain I 541
Sun turns w planets I 100 &n
third eye disappears II 294
three fires II 247
time & space II 612
Trees of Knowledge & of Life II 216
white & black magic I 192n
world germs, comets, battles I 201
world of truth I 120

SD INDEX Commentary (ies) (referred to)

compiled by adepts II 23
compiled prior to kali-yuga II 300
as difficult as the Stanzas I 97n
Exodus story in II 426-7
explain glossaries to I 97n; II 33-4, 33n
hierarchy of creative powers I 213
on nephilim & bestiality II 775
new facts to profane Orientalists I xxiii
next to impossible to translate II 192n
rendered into English for first time I 23
some, intentionally veiled I xxv

SD INDEX Commentary. of Proclus on the Timaeus.See Proclus

SD INDEX Commentary on Puranas, re Vishnu, Sesha II 505

SD INDEX Commentary on St Paul's Epistles. See Chrysostom

SD INDEX Communication. See also Language, Sound

between mortals & immortals I 464
between planes II 281n, 370n
between worlds I 133; II 281

SD INDEX Comparative Geology. See Winchell,World Life

SD INDEX Compass I 126n, 128. See also Cardinal Points, Maharajas

VS Compassion Absolute (III 31) [[p. 70]] (31). This "compassion" must not be regarded in the same light as "God, the divine love" of the Theists. Compassion stands here as an abstract, impersonal law whose nature, being absolute Harmony, is thrown into confusion by discord, suffering and sin.

SD INDEX Compensation. See also Karma

karmic, in next manvantara I 173
law of, stern & implacable I 639

SD INDEX Complexion

racial II 178, 227, 249-50
fr strata & climate II 249 &n

SD INDEX Compounds (chem). See also Crookes, W.

which cease to combine I 478

SD INDEX Compte Rendu du Congres int. d'anthropologie.See Bourgeois, Abbe

SD INDEX Comptes Rendus. See Academie des Sciences

SD INDEX Comte, Auguste, pessimism of, re Sun I 528


SD INDEX Concarneau, balancing rocks near II 344

SD INDEX "Concealed Lord" (Tib) I 52

SD INDEX Concentration, seven forms of II 637

SD INDEX Conception. See also Immaculate Conception, Reproductive Processes

easier for earlier women II 410
of foetus II 174
human, degradation of I 381-2 &nn; II 410-11
lunar influences on I 228-9n; II 38
Moon, gestation & I 180, 228-9n, 264, 387, 395; II 38, 76-7, 105
shedding blood & II 44n

SD INDEX Conception(s), (intellectual, spiritual). See also Anthropomorphic

of the Absolute (Cusa) II 158n
of boundless unity II 42-3
finite, & primary creation II 59
mystical, of early Aryans II 99-100
purely spiritual, few have II 81

SD INDEX Concepts and Theories [of Modern Physics]. See Stallo, J. B.

SD INDEX Concerning Protoplasm. See Stirling, J. H.

SD INDEX Concordance. See Cruden, Alex.

SD INDEX Condensation I 590-7; II 159, 253

SD INDEX Condillac, Etienne Bonnot de, held many worlds inhabited II 706

SD INDEX Confession, Buddhas of II 423

SD INDEX Conflagration, precedes pralaya I 371, 649; II 307n

SD INDEX Conflict between Religion and Science.See Draper

SD INDEX Confucianism (ists)

based on five King & four Shu books I xxv &n
Pythagoreanism & I 440-1

SD INDEX Confucius

[Analects] Lun Yu of I xxxvi-vii
canonized by Catholic Church I 441n
cosmogony of I 356, 440-1
on the dragon II 365
fifth rounder I 162
"great Extreme" of I 356, 440; II 554
Lao-tzu predecessor of I xxv &n
personality not immortal I 440n
practiced magic I 441
religion of I xxvn
taught heliocentric system I 441
a transmitter, not a maker I xxxvii

SD INDEX Congenital Idiot, has four-fold jiva only I 224

SD INDEX [Congreve, Wm.], on eternal justice II 304

SD INDEX Coniferae in Primary era II 712

SD INDEX Conjunctions I 661

began kali-yuga I 662; II 435
foretell events I 646-7
of Moon, Earth, Sun II 76
planetary, & climacteric years I 650, 656 &n
of planets & Saturn's role II 63
of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars I 656

SD INDEX Connubial Life, Laws of Manu on II 411n

SD INDEX Conscience I xix

buddhi &, in Pistis Sophia II 605n
chitti, inner voice or I 288n

SD INDEX Conscious

everything in universe I 49, 274
spiritual beings I 233n
unconscious &, not charachara I 454

OG Consciousness -- In all its forms and protean manifestations, consciousness is spirit-matter -- force and matter, or spirit and substance, are one -- hence consciousness is the finest and loftiest form of energy, is the root of all things, and is coextensive with kosmic space. It is, therefore, the foundation and the essence of gods, of monads, and of atoms -- the three generalized degrees, kosmically speaking, of the universe. A natural corollary from this is that the universe therefore is imbodied consciousness, or much more correctly we should call it a quasi-infinite aggregate of imbodied consciousnesses.

SD INDEX Consciousness. See also Self-consciousness

absolute I 2, 15, 40, 50-1, 56, 266, 277n; II 702n
absolute, of higher self I 266
adapts to nature (Bourges) II 654
animal I 234; II 120, 702n
atma alone primeval I 570
awakening, of plants & animals I 455
chasm between brain &, (Tyndall) II 673
cosmic ideation & I 329n
deep sleep a state of II 701
deva-, & monad I 619
devachanic II 57n
disintegrated by Mahat I 373
in dreamless sleep I 266
of first beings not human I 277
of the globes II 702n
Haeckel traces, to molecules II 650
highest manifest, synthetic I 573
hinders man fr foreseeing death II 525
human & cosmic, diagram I 200
illusion & I 329-30
immortality & II 525
implies limitations I 56
individualized, or personal ego II 241
key to knowing other worlds II 701
Logos source of individual II 24
manifests thru matter I 328-9
man's, linked to senses II 701
merging individual w universal I 51
not a brain function I 233, 296, 327n
of the "one manifested" I 216n
pervades everything I 49, 274; II 702n
prajna or II 641
primary element I 373
psychology rejects universal II 490n
relation of, to third eye II 306
senseless up to third round I 246-7
seven chords of universal I 167
seven states of I 47, 199-200; II 29n, 597n, 641
on seventh globe every round I 232
sleep & I 266; II 701
still small voice & spiritual I 280
time an illusion of I 37, 44
unconditioned I 14
universe aggregate of various states of II 598-9

SD INDEX Conservation law of, of energy I 513-14, 518

of matter & occult physics I 97
of solar energy I 102 &n

SD INDEX Consolidation, of earth II 10n, 138

SD INDEX Consonants, & monosyllabic language II 199

SD INDEX Constant, Abbe Louis. See Levi, E.

SD INDEX Constantine, Emperor

killed Sopatrus I 469
turning point in West I xliv

SD INDEX Constantinople. See also Council of Constantinople.

300,000 books destroyed at II 763n

SD INDEX Constellation(s). See also Draco, Great Bear, Makara, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, etc

astrological aspects of I 105; II 179
cycles & periodic return of I 645
deity presides over one's I 638
Dragon, at Pole in Flood II 352-3, 355
four sacred animals symbolize four I 363
Great Bear, & Seven Rishis II 549
Harp, South Pole in, (Egyptian) II 360n
influence cataclysms II 699
occult influence of I 409, 647
patriarchs personify the I 390
Poseidon placed dolphin among II 578
pyramids, deluges & II 352
retrogression of I 389
Scorpio or eighth, & Job I 648
seven, of Plato, Hesiod II 603
sympathy between, & soul I 668
zodiacal I 652-7; II 23

SD INDEX "Constitution of the Microcosm." See Subba Row, T.

SD INDEX Consubstantiality

globes of our chain & I 166
of manifested spirit, matter I 614
of rulers & ruled produces evil (Plato) II 373

TG Continents. In the Buddhist cosmogony, according to Gautama Buddha's exoteric doctrine, there are numberless systems of worlds (or Sakwala) all of which are born, mature, decay, and are destroyed periodically. Orientalists translate the teaching about "the four great continents which do not communicate with each other", as meaning that "upon the earth there are four great continents" (see Hardy's Eastern Monachism, p. 4), while the doctrine means simply that around or above the earth there are on either side four worlds, i.e., the earth appearing as the fourth on each side of the arc.

SD INDEX Continent(s) II 313-50, 393-409, 742-77, 778-93. See also Atlantis, Dvipas, Lands, Lemuria, Root-Races

African II 200, 263-4
age of various II 606n
American or fifth II 8, 35n, 182, 444-6
ancient, more mountains than valleys II 763
Arctic or polar II 11-12, 138n, 398, 400-1, 727
after Atlantis II 395
Atlas, symbolized Atlantis-Lemuria II 762
Australia remnant of sunken II 314
axis change & new II 360
born, grow old, die II 350
civilization of lost II 222
colossal men on submerged II 336
destroyed by fire, water II 266, 307n, 309, 311, 329-31, 426-8, 725-6, 776n, 784
destruction of early I 439n
destruction of fifth race II 445-6, 757
destruction of "worlds" may mean II 705
dry island a northern II 398
Easter Island & submerged I 439; II 316n
Europe the fifth II 8
evidence of submerged II 324-34, 742-93
fifth, Europe & Asia Minor II 8
first, never perished II 6, 372n, 401, 606n
five, of root-races II 6-9, 11
flood connected w sinking of II 307
four, in Avesta II 609-10
four prehistoric II 6, 404
fourth, destruction of II 314, 395n, 433n
fourth, or Atlantis I 369; II 314, 395n
future, & present lands II 404-5, 445
geologists & submerged II 316
God-inhabited II 221
great northern, concealed II 399
horseshoe-like II 326, 401-2
Hyperborean or 2nd II 7, 11-12, 274, 606n
identical, do not rise again II 333
immense submerged, in Pacific II 788-9
India & South America, islands &, connect II 327
Keely's force on some new I 564
Lemuro-Atlantean II 10
lost, fr India to Tasmania II 221
Magi believed in seven II 608
man lived on now sunken, (Lyell) II 725
Mascarene II 324
Mayas belonged to fifth II 34-5n
northern, tropical II 326, 423-4, 727
old, sucked under II 330
of other lokas & globes (Puranas) II 321-2
overlap each other II 433n
periodical sinking, rising II 144, 266, 307, 325-33, 400n, 703, 762n, 787n
Persian traditions re II 393-402
Polynesian II 222-4
present, sunk several times II 332-3
Puranas use, symbolically II 323
rising & sinking of, continuous II 787n
Romaka-pura part of lost II 50, 67-8
Saka & Pushkara to come II 404-5
second I 369; II 138, 401-2
sequence of II 8
seven allegorical, [dvipas] II 155, 288, 321, 404-5, 612
seven "creations" of new II 756-9
seven, in Revelation II 748
seven, of Bharatavarsha II 501n
shifting of I 273; II 333, 699
sinking of, & planets, Moon II 699
sixth & seventh, yet to come II 405, 445-6
of sixth race II 757
fr Spitzbergen to Dover II 324, 326
Theopompus on Atlantean II 371
third & fourth II 263-4, 606n
third, Lemurian II 329, 371-2, 606
third, sank 4,242,352 years ago I 439n
Uranos ruled second II 765

SD INDEX Contra Celsum. See Origen

SD INDEX Contradictions, in teachings I 151-2

SD INDEX Contraries, attraction of I 405, 412, 416; II 111

SD INDEX "Contributions to the Fossil . . ."See Heer

SD INDEX Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection.See Wallace, A. R.

SD INDEX Cook, Captain James, Easter Island & II 317, 331, 337

SD INDEX Cooke, J. P., The New Chemistry

atoms not uniform I 512
wave theory of light I 580

SD INDEX Cooper, Wm. R., An Archaic Dictionary, Athtor [Hathor] I 346

PV Copal The sap from various Central American trees which is used by Mayan natives for incense for purificative and other purposes. Equated with blood and rain as a divine substance or exudation in nature.

SD INDEX Cope, Prof, on flying serpent II 205

SD INDEX Copernicus, Nicolaus

intuitions of, re ancient ideas I 118
lunar mean motion tables I 667n
----- On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres
revolution of Earth II 28n

SD INDEX Copt(s, ic) II 792

adepts & Dendera zodiac II 432
Christos of, replaced by Jesus I 132n
IOH & Moon II 464
Jewish language borrowed fr I 115n
language kin of Phoenician I 115n
Pistis Sophia, MSS II 566n
Ro, P, & Greek cross II 547


gelatinous in Lemuro-Atlantean times II 250
reproduce by budding II 133
Silurian, like today's millepores II 257

SD INDEX Cor-Cawr (Welsh) [dance of giants], Stonehenge called II 342

SD INDEX Cordilleras, upheaval of II 787n

SD INDEX Cordovero, Moses, Tractatus de Anima, Ophanim or angels of stars I 117

SD INDEX Corinthian Horses, Venus symbol on II 546

SD INDEX 1 Corinthians (Paul)

living soul, quickening spirit II 513 &n
man of Earth & Heaven II 82
man temple of God I 382n, 574n
many gods in Heaven, on Earth I 465
spiritual rock followed Israel II 341
we shall judge angels II 111-12

SD INDEX Cor Leonis (star Regulus), when upon equator II 407


-bin pyramid sarcophagus I 317n
Isis reveals Mysteries of II 374 &n
Kabiri first produced II 364
seven-colored among Zunis II 628-9
seven cubits high (Egyptian) I 236n, 674n
speckled, & priestess-mother II 629

SD INDEX Cornelius a Lapide. See also Kenealy, Dr E.

----- Commentarius Apocalypsis
Bernard on Sun-Christ I 401

SD INDEX Cornutus, Lucius Annaeus

----- Commentarius de natura deorum
Mercury a cube II 542
three phases of Hecate I 395

SD INDEX Cornwall (England)

part of early continent II 326
traditions of giants in II 754

SD INDEX Coronado, Francisco II 35

SD INDEX Corpora Quadrigemina & Striata, developed in mammalian brain II 297, 301

SD INDEX Corporeality (ies)

incorporeal I 566
innumerable stages of I 607-8 &n, 633

SD INDEX Corpuscular I 326, 484, 490, 494, 528

theory of light I 495, 579
theory of Pythagoras distorted I 507

SD INDEX "Correlation of Physical Forces." See Grove

WW Correspondence We saw that the term [hierarchies] was generally applied to those institutions in human affairs whereby authority is deputed or delegated from higher to lower, and that each step, on the hierarchical theory, required another one above it and another one below it. While we saw that this applied to human affairs, nevertheless we also saw that it was a correspondence, to use Swedenborg's term, of what exists in the cosmos. And if we could get a proper, clear, concise, intelligible view of what hierarchy means in man, or rather, in the affairs of mankind, we have thereby a key by which we may understand the operations that take place in nature -- these operations, being the working of intelligence and will upon matter. This takes place according to what H. P. Blavatsky called the doctrine of analogy. Now analogy itself is a science. There are such things as false analogies in logic, and there are manifestations in nature which one can perceive, see, study, and yet they are not, properly speaking, analogies with some set standard. They are apparent analogies, false analogies. To use our own terms, they are Mayavic, that is, illusionary (from the Sanskrit, Maya, illusion.)

"As it is above, so it is below" is the great Hermetic axiom, which you will find all through our literature. The Kabalists had a similar doctrine, i.e. that in the manifestation of the unnameable Deity -- this manifestation being accomplished through hierarchies of angelical beings, each angel or each entity, or each god as a Greek would say, Deva as a Hindu or Buddhist would say -- each of these entities is impressed as the wax takes the impress of the seal, with the characteristic of its hierarchical head. Therefore, every series of entities proceeding from a hierarchical head bears the stamp or characteristic of that fountain, that source.

SD INDEX Correspondences, law of I 585-6n; II 197, 301. See also Analogies

TG Corybantes, Mysteries of the. These were held in Phrygia in honour of Atys, the youth beloved by Cybele. The rites were very elaborate within the temple and very noisy and tragic in public. They began by a public bewailing of the death of Atys and ended in tremendous rejoicing at his resurrection. The statue or image of the victim of Jupiter's jealousy was placed during the ceremony in a pastos (coffin), and the priests sang his suffering. Atys, as Visvakarma in India, was a representative of Initiation and Adeptship. He is shown as being born impotent, because chastity is a requisite of the life of an aspirant. Atys is said to have established the rites and worship of Cybele, in Lydia. (See Pausan., vii., c. 17.)

SD INDEX Corybantes, confused w Kabiri II 106, 360

SD INDEX Cory, Isaac Preston. See also Berosus

----- Ancient Fragments
Chaldean Oracles
on ether I 462
chaos shone w pleasure I 343
Damascius calls Protogonos Dis I 70, 343n
Ea & Tiamat II 477
Elon or Elion highest god II 380
mundane god of spiral form I 348
Oannes-Dagon I 345; II 190
Sanchoniathon on birth of univ I 340 &n
Thallath & Belus II 54
Thallath gave birth to monsters II 65n
Zeus an immortal maid II 135

SD INDEX Cosmas Indicopleustes, Topographia Christiana

arctic continent II 399
met learned Chaldean in India II 399
Noah lived on Atlantis II 265
square, flat Earth of I 522

SD INDEX Cosmic. See also Astral Light, Ideation, Matter, Planes, Principles

activity, monads & II 311
Darwinian principles in, life I 202-3
deluge preceding our round II 69n
evolution, Stanzas on I 27-34
motion finite, periodical I 3
solar &, pralayas I 18n
soul II 113
substance eternally homogeneous I 569

SD INDEX Cosmic Dust

fiery wind is I 107
some, never belonged to Earth I 609
tail of cosmic serpent I 74
various names for I 140

TG Cosmic Gods. Inferior gods, those connected with the formation of matter.

TG Cosmic ideation (Occult.). Eternal thoughts impressed on substance or spirit-matter, in the eternity; thought which becomes active at the beginning of every new life-cycle.

SD INDEX Cosmic Philosophy [Outlines of].See Fiske, J.

SD INDEX Cosmic Pralaya

concludes Brahma's life II 69n
Logos sleeps during II 310

TG Cosmocratores (Gr.). "Builders of the Universe", the "world architects", or the Creative Forces personified.

SD INDEX Cosmocratores. See Kosmokratores

SD INDEX Cosmogenesis. See also Cosmogony, Cosmology, Powers

lipika connected w I 127-8
occult numbers symbolic of I 321

SD INDEX Cosmogonical Hypothesis. See Wolf, C.

SD INDEX Cosmogonie de la Revelation. See Godefroy

SD INDEX "Cosmogonies Aryennes." See Darmesteter, Essais . . .

SD INDEX Cosmogony (ies, ical). See also Cosmogenesis, Cosmology

architect in every II 43
Aryan, spiritualizes matter II 241
beginning of, in Vishnu Purana I 545 &n, 594
begin w egg, circle, head I 443; II 554
Chinese, most hazy I 356
double-sexed creatures in II 130
Fohat in esoteric I 109-10, 116, 119
future, lies in Divine Thought I 1
how to master every I 424
intelligent plan in II 73
Japanese or Shinto I 213-14, 216-17
key required to old II 248
kosmocratores in all II 23
light fr darkness in all II 485-6
no evil dragon in ancient II 53
number seven cornerstone of I 321; II 34
occult I 75, 145, 277
one universal element in all I 75
pradhana in I 545
proof of II 251-2
recorded in scriptures II 251
secondary creation in all II 59
secrecy re, (Sinnett) I 170
of the Secret Doctrine I 272-3
Semitic, materializes nature II 241
several creations in many II 703-4
similarities in ancient II 54 &n
swastika a, sign II 99
symbolic of I 4-5, 426; II 536
uniform traditions in II 703-4
Vedanta gives a metaphysical I 269
wars in heaven in every I 418
water plays a part in all I 64
worlds destroyed, renewed in II 704
Zoroastrian II 488

SD INDEX Cosmogony. See Sanchoniathon

SD INDEX Cosmographie. See Tardy, J.

SD INDEX Cosmography II 564

ancients knew, well II 534-5
Aryan, based on number ten II 603

SD INDEX Cosmolatry

all scriptures based on II 77
looked to noumenon of forms I 461
modern science scorns I 348-9

SD INDEX Cosmology. See also Cosmogony, Powers, Theogony

Aryan, based on number ten II 603
describes hierarchy of forces I 75
overgrown w human fancy I 424

OG Cosmos -- Whenever a theosophist speaks of the cosmos or the universe, he by no means refers only to the physical sphere or world or cross section of the boundless All in which we humans live, but more particularly to the invisible worlds and planes and spheres inhabited by their countless hosts of vitalized or animate beings. In order to avoid redundancy of words and often confusing repetitions in the midst of an explanation dealing with other matters, since H. P. Blavatsky's time it has been customary among careful theosophical writers to draw a distinction of fact between cosmos and kosmos. The solar universe or solar system is frequently referred to as cosmos or solar cosmos; and the galactic universe or our own home-universe it has been customary to refer to as the kosmos. This distinction, however, does not always hold, because sometimes in dealing with abstract questions where the application of the thought can be indifferently made either to the galactic or to the solar universe, the two forms of spelling may be used interchangeably. (See also Kosmos, Kosmic Life)

SD INDEX Cosmos. See also Kosmos

body of Divine Thought I 3
builders fashion I 339
cycles run fr embryo to II 189
intelligent plan in II 73
manifested Word I 138
man microcosm of I 177, 181, 594
plan of, in divine thought I 339
seven rays, states of II 69n, 636

SD INDEX "Cosmos." See Humboldt, F.

SD INDEX Coste. See Acosta

SD INDEX Cotes, Roger [mistakenly given as Forbes], Preface toPrincipia I 492

SD INDEX Coulomb's Law I 501

SD INDEX Council of Constantinople (692 AD) II 279n

SD INDEX Council of Elyrus (303 AD), form of God not to be shaped II 279n

SD INDEX Council of Nicaea (787 AD), brought idolatry back II 279n

SD INDEX Council of Rome (883 AD), excommunicated enemy of idolatry II 279n

SD INDEX Council of Trent (1545-63), on devil, baptism, etc II 209

SD INDEX Count [Comte]de Gabalis, Le. See Villars

SD INDEX Count de Gobelin. See Court de Gebelin

SD INDEX "Counterfeit of man . . .," [Shakespeare,Henry IV] I 191

SD INDEX "Counterfeit of the Spirit," buddhi or II 605n

SD INDEX Countries of the World, The. See Brown, R.

SD INDEX Cours philosophique . . . See Ragon, J. B. M.

SD INDEX Court de Gebelin, Antoine

----- Allegories d'Orient
Kabiri were allegorical I 641-2 &n
Sun & North Pole, etc II 769n

SD INDEX Covenants, of Bible, Kabbala, & Masonry. See also Ark of the Covenant

Kabbala & Masonry II 39

SD INDEX Cover, Dr, debunks Audubon's bird II 440n

SD INDEX Cow. See also Argha

bull &, as symbols I 67, 398 &n
golden, & initiation II 462, 469, 470
Holy of Holies symbol II 470
-horned, Io, Isis, Moon or II 418n
horns of, Moon symbol II 31
melodious, Vach I 137, 427n, 434; II 418n
passive generative power symbol II 418n
Scandinavian I 367, 427
-symbol & Nile River II 583
symbol of fifth race II 533
woman, & gestation I 390 &n

SD INDEX Cowell, Edward Byles

Upanishads reference [Elphinstone] I 270
----- The Aphorisms of Sandilya
Parabrahman, etc I 7n

SD INDEX Cowper, William, The Task, knowledge & wisdom I 165

TG Cow-worship. The idea of any such "worship" is as erroneous as it is unjust. No Egyptian worshipped the cow, nor does any Hindu worship this animal now, though it is true that the cow and bull were sacred then as they are to-day, but only as the natural physical symbol of a metaphysical ideal; even as a church made of bricks and mortar is sacred to the civilized Christian because of its associations and not by reason of its walls. The cow was sacred to Isis, the Universal Mother, Nature, and to the Hathor, the female principle in Nature, the two goddesses being allied to both sun and moon, as the disk and the cow's horns (crescent) prove. (See "Hathor" and "Isis".) In the Vedas, the Dawn of Creation is represented by a cow, This dawn is Hathor, and the day which follows, or Nature already formed, is Isis, for both are one except in the matter of time. Hathor the elder is "the mistress of the seven mystical cows" and Isis, "the Divine Mother", is the "cow-horned", the cow of Plenty (or Nature, Earth), and, as the mother of Horns (the physical world) -- the "mother of all that lives". The outa was the symbolic eye of Horus, the right being the sun, and the left the moon. The right "eye" of Horus was called "the cow of Hathor", and served as a powerful amulet, as the dove in a nest of rays or glory, with or without the cross, is a talisman with Christians, Latins and Greeks. The Bull and the Lion which we often find in company with Luke and Mark in the frontispiece of their respective Gospels in the Greek and Latin texts, are explained as symbols -- which is indeed the fact. Why not admit the same in the case of the Egyptian sacred Bulls, Cows, Rams, and Birds?

SD INDEX Cox, Sergeant E. W., psychic force of, & Archaeus I 338n

SD INDEX Cox, George William I 304