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List of Title Abbreviations (in alphabetical order)

SD INDEX Ribhu(s) (Skt) skilled artist II 55n

Kumara in Sankhya Karika I 457n

SD INDEX Riccioli, G., [Almagestum novum . . .], mean motion tables of I 667n

SD INDEX Riccius, Augustinus, Lyra, Hydra, etc, & Ptolemy I 664

SD INDEX Richardson, Dr Benjamin Ward

favors solar magnetism I 498
intuition of I 508-9
original & liberal thinker I 526
----- "Sun Force & Earth Force"
describes Metcalf's "caloric" I 524-7
----- "Theory of a Nervous Ether" I 634
Archaeus or "Nerve-Force" II 654
described I 531-3, 537-9
nerve aura of occultism II 298n
vital principle substantial I 603

SD INDEX Richardson & Barth. See Barth & Richardson

SD INDEX Richet, Charles

Charcot &, vindicate Mesmer II 156
"Do not deny a priori" I 640n

MO Rig [[Norse]] (reeg) [descent, involvement] Divine awakening of human mind

SD INDEX [Rigg, James M.], "Notes on Aristotle's Psychology . . .," history, ancient, modern II 286

OG Right-hand Path -- From time immemorial, in all countries of the earth, among all races of men, there have been existent two opposing and antagonistic schools of occult or esoteric training, the one often technically called the Path of Light, and the other the Path of Darkness or of the Shadows. These two paths likewise are much more commonly called the right-hand path and the left-hand path, and although these are technical names in the rather shaky occultism of the Occident, the very same expressions have prevailed all over the world, and are especially known in the mystical and esoteric literature of Hindustan. The right-hand path is known in Sanskrit writings by the name dakshina-marga, and those who practice the rules of conduct and follow the manner of life enjoined upon those who follow the right-hand path are technically known as dakshinacharins, and their course of life is known as dakshinachara. Conversely, those who follow the left-hand path, often called Brothers of the Shadow, or by some similar epithet, are called vamacharins, and their school or course of life is known as vamachara. An alternative expression for vamachara is savyachara. The white magicians or Brothers of Light are therefore dakshinacharins, and the black magicians or Brothers of the Shadow, or workers of spiritual and intellectual and psychical evil, are therefore vamacharins. To speak in the mystical language of ancient Greece, the dakshinacharins or Brothers of Light pursue the winding ascent to Olympus, whereas the vamacharins or Brothers of the Left-hand follow the easy but fearfully perilous path leading downwards into ever more confusing, horrifying stages of matter and spiritual obscuration. The latter is the faciles descensus averno (Aeneid, 6.126) of the Latin poet Virgil. Woe be to him who, refusing to raise his soul to the sublime and cleansing rays of the spiritual sun within him, places his feet upon the path which leads downwards. The warnings given to students of occultism about this matter have always been solemn and urgent, and no esotericist should at any moment consider himself safe or beyond the possibilities of taking the downward way until he has become at one with the divine monitor within his own breast, his own inner god.

SD INDEX Right-hand Path

adepts of, or prophets II 211, 503
left &, began in Atlantis I 192n; II 494
persecution of, by left II 503


SD INDEX Rigor mortis, liquor vitae or vital principle & I 538


From the Rig Veda:

Nor Aught nor Nought existed; yon bright sky
Was not, nor heaven's broad roof outstretched above.
What covered all? what sheltered? what concealed?
Was it the water's fathomless abyss?
There was not death - yet there was nought immortal,
There was no confine betwixt day and night;
The only One breathed breathless by itself,
Other than It there nothing since has been.
Darkness there was, and all at first was veiled
In gloom profound - an ocean without light --
The germ that still lay covered in the husk
Burst forth, one nature, from the fervent heat.
. . .

Who knows the secret? who proclaimed it here?
Whence, whence this manifold creation sprang?
The Gods themselves came later into being --
Who knows from whence this great creation sprang?
That, whence all this great creation came,
Whether Its will created or was mute,
The Most High Seer that is in highest heaven,
He knows it - or perchance even He knows not.
Gazing into eternity . . .
Ere the foundations of the earth were laid,
. . .

Thou wert. And when the subterranean flame
Shall burst its prison and devour the frame . . .
Thou shalt be still as Thou wert before
And knew no change, when time shall be no more.
Oh! endless thought, divine Eternity.

TG Rig Veda (Sk.). The first and most important of the four Vedas. Fabled to have been "created" from the Eastern mouth of Brahma; recorded in Occultism as having been delivered by great sages on Lake Man(a)saravara beyond the Himalayas, dozens of thousands of years ago.

FY Rig Veda, the first of the Vedas.

WG Rig-Veda. (See Veda.)

SD INDEX Rig-Veda (Skt)

Aditi I 99
Aja is Logos in II 578
Apsarasas II 585
asuras divine in II 59, 500
begins w Hiranyagarbha I 426
Brahmanaspati I 120n; II 45n
Brahma not in I 346, 426, 445
Brihaspati I 120n
Budha & II 498
compiled by initiates II 451, 606 &n
corroborates occult teaching II 605-11
Daksha & Aditi II 247n
"Deluge" not in I 67-8
"desire first arose in It . . ." II 176
Gandharvas of fire of Sun II 585
globe chain referred to by II 384-5n
Ida, Ila II 138
Indra in, & Puranas II 378, 614
kama & II 176, 578-9
Lord arose in Hiranyagarbha I 89
maruts II 613
mirror of eternal wisdom II 484
"Nor aught nor nought . . ." I 26
not understood today I xxvii
occult ages in II 52n
occult volume of Aryanism II 378
older than Hesiod II 450
oldest known record I xxvii; II 606
poetry of, (Barth, Muller) II 450-1
rishis credited w I 442
seven paths or rays II 191 &n
seven rivers, rishis, races II 605-6
six worlds, three planes II 608
Surya's seven rays & seven globes II 605
10,580 verses, 1,028 hymns I xxvii
three Earths in II 758
three strides (rajamsi) I 112; II 38, 622n
two deluges in II 270
universe divided into seven regions II 611n
Unknowable II 128
Vach I 427n; II 418n
Vaisvanara (Agni) II 381
Visvakarman II 101n
world divisions of II 622


SD INDEX Rig-Vidhana (Skt) efficacy of Vedic mantras I 436

TG Rik (Sk.). A verse of Rig-Veda.

GH Rik (or Rich) A verse, especially a sacred verse recited in praise of a deity -- one of the four kinds of Vedic composition. (Bhagavad-Gita, W. Q. Judge, p. 66)

TG Riksha (Sk.). Each of the twenty-seven constellations forming the Zodiac. Any fixed star, or constellation of stars.

SD INDEX Rikshas (Skt) Pleiades, seven Rishis I 227n, 453; II 631.See also Constellations, Great Bear

MO Rimgrimner [[Norse]] [rim rime + grimner mask] A thurse, giant: cold, utter matter

TG Rimmon (Heb.). A Pomegranate, the type of abundant fertility; occurs in the Old Testament; it figures in Syrian temples and was deified there, as an emblem of the celestial prolific mother of all; also a type of the full womb. [W.W.W.]

SD INDEX Rimmon (Heb), god of storms II 353

MO Rind [[Norse]] (rhymes with sinned) Earth in winter or in sleep

SD INDEX Ring(s). See also Planetary Chains, Rounds

dvipas form concentric II 758
lokas or seven I 204
luminous around moon I 590
symbol of One I 11

TG Pass not, The Ring. The circle within which are confined all those who still labour under the delusion of separateness.

WGa Ring-Pass-Not, the limit of possibility in the expansion of consciousness or perception for Man, while he remains such. To cross its border-line is to enter Nirvana, to become one with all and to lose the personality. The circle is broken for all only on the great day Be-with-us, when all go into para-nirvana.

OG Ring-Pass-Not -- A profoundly mystical and suggestive term signifying the circle or bounds or frontiers within which is contained the consciousness of those who are still under the sway of the delusion of separateness -- and this applies whether the ring be large or small. It does not signify any one especial occasion or condition, but is a general term applicable to any state in which an entity, having reached a certain stage of evolutionary growth of the unfolding of consciousness, finds itself unable to pass into a still higher state because of some delusion under which the consciousness is laboring, be that delusion mental or spiritual. There is consciously a ring-pass-not for every globe of the planetary chain, a ring-pass-not for the planetary chain itself, a ring-pass-not for the solar system, and so forth. It is the entities who labor under the delusion who therefore actually create their own rings-pass-not, for these are not actual entitative material frontiers, but boundaries of consciousness. A ring-pass-not furthermore may perhaps be said with great truth to be somewhat of the nature of a spiritual laya-center or point of transmission between plane and plane of consciousness. The rings-pass-not as above said, however, have to do with phases or states of consciousness only. For instance, the ring-pass-not for the beasts is self-consciousness, i.e., the beasts have not yet been enabled to develop forth their consciousness to the point of self-consciousness or reflective consciousness except in minor degree. A dog, for example, located in a room which it desires to leave, will run to a door out of which it is accustomed to go and will sit there whining for the door to be opened. Its consciousness recognizes the point of egress, but it has not developed the self-conscious mental activity to open the door. A general ring-pass-not for humanity is their inability to self-consciously participate in spiritual self-consciousness.

SD INDEX Ring "Pass-Not" I 90, 129-35 &nn

TG Rings, Magic. These existed as talismans in every folk-lore. In Scandinavia such rings are always connected with the elves and dwarfs who were alleged to be the possessors of talismans and who gave them occasionally to human beings whom they wished to protect. In the words of the chronicler: "These magic rings brought good luck to the owner so long as they were carefully preserved; but their loss was attended with terrible misfortunes and unspeakable misery ".

TG Rings and Rounds. Terms employed by Theosophists in explanation of Eastern cosmogony. They are used to denote the various evolutionary cycles in the Elemental, Mineral, &c., Kingdoms, through which the Monad passes on any one globe, the term Round being used only to denote the cyclic passage of the Monad round the complete chain of seven globes. Generally speaking, Theosophists use the term ring as a synonym of cycles, whether cosmic, geological, metaphysical or any other.


TG Riphaeus (Gr.). In mythology a mountain chain upon which slept the frozen-hearted god of snows and hurricanes. In Esoteric philosophy a real prehistoric continent which from a tropical ever sunlit land has now become a desolate region beyond the Arctic Circle.

SD INDEX Riphaeus, Mt, Hyperborean land II 7

TG Rishabha (Sk.). A sage supposed to have been the first teacher of the Jain doctrines in India.

TG Rishabham (Sk.). The Zodiacal sign Taurus.

FY Rishabham, the Zodiacal sign of Taurus, the sacred syllable Aum.

SD INDEX Rishabha (Skt) bull, musical note

quality of sound I 534
Taurus II 408

TG Rishis (Sk.). Adepts; the inspired ones. In Vedic literature the term is employed to denote those persons through whom the various Mantras were revealed.

FY Rishis, (lit. "revealers"), holy sages.

WG Rishi, singer of sacred songs; poet; one of those to whom the Vedas were revealed, later regarded as a patriarchal sage. The seven Rishis are the seven Dhyan Chohans, or creative spirits.

GH Rishi An adept, a seer, an inspired person. In Vedic literature the term is employed as referring to the seers through whom the various mantras or hymns of the Veda were revealed. The Satapatha-Brahmana enumerates seven as: Gotama, Bharadvaja, Visvamitra, Jamadagni Vasishtha, Kasyapa, and Atri. In later times (in the epic poems and Puranas) the Rishis are regarded as a particular class of beings, distinct from gods and men, the patriarchs or 'creators' (see under Makarshi). The Mahabharata enumerates the seven Rishis of the first manvantara as: Marichi Atri Angiras, Pulaha, Kratu, Pulastya, Vasishtha. These are also called the seven great Rishis (Saptarshis) especially associated with the Great Bear -- being, in fact, seven Planetary Regents. The above-named Rishis are also called in most of the texts the seven Rishis "of the Third Manvantara; the latter referring both to the Third Round and also to the third Root-Race and its branch-Races in the Fourth Round. These are all the creators of the various beings on this Earth, the Prajapatis, and at the same time they appear as divers reincarnations in the early Manvantaras or races." (Secret Doctrine, II, p. 78) (Bhagavad-Gita, W. Q. Judge, p. 80)

SD INDEX Rishi(s) (Skt) seer. See also Dhyani-Chohans, Prajapatis

Agnihotri descendants of II 499
arupa pitris appear as II 93-4
Bhrigu one of the II 76n
birth of the seven II 624
Brahma creates, spiritually II 44
canons of proportion fr I 208-9n
classes of I 436; II 501-2
classes of, appear by sevens II 611
creators I 442
elohim, cherubs, etc II 85
fathers of various beings II 259
flames or, incarnate in third race II 247-
forty-nine agnis (fires) or II 85
gods & men II 211
of Great Bear I 213n, 227n, 357n, 453; II 489, 549-50, 631, 768
highest dhyanis I 207, 208n
horses of Agni II 605
incarnated in man II 373n
informing intelligences II 34
initiates who recorded Vedas II 606n
initiation caves of II 381
invisible deity or I 114
Kasyapa one of seven II 382n
kings & sages doubles of I 442
manasaputras, dhyani-buddhas I 571
manus & II 310, 359, 614-15n
mark time & periods of kali-yuga II 550
men in prior cycles I 107
milk the Earth I 398
named in various scriptures I 436
Narada a I 413; II 47, 82-3, 275n, 502, 585
-Narayana, Krishna & II 359
nirmanakayas II 93-4
no longer appear in India II 178
our races sprang fr pitris or II 365
patriarchs or II 129
planetary angels I 198
prajapatis, manus, or I 346, 349, 355, 442
prehuman period, belong to II 284
fr previous manvantara I 207
rebellious & fallen gods II 232
reborn as mortals II 775n
reborn on Earth in various races II 318n
regents of worlds, gods I 99
saptarshi or seven II 318n
seven, Brahma's manasaputras II 625
seven, creations, zones, etc II 612
seven divine I 349
seven, fourteen, twenty-one I 235n, 433, 442
seven, in each root-race II 614n
seven, mark time of events II 549-50
seven, marry Krittikas II 551
seven principles II 313, 715n
seven races or II 139, 140
seven, saved fr deluge II 35, 139, 715n
seven swans or, & Great Bear I 357n
seven, twelve hierarchies of I 436
sons of, & progenitors of man II 614-15n
stellar, lunar spirits I 198
symbolized cycles I 641
ten or seven, sired man II 365-6
Titans, Kabiri same as II 142
Vach entered into the I 430; II 107
Vaivasvata Manu & seven II 69n, 425
various equivalents of I 92, 442
Vedas arranged by II 146n
word, "to lead or move" (Kunte) I 346
worshiped as planetary regents II 361
Year of the Seven II 307n

TG Rishi-Prajapati (Sk.). Lit., "revealers", holy sages in the religious history of Aryavarta. Esoterically the highest of them are the Hierarchies of "Builders" and Architects of the Universe and of living things on earth; they are generally called Dhyan Chohans, Devas and gods.

SD INDEX Rishi-Prajapati(s) (Skt)

Bhrigu the great II 32n
born again & again I 571-2
builders or primeval I 127
every race has seven & ten II 365
first mind-born entities I 127
sources of man's revelation I 10
ten semi-divine I 349

Rishih suktan pasyati The seer-sage sees the Vedic hymns.

SD INDEX Rishi-Yogis (Skt) more powerful than gods II 78-9n

SD INDEX Rishoun [Rishon] (Heb), Adam or II 315

TG Ri-thlen. Lit., "snake-keeping". It is a terrible kind of sorcery practised at Cherrapoonjee in the Khasi-Hills. The former is the ancient capital of the latter. As the legend tells us: ages ago a thlen (serpent-dragon) which inhabited a cavern and devoured men and cattle was put to death by a local St. George, and cut to pieces, every piece being sent out to a different district to be burnt. But the piece received by the Khasis was preserved by them and became a kind of household god, and their descendants developed into Ri-thlens or "snake-keepers", for the piece they preserved grew into a dragon (thlen) and ever since has obsessed certain Brahmin families of that district. To acquire the good grace of their thlen and save their own lives, these "keepers" have often to commit murders of women and children, from whose bodies they cut out the toe and finger nails, which they bring to their thlen, and thus indulge in a number of black magic practices connected with sorcery and necromancy.

SD INDEX Ritu (Skt, Roodoo in tx) two solar months make a II 620

SD INDEX Ritual(ism)

Apollo & church II 383n
Brahmans concerned w II 567
Buddhistic & Catholic I 539n
Egyptian I 312, 359
husks of, & smoke II 566
inaugurated by left-path adepts II 503
now harmless farce II 748
origin of exoteric II 273
self-worship, phallicism & II 273
yogis oppose I 415

SD INDEX River Gods, ancestors of Hellenes I 345n

VS sacred River's roaring voice whereby all Nature-sounds are echoed back (III 10) [[p. 50]] The Northern Buddhists, and all Chinamen, in fact, find in the deep roar of some of the great and sacred rivers the key-note of Nature. Hence the simile. It is a well-known fact in Physical Science, as well as in Occultism, that the aggregate sound of Nature such as heard in the roar of great rivers, the noise produced by the waving tops of trees in large forests, or that of a city heard at a distance is a definite single tone of quite an appreciable pitch. This is shown by physicists and musicians. Thus Prof. Rice (Chinese Music) shows that the Chinese recognized the fact thousands of years ago by saying that "the waters of the Hoang-ho rushing by, intoned the kung" called "the great tone" in Chinese music; and he shows this tone corresponding with the F, "considered by modern physicists to be the actual tonic of Nature." Professor B. Silliman mentions it, too, in his Principles of Physics, saying that "this tone is held to be the middle F of the piano; which may, therefore, be considered the key-note of Nature."

SD INDEX Rivers, Seven, of Heaven & Earth II 605-6

SD INDEX Rivers of Life. See Forlong, J. G. R.

SD INDEX Rivett-Carnac, John Henry, Archaeological Notes . . ., cup-like markings on stones II 346n

SD INDEX RO, Cypriote & Coptic II 547

TG Ro and Ru (Eg.). The gate or outlet, the spot in the heavens whence proceeded or was born primeval light; synonymous with "cosmic womb".

SD INDEX Road, "winds uphill" [Rossetti] I 268

SD INDEX Robes, Invisible, mystic root of matter I 35

SD INDEX Roc (Pers), or Simorgh symb cycles II 617

SD INDEX Rochas d'Aiglun, A. de

----- Les Forces . . .
Bouilland & Edison's phonograph II 784n
spirits that move matter I 645-6n

SD INDEX Rochester Cathedral II 85

SD INDEX Rock(s), balanced, in Harpasa (Pliny) II 346-7

SD INDEX Rock-cut Temples (Hindustan)

decad found in I 321
many viharas in II 338

SD INDEX Rocking or Logan Stones

called "Stones of Truth" II 346
discussed II 344-5
found in Old, New Worlds II 342n
largest, Atlantean II 347
of natural origin (geologists) II 343

SD INDEX Rocks of Destiny, oracle rocks read by priests II 346

MO Rodung [[Norse]] (reud-ung) [rod red + ung child] Father of the early races Agnar and Geirrod in Grimnismal

TG Roger Bacon. A very famous Franciscan monk who lived in England in the thirteenth century. He was an Alchemist who firmly believed in the existence of the Philosopher's Stone, and was a great mechanician, chemist, physicist and astrologer. In his treatise on the Admirable Force of Art and Nature, he gives hints about gunpowder and predicts the use of steam as a propelling power, describing besides the hydraulic press, the diving-bell and the kaleidoscope. He also made a famous brazen head fitted with an acoustic apparatus which gave out oracles.

SD INDEX Rohanee [Ruhani] [spirit-knowledge] Sufi I 199

SD INDEX Rohini (Skt) embryo of Krishna conveyed to II 527

TG Rohinila (Sk.). The ancient name of a monastery visited by Buddha Sakyamuni, now called Roynallah, near Balgada, in Eastern Behar.

TG Rohit (Sk.). A female deer, a hind; the form assumed by Vach (the female Logos and female aspect of Brahma, who created her out of one half of his body) to escape the amorous pursuits of her "father", who transformed himself for that purpose into a buck or red deer (the colour of Brahma being red).

SD INDEX Rohit (Skt) hind, Vach took form of I 431

TG Rohitaka Stupa (Sk.). The "red stupa", or dagoba, built by King Asoka, and on which Maitribala-raja fed starving Yakshas with his blood. The Yakshas are inoffensive demons (Elementaries) called pynya-janas or "good people ".

SD INDEX Rolleston, Professor George, "On the Brain of Man . . .," man's intellect, morals II 728

SD INDEX Romaka-pura (Skt) "in the West"

Asuramaya lived in II 67-8
last part of Atlantis II 50

SD INDEX Romakupas (Skt) hairpores II 68

Raumas or Raumyas created fr II 183

SD INDEX Roman(s)

allegories of, convey truths II 410
ancient, fr Atlanto-Aryans II 436
astronomy fr Hindus I 658
Atlantis civilization higher than II 429-30
chronology of, fr India II 620
Five Years of Theosophy on II 743n
foot & Parker ratio I 313
initiated, view of Moon I 396
institutions fr Miocene (Donnelly) II 746n
punished by crucifying II 560, 586n
sevens in thought of II 612
succession of worlds taught by II 756-7
used five vowels symbolically II 458

SD INDEX Roman Catholic(s). See also Church, Roman Church

associate Satan w Venus II 31-2n
astrolatry of I 402
Balaam &, scholiasts II 409
Christ, angels in II 237
demonologists, Satan reality to II 510
disfigured serpent story II 230
disfiguring of old concepts II 38
equate Satan w Ahura Mazda II 476
faith as old as world I 402
faith of, blind I 612
idol worship & II 341
link Prometheus & Christ II 413
misunderstood the Fall II 93-4n
phallicism among II 85
prophecy of Christ & Jacob's dream I 649
religion of sensualism II 85
term lower double evil I 235-6
theology, Satan, Behemoth II 486
use duality as a tool II 479

SD INDEX Romance of Natural History. See Gosse, P. H.

SD INDEX Roman Church. See also Church, Roman Catholic

anathematizes all other gods II 479
angels linked w planets II 89n
Anna, Virgin Mary in I 91
believes in two types of Titans I 417-18
borrowed earlier symbols II 481-2
Cain & Ham linked w sorcery by II 391
calls Jehovah creator I 440
canonized Confucius I 441n
carnalized virgin birth I 399
continues pagan teaching I 401
cross is phallic w II 562
devil or Satan reality for II 510
discussed II 377
dogma of hell lever of II 247
exoteric Northern Buddhism & I 539n
filioque dogma, Greek Church & II 635
finds Satan in other religions II 475-6
Greek &, idolatrous II 279
haughty, unscrupulous II 209
kyriel (litany) of working forces in I 440
legends of sorcerers, magicians in II 272
Levi subservient to II 510-11
marriage ceremony in I 614-15n
Mercury, Aesculapius devils II 208
de Mirville defender of II 481-2
Mother of God idolatrous I 382n
Neptune, Uranus lead Hosts I 101-2
pagans plagiarized by "anticipation" II 476
persecuted occultism, Masonry I xliv
plagiarized II 472n, 481-2
slanders dragon of wisdom II 377
speaks of seventy planets I 576
teaches two immaculate conceptions I 382n

SD INDEX Romanes, George John

difficulties proving Darwinism II 681
----- "Physiological Selection"
vs natural selection II 426, 647

SD INDEX Ronororaka [Rano Raraku] crater, Easter Island statue quarry II 337

SD INDEX Roodoo. See Ritu

SD INDEX Root(s)

daiviprakriti as, of nature I 136
immaculate, fructified by ray I 65
-life as germ of solar system II 148
plane of circle or, is cool I 12
primary circle & II 113
pure knowledge or sattva I 68
rootless, of All or Oeaohoo I 68
undifferentiated cosmic substance I 75
undying I 237
Unknown, & Oversoul I 17

SD INDEX Root-base. See also Wondrous Being

arhats of seventh rung one remove fr I 207

SD INDEX Rootless Root. See also Be-ness, Boundless, That, Unknowable

of all that is, was, or will be I 14
causeless One Cause I 15n
Oeaohoo is the I 68
Tree of Life has roots in I 406

SD INDEX Root-Manu(s) (Skt)

become fourteen, twenty-one I 235n
dhyani-chohan or II 308
each round starts w II 308
prime cause or I 235n
progenitor of our fifth race II 309
seed-manus & Noah II 597
table of II 309
Vaivasvata, globe A, 1st round II 146-7

SD INDEX Root Matter

first differentiation of I 246
spirit or, & the elements I 543

IN Root-Race(s) The main serial divisions of the life-waves on any planetary globe, each lasting millions of years; present-day humanity comprises the 5th of 7 great root-races.

SD INDEX Root-Race(s) II 443-6. See also Arc, Races, Rounds, Subraces

age of first 2-1/2 II 148-9, 250-1
arhatship in sixth & seventh I 206-7
Bamian statues record II 339-40
bodhisattvas sent to every I 42
Book of Enoch resume of II 535
cataclysm ends every II 307n, 309, 325
column depicting four II 178-9
complexion of II 249-50
develop w the four elements II 135
dhyanis watch over I 42
diagrams symbolizing II 300, 533
distinct & different II 443
each, adds to senses of prior II 107-8
early, not affected by climate II 135
early, sexless, shapeless II 132
Esau a race between fourth & fifth II 705
every, has its revealers I 42
figures for first 2-2/3, guarded II 693
first three, described II 610
first three, followed failure II 312
first three, in Genesis II 124, 181
first 2-1/2, in Primary Age II 712
first 2-1/2 mindless II 261
five, & four Adams II 457
five, nearly completed II 443
forms change w every round & I 183-4
forty-nine, in each round II 309
four ages of every II 198
geological changes & II 47, 150
geological strata & II 249
intellect dormant in early I 210
length of first 2-1/2, secret II 312
mankind same in each II 146n
Manu for each II 140n, 309
millions of years between II 128
new forms every II 262
new, will form in Americas II 444-6
pentacle symbolizes the five I 125
physical origin of II 165n
Roman, Gnostic, Greek, symbols II 458
science can't ignore third, fourth, fifth II 685-6
seven, among rabbins II 397n
seven, & seven rays II 191n
seven, called globe round I 160
seven-headed snake, dragon I 407
seven, in Genesis II 252n
seven, on Babylonian tree II 104
seven subraces in every II 434
sexless, hermaphrodite, bi- & two-sexed II 132, 134
sin of mindless II 191
size of, decreased II 728
start in the North II 768-9
survivors of II 445-6
teaching of, fr Mysteries II 435
three divisions of II 249-50
three earliest, sexless II 104
Vaivasvata seed for every II 146-7, 309

SD INDEX Root-Race -- 1st ("Self-born")

Adam of Genesis two is II 46n
age of II 46, 156
astral shadows I 183; II 110, 121, 138, 164, 705
atma-buddhi (passive) II 254n
barhishads & bodies of II 94-5
born on seven zones II 1-4, 29, 35n, 77, 329, 400, 732
born under influence of Sun II 24
chhaya birth (sexless) II 174
chhayas or shadows I 181; II 173
colossal form of II 249
continent never destroyed II 371-2 &n
created second race by budding II 132
disappeared in second race II 84, 121
early Secondary or Primary Age II 156-7
equator covered w water during II 400
evolved fr pitar II 329
evolved second race unconsciously II 116
first Adam or II 457-8
had neither type nor color II 249
had no history II 264
Kandu symbol of II 175
Kings of Edom symb I 375; II 705
largest Bamian statue records II 339-40
fr lunar ancestors or pitris I 160
manus create creators of II 311
mindless I 183; II 46n, 84, 164, 198
monads entered shells of II 303
needed no elements II 160
never died II 121, 138
no fire in II 107, 113
no kama-rupa in II 116
not affected by climate II 135, 150, 157
only Earth of, was at arctic pole II 329
progenitors prototypes of I 456n
Rephaim or II 279
reproduced by fission II 166
second &, moon-colored II 351
self-born II 164, 198
sexless II 116, 125
fr shadows of dhyani-chohans I 183; II 242
Sons of Yoga, astral II 198
speechless II 198
spiritual & ethereal II 46, 298-9n, 685
too ethereal to be physical II 289
vegetation appeared before II 290n

SD INDEX Root-Race -- 2nd ("Sweat-born") II 109-24

asexual II 116, 125
astral progenitors of marsupials & II 684
atma-buddhi (passive) II 254n
Bamian statue & sweat-born II 340
belongs to Primary Age II 712
bisexual potentially II 2-3
born under Jupiter II 29
continent of II 401-2
did not die II 609n
emanation fr first II 164
endowed w germ of intelligence II 165
equator covered w water at time of II 400
fathers of sweat-born II 116-17
first race disappeared in II 84, 121
gigantic semi-human monsters II 138
had no history II 264
inactive androgynes II 134
intellectually inactive I 207
intermediate hermaphroditism & II 167
Lords, progenitors merged w II 103, 138
lower principles of, fr first race II 121
mammalia thrown off during II 684-5
Marisha symbol of II 175-7
moon-colored II 351
Northern Asia as old as II 401
not affected by climate II 135, 150, 157
in Popol Vuh II 160
product of budding II 116-17
psychospiritual II 298-9n
Rephaim or II 279
reproduced by budding II 166
second Adam, androgyne or II 457-8
semi-astral II 685
seven groups of bodies in II 303
seven stages of reproduction & evolution of II 117-18
shadows of the shadows II 109, 112
"sound language," vowels alone II 198
submergence of continent of II 313
sweat-born II 68, 131, 138, 148, 164-5, 173, 340
too ethereal to be physical II 289
Uranus ruled over II 765
yellow like gold II 227

SD INDEX Root-Race -- 3rd. See also Lemurians, Oviparous

adepts dwelt under pyramids II 351-2
Adi-Varsha (Eden) of II 203
agnishvattas incarnated in II 91
analogy of principles & II 254n
androgyne II 165, 172, 177, 197
animalistic, last portion of II 254n
animal man descended fr I 650
animals two-sexed during II 184
ape-like, but thinking & speaking I 191
ape's ancestor fr man in I 190 &n; II 184-5 &nn, 187, 262, 729n
architecture fr rishis of I 208-9n
arupa pitris incarnate in II 93-4
asuras, rudras incarnated in II 164
Atlantean conflicts w II 227n
Atlantean giants fr, females II 275
Australians descended fr II 199n, 328
awakening of mind in, karmic II 198
babes walked when born II 197
Bamian statues & II 340
began in northern regions II 329
begat its progeny II 267
bisexual II 135, 197
w bones II 172, 183, 193
bright shadow of gods II 268
built boats before houses II 399n
civilization drowned II 426
civilization higher than Greek, Roman, & Egyptian II 429-30
climate semitropical II 329
colored light yellow II 250
continent II 7, 8, 328
cross in circle or I 5
cyclopean structures of II 317
Daksha & II 183
deluge not a curse II 410
deluge story applied to II 140 &n
demigods of II 319
description of, at zenith II 171-2
destroyed twice I 439n
deva-man of, & 3rd eye II 302
dhyanis incarnated in I 188; II 47n, 165, 228
disappeared at end of Secondary Age II 714
divine instructors & kings of II 194, 198, 201, 318, 359
divine ones of, & kriyasakti II 636-7
Dragons of Wisdom adepts of II 210
Earth's waist, navel appeared for II 400
Easter Island statues & II 340
Eastern Africa submerged in II 327
egg-born (oviparous) II 116, 123, 165-6, 173, 177, 181, 197
endowed w mind II 47n, 89, 248
"eternal spring" ended w separation II 201
Eva (Hebrew) & II 129-30
fallen "Serpent" (wisdom) descends on II 230
fell in North & Central Asia II 763n
fell into generation II 609
fell into pride II 271-2
first intellectual race II 211
first lands frozen over at time of II 201
first physical race II 46, 156-7, 789
first really human race II 329
fought giant monsters II 9
generation of bronze (Hesiod) II 97
Genesis 3 & II 46n, 410
geological deluge ended II 313
giant, ape-like, astral II 688n
giants, monsters produced in II 192-3
gods of, male & female II 135
hermaphrodite (separating) II 30, 134, 167
hybrid races left by II 714
Ida legend refers to II 147-8
intermediate race produced by II 275
Jared symbol of elect of II 597n
Jurassic, appeared in II 156
Kabiri, etc, incarnated in elect of II 360
knew death only toward close II 609
kriyasakti used by II 173-4, 181
last remnant of II 220
last semi-spiritual race II 134
late, fell into sin II 319
lunar pitris build bodies of II 110
male, female born fr shells II 197
male Moon sacred to I 397
mammals fr man in II 186
man an animal intellectually until II 161
manasa pitris awakened I 180-1, 539n; II 525n
man's spiritual origins in II 165-6n
manushyas created woman II 140
mid-, eighteen million years ago II 156-7
mind awakened in mid- I 180-1; II 254-5
mind-born & will-born II 156
mind-born sons of II 204
mindless at separation I 190; II 267
mindless, bred w animals II 184-5, 191-3, 201
Mysteries revealed to II 281
nephilim or II 279
nirmanakayas & II 94, 201
nomads, savages of II 318
oral records of fourth race fr II 530
origin of culture II 782n
perished before Eocene II 313
Popol Vuh re II 160
pre-tertiary giants II 9
produced unconsciously I 207
psychospiritual mentally II 298-9n
religion of II 272-3
reproduction, three methods of II 132, 197
Secondary Age & II 713
secrets of nature public in II 319
semihuman during first half of II 685-6
Senzar fr second race devas I xliii
separation ended satya-yuga II 201
Seth, Adam's third son symbol of II 469
sexes separated before mind I 207; II 191, 198, 228
sex fr hermaphrodites II 177-8
sexual in later II 3, 125, 132, 167, 182, 609
sight at beginning of II 299
Sin of Mindless among II 184-5, 191-2, 683
solid after midpoint & Fall II 250
Sons of Will & Yoga among I 207; II 163, 173, 181, 199, 220
speech developed w mind II 198
sweat-born & II 67-8, 131-3, 148, 172, 177, 198
tau symbol of, up to Fall I 5
third Adam, man of "dust" or II 457-8
third eye of II 288-302, 306
third round & I 188-9, 190
thought transference II 199
three aspects of II 254n
transformation of sexes during II 147
two sexes during fifth subrace of II 715n
Vaivasvata Manu & II 148-9
Vasishtha-Daksha's sons in II 78
vehicle of Lords of Wisdom II 172
Venus under influence of II 24
Wondrous Being descended in I 207
Zeus divides, man (Plato) II 177

SD INDEX Root-Race -- 4th. See also Atlantis(ean), Cyclopes

acme of materiality II 534
adepts of II 210, 351-2
agglutinative language of some of II 199
anthropoids fr late II 193, 195
arrogant & full of pride II 271-2, 760
astronomy imparted to, by divine king II 29
Atlas' daughters seven subraces of II 768
Atlas symbolizes II 493
black w sin, became II 227, 250, 319
born in Secondary Age II 714
brown & yellow giants II 227n
catastrophe thinned II 309, 724
causes of destruction of, (Enoch) II 534
children of Padmapani (Chenresi) II 173
civilization of, greater than ours II 429-30
conflicts of, w third race II 227n
continent of, belonged to Eocene II 693
cosmic gods & four elements I 464
cross out of circle symbol of I 5
cyclopean civilization gave way to II 769
daityas, giants of II 31, 151, 183, 276
deified men of third race II 172
deluge destroyed II 140, 144
deluge not a curse II 350, 410
descending arc ends at middle of II 180
destroyed in its kali-yuga II 147n
developed fr third race men II 334
developed speech II 198-200
door into human kingdom closed in I 182
duration of II 10
early, worshiped spirit alone I 327
Easter Island statues II 224-5, 316n, 326-7, 331
eleven buddhas only belong to II 423n
ethereal prototypes of II 9
Eye of Siva in II 302
first "truly human" race II 715n
fled to high mountains II 724
fourth Adam "fallen" II 457-8
fourth continent of II 8
Genesis 3 refers to early II 410
gibborim or II 279
golden-yellow race II 319
Hanokh (Enoch) gave wisdom of, to Noah II 532
height of, early Eocene II 433n, 710
inherited wisdom fr third race II 530
initiates made Bamian statues II 339
instructors of II 359
intelligence of, earthy & impure II 134
Kabiri incarnated in elect of II 360
karma gradually changed II 411
language is perfected in I 189
last of, invade Europe II 743-4
lion symbolizes II 533
magicians of, called dragons II 280n
Mahabharata re end of II 146
male heroes of, we worship II 135
mankind mostly fr seventh subrace of II 178
mated w lower beings II 284-5
middle of, man & globe grosser II 250-1
Neptune symb titanic strength of II 766
Nereus rules II 766
Noah symbol of II 597n
oral records of II 530
physical origin of later races in early II 165n
pioneers of, not Atlanteans II 323
pyramids & adepts of II 351-2
Rakshasi Bhasha language of II 199
records since beginning of I 646
red-yellow II 250
resorted to body-worship II 279
semi-demons of II 319
Seth-Enos II 134
seventh subrace of, mixed w Aryans II 743
shadows of pitris dominate to midpoint of II 110
siddhas of, & fifth race sages II 636
Sons of Wisdom & II 228
sorcery & androgyne Moon I 397
spirits of giant tabernacles of I 225
third eye & II 294, 302, 306
third subrace of, & records II 353
three-eyed in early II 294
transmitted four elements to fifth race I 342
two eyes perfected at beginning of II 769
two sexes in II 125, 173
Ulysses hero of II 769
unique I 182
Vaivasvata & II 140, 309, 313
Venus story in Puranas & II 30
war between, & fifth race initiates I 419
white & black magic began in I 192n; II 211
wisdom only thru initiation in II 134
Zeus reigns but Poseidon rules II 766

SD INDEX Root-Race -- 5th. See also Aryan Race

adepts of II 210, 351-2, 384
adepts vs Atlantean sorcerers II 384
age of II 10
animal propensities in I 610
anthropoids will die out in I 184
arhatship at end of I 206-7
Aryan incorrect name II 434
in Asia II 280n
Atlantean deluge & II 144
Atlantean karma of II 302
Atlantis sank in infancy of I 650-1; II 147n, 350, 714
Bamian statue records II 340
bull symbolizes II 533
China one of oldest, nations II 364
colors of II 249-50, 351
continent of II 8-9
cradleland of II 204
decrease in stature of I 609; II 279
deified man of third race II 172
deluges in II 353
deluges of barbarians in II 742n
destruction of, (2Peter) II 757
divine kings of II 351, 353, 359, 436
early, greeted Venus-Lucifer II 759
earthly spirit of fourth strong in I 224-5
earthquakes & eruptions in II 307n
Epimetheus & II 422
family races of fourth subrace of II 433
fifth element (ether) & II 135
fifth subrace I 319, 471n
first appearance of II 395
first deluge of, cosmical II 353
first glacial period & II 144
first, second races & II 300
first symmetrical race II 294
fourth subrace of I 319; II 433
hearing limited at beginning of I 535n
history mostly of I 406; II 351, 444
idolatry, anthropomorphism in II 503
inflectional language of II 200
initiates wrote Rig-Veda II 606
intellectual replaced spiritual I 225; II 300
knowledge of writing & II 442
led away by preconceptions I 298
lunar-solar worship divided I 397
magicians called dragons II 280n
Mahabharata prologue to II 139
manasa period of races II 300
man helpless, scrofulous II 411
midpoint of subrace I xliii, 185, 610
mode of procreation will be altered I 406
Mysteries reestablished by II 124
not entirely Aryan II 429
now in kali-yuga II 147n
reincarnation tenets fr fourth race II 760
rescued fr last cataclysm I 273
Roman, Gnostic, Greek symbols of II 458
sages of, & fourth race siddhas II 636
Sanskrit & I 23; II 200
serpents redescended & taught II 355
skeletons nine-twelve feet explained II 293
some of, have reached adeptship I 206
sorcery in II 503
Tau cross & I 5
third race spirituality coming to I 225
tribes of, fought Atlanteans II 225
twenty-four buddhas in II 423 &n
Vaivasvata saved II 140, 309, 310, 313-14
Vaivasvata seed of, man II 146-7, 249-50
volcanic conflagrations will end II 307n
war between, & fourth race sorcerers I 419
we are now in II 140n, 434
White Head or, (Kabbala) II 705-6
will gradually change II 445-6
will overlap sixth race II 444-6
will transmit ether to sixth race I 342
wisdom dictated to, in Senzar I xliii

SD INDEX Root-Race -- 6th

abnormal forerunners of II 445
anthropoids' fate in I 184; II 262-3
Book of Numbers on I 241
dawning of I 558
dhyani-buddha will come in I 108
esoteric philosophy acceptance I 298
faculties to be developed in I 206-7
fifth race will transmit ether to I 342
fossil man like ape to I 184n
fossils of quadrumana in II 263
new continent of, (2 Peter) II 757
no sexual procreation in I 406
parallels second race I 537
Pistis Sophia on II 618
preparation for II 445-6
sixth cosmic element in I 12
three racial stocks by dawn of II 780
Vishnu will appear in II 483
will appear silently II 445-6
will grow out of matter, flesh II 446

SD INDEX Root-Race -- 7th II 49

adepts will multiply in II 275, 531
dhyani-buddha will come in I 108
fate of anthropoids in I 184
Kwan-shi-yin will appear in I 470
man perfected in seventh round II 167
mind-born sons in II 275
monad matter-free in, & seventh round II 180
Norse prophecy about II 100
race of buddhas II 483
seven cosmic elements & I 12
Simorgh & hidden continent II 399
will revert to astral II 263


SD INDEX Root-types

bar man-animal union II 688-9, 736
differentiation fr astral II 737
physicalization of animal II 649, 730
seven physico-astral II 736

SD INDEX "Rope of the Angels," separates phenomenal, noumenal I 90

MO Ropt, Roptatyr [[Norse]] (rop-tah-teer) [ropt maligned + tyr god] Odin as bringer of trials to the soul; the initiator, hierophant


of Mary II 38
on statue of Padmapani II 178-9

SD INDEX Roscellin [or Rousselin, Rucelinus], materialist views of I 3n

SD INDEX Rosenroth. See Knorr von

SD INDEX Rosetta Stone

god name IOH & II 464
Trismegistus of I 675

SD INDEX Rosetti, estimates Sun's heat I 484n

TG Rosicrucians (Mys.). The name was first given to the disciples of a learned Adept named Christian Rosenkreuz, who flourished in Germany, circa 1460. He founded an Order of mystical students whose early history is to be found in the German work, Fama Fraternitatis (1614), which has been published in several languages. The members of the Order maintained their secrecy, but traces of them have been found in various places every half century since these dates. The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia is a Masonic Order, which has adopted membership in the "outer"; the Chabrath Zereh Aur Bokher, or Order of the G. D., which has a very complete scheme of initiation into the Kabbalah and the Higher Magic of the Western or Hermetic type, and admits both sexes, is a direct descendant from mediaeval modalities of Rosicrucians, themselves descended from the Egyptian Mysteries. [W.W.W.]

SD INDEX Rosicrucian(s)

creation due to War in Heaven II 237
cube unfolded of II 601
defined fire correctly I 121
Jehovah w Christian- I 438
light, darkness identical I 70
mystic fire of, fr Persian magi I 81n, 121
Paracelsus a great I 283n
pelican symbol of I 19-20, 80 &n
philosophy I 6-7
pregenetic symbol of I 19
St Germain's cypher, manuscript II 202
sidereal light of I 338n
Western heirs to I 611

SD INDEX Rosicrucian Manuscript, Count de St Germain, describes Babylon II 202

SD INDEX Rosicrucians . . . See Jennings, H.

MO Roskva [[Norse]] (reuss-kvah) [vigor] Daughter of Egil and servant of Thor

SD INDEX Ross, W. S. (pseudonym Saladin) God and His Book, ascension of Christ II 708n

SD INDEX [Rossetti, Christina G., Uphill] q I 268

SD INDEX Rossi, Giovanni Battista de, swastika used by early Christians II 586

SD INDEX Rossmassler, E. A., mistaken assumptions of I 640

TG Rostan. Book of the Mysteries of Rostan; an occult work in manuscript.

SD INDEX Ro-stan [Re-stau, Egy] "the otherworld," mysteries of I 237

SD INDEX Rosy Cross, Rosecroix. See Rosicrucians

SD INDEX Rotae (Lat) wheels

assist Christian Creator I 440
moving wheels of celestial orbs I 117

SD INDEX Rotary Motion, Rotation. See also Motion

ancient views of, (atomic) I 568-9
critique of scientific theories of I 501-2
heat fr collision produced I 250
intelligences & I 601
Master & Laplace q on I 592-4
origin of I 505-6, 529-30
origin of nebular I 97-8n, 500, 505-6
pantheists taught Earth's I 569
planetary I 593
reverse I 150n, 575, 593
of Solar System I 499-506
thirty-nine contradictory hypotheses I 504-6

SD INDEX Rotation (of Earth)

in Book of Enoch II 145, 314
changes in axis of II 314, 534
effects of slowing, described II 324-5
taught by ancients I 117n
Thor's Hammer symbolizes II 99
in Vendidad II 292
in Vishnu Purana II 155

SD INDEX Roth, Professor R. von

----- St. Petersburg Dict. [Worterbuch]
adityas II 489
angirasas II 605n

SD INDEX Rouchya. See Rauchya

SD INDEX Rouge, Vicomte O. C. Emmanuel de

Ammon-Ra & immaculate conception I 398-9
Egyptians prophesied Jehovah I 399n
----- "Etudes sur le rituel funeraire . . ."
day of "come to us" I 134n
----- "Examen de l'ouvrage . . ." in Annuals de philosophie . . .
reign of gods & heroes II 367-8

SD INDEX Rougemont, Frederic de

----- Fragments d'une histoire de la terre . . .
Negro giants in Austria, Liege II 278
----- Le Peuple primitif . . .
Chinese Holy Island II 372
warring Atlanteans II 371
----- "Restes de l'Ancienne Lit. . . ." in Ann. de philosophie . . .
opposes Chwolsohn II 454

WGa Round, the journey of the monad once around the seven globes composing the Earth-chain or any other planetary chain. The word "round" was used interchangeably with "ring", in the early writings on the subject in Theosophical literature. It is applied generally in respect to the Monad in human body, although it is the same for all other kingdoms.

OG Round -- The doctrine concerning our planetary chain commonly called that of the seven rounds means that the life cycle or life-wave begins its evolutionary course on globe A, the first of the series of seven (or ten) globes; then, completing its cycles there, runs down to globe B, and then to globe C, and then to globe D, our earth; and then, on the ascending arc, to globe E, then to globe F, and then to globe G. These are the manifest seven globes of the planetary chain. This is one planetary round. After the planetary round there ensues a planetary or chain nirvana, until the second round begins in the same way, but in a more "advanced" degree of evolution than was the first round. A globe round is one of the seven passages of a life-wave during its planetary round, on any one (and therefore on and through each) of the globes. When the life-wave has passed through globe D, for instance, and ends its cycles on globe D, this is the globe round of globe D for that particular planetary round; and so with all the globes respectively. Seven root-races make one globe round. There are seven globe rounds therefore (one globe round for each of the seven globes) in each planetary round. Seven planetary rounds equal one kalpa or manvantara or Day of Brahma. When seven planetary rounds have been accomplished, which is as much as saying forty-nine globe rounds (or globe manvantaras), there ensues a still higher nirvana than that occurring between globes G and A after each planetary round. This higher nirvana is coincident with what is called a pralaya of that planetary chain, which pralaya lasts until the cycle again returns for a new planetary chain to form, containing the same hosts of living beings as on the preceding chain, and which are now destined to enter upon the new planetary chain, but on and in a higher series of planes or worlds than in the preceding one. When seven such planetary chains with their various kalpas or manvantaras have passed away, this sevenfold grand cycle is one solar manvantara, and then the solar system sinks into the solar or cosmic pralaya. There are outer rounds and inner rounds. An inner round comprises the passage of the life-wave in any one planetary chain from globe A to globe G once around, and this takes place seven times in a planetary manvantara. The outer round comprises the passage of the entirety of a life-wave of a planetary chain along the circulations of the solar system, from one of the seven sacred planets to another; and this for seven (or ten) times. There is another aspect of the teaching concerning the outer rounds which cannot be elucidated here.

IN Round(s) The procession of any life-wave through all the globes of a planetary chain; also the completion of 7 root-races on any one globe (globe-round).

SD INDEX Round(s). See also Cycles, Kalpa, Manvantara

analogy of races & II 615n
ape image of third- & fourth-, man II 728-9
Atlantean deluge after 3 1/2 II 534
blind wanderings of first three I 184
bodhisattvas sent to each I 42
development of Earth in I 158-60, 259-60
development of elements in I 250-2
development of kingdoms in I 175-6, 246-7; II 185-7
development of monads in I 173
dhyanis watch over each I 42
each, has its own architects I 233
each, has its revealers I 42
Earth convulsed each new II 730
Earth destroyed after each I 241
elements not now as in prior I 253
every, a rebirth II 46-7
every descending, more concrete I 232
evolution of principles in II 167
first 3-1/2, in Genesis II 181
first three, semi-ethereal II 149
forms of each, cast off II 290
forms of, improved in next I 187; II 730
forty-nine root-races in each II 309
genealogies embrace 3-1/2 II 322
geological convulsions in every II 46-7
Great Day (Jude) at end of seventh II 491
intellect & spirituality in II 167-8
Isis Unveiled on I xliii
Kings of Edom & II 704 &n
length of kabbalist, a blind II 564
life evolves thru seven I 159
life-forms fr man in third & fourth II 683
man during first three I 188-9; II 185-7, 254, 260, 659-60
man passed thru all forms in early I 159; II 254, 260, 659-60
manus, root- & seed- II 308-9
maruts born in every II 613
materiality of past & present II 68n
monads thru all forms in every II 256-7
new forms every II 262
number of monads in, limited I 171
obscuration betw I 159, 161; II 47, 704-5, 713n
older wheels or past I 199
passage fr globes A to Z I 167-8, 232
phoenix symbol of seven II 617
planetary, & globe, defined I 160
Sacred Land lasts throughout II 6
seven among rabbins II 397n
seven, & seven month embryo II 257
seven, in Genesis II 252n
seven, in Leviticus II 618, 747-8
seven, in Revelation II 565
seven, is manvantara II 180, 307-8, 434
seven, of Talmudists II 618
seven, or seven worlds of maya I 238
Stanza VI on early I 22
teachings of, fr Mysteries II 435
two more periods after seven II 257
wheels or I 40n, 232
Zohar II 704 &n


SD INDEX Round, First

akasic element developed in I 259
animal & man in fourth round & I 455
animal creation precedes man in I 455
building of globe in I 259
commentary on II 46-7
developed one element (fire) I 250
Earth a foetus during I 260
first human races of II 307
first monads reach humanhood in I 173
globe fiery, cool, radiant I 252n
highest pitris human in I 174, 182
human monad & mineral kingdom in II 185
Kings of Edom & I 375
man ethereal lunar dhyani in I 188
man passes thru lower kingdoms in I 159-60; II 635
man prototype in, globe A I 175n
"one dimensional" space in I 250
Root- & Seed-manus of II 309
Vaivasvata & Root-Manu of globe A in II 146-7, 307-10 &nn

SD INDEX Round, Second

developed two elements I 251, 260
Earth in I 260
evolution different in I 159-60
fire, earth, & air in I 251-2
globe luminous, more dense in I 252n
human monad & vegetable kingdom in II 185
lunar gods' activities in I 174
man gigantic, ethereal I 188
manifests second element (air) I 260
man passes thru human shapes in I 159
manus of II 309
second monadic class human in I 173
some pitris human in I 182
two-dimensional species in I 251

SD INDEX Round, Third

animals fr man in II 186-7, 684-5
ape image of, man I 180, 190; II 728-9
ape-man of, & anthropoid II 730
astral relics of, used in fourth round II 730
developed fire, earth, water I 251-2 &n
developed third element (water) I 252
fossils fr II 68n, 684, 712
globe watery in I 252n
human monad & animal kingdom in II 185
insects & birds created in II 290
latest human arrivals fr II 168
lunar fathers human at end of II 115
lunar gods lead humans in I 174
man huge & apelike I 188-90; II 57n, 185, 261-2, 688n
man passed animal stage in II 299
man's changes in, parallel fourth II 257
man's stature decreases I 188
manus of II 309
perception of water in I 252
relics of, objectivized II 731
shadowy man of, & fourth I 233
some pitris human in I 182
third race repeats, man I 188-9
types formed fourth round types II 257
Vasishtha-Daksha's sons in II 78

SD INDEX Round, Fourth

animals of, consolidated fr third round II 186-7, 730
anthropoids' monads will pass into astral human forms I 184
apes reached human stage before II 262
appearance of vegetation in II 290n
astral man in beginning of II 170
buddhas appointed to govern in I 108-9
cataclysms most intense II 149
crustacea, fishes, reptiles preceded physical man in II 594n
developed fire, air, water, earth I 251-2
diagram of root-races in II 300
door to humankind closes I 173, 182, 184-5
Earth settles, hardens I 159
Earth's existence prior to I 252-3 &n
equilibrium betw spirit & matter I 106, 192; II 300-1
ether visible toward close of I 12, 140
fifth & sixth round men in I 161-2; II 167
first speaking race of II 452
forms of, fr third round II 257, 684
four lower principles developed in II 167
four only of seven truths given in I 42
humanity as two sexes eighteen million years old I 150n
humanity develops in I 159
intellect develops in I 189
latest arriving monads in II 168
mammals fr man in I 455; II 168-9, 186-7, 635, 683-4
man an animal up to mid- II 161
man first mammalian in II 1, 155, 187; II 288
man on Earth fr beginning of II 254
man physical in II 310
man ready for mind in mid- II 161-2
man's frame ready at beginning of II 660
man storehouse of seeds for II 289-90
manus in II 309, 321
materialization in II 68n
Matsya avatara & Vaivasvata in I 369
matter spiritualizes at mid- I 185-6, 232
mid-, ends descending arc I 232; II 180
mind link betw spirit & matter in I 182
minerals receive final opacity in II 730
minerals, vegetables before man I 159
Noah story & beginning of I 444n
pitris evolve shadows on globe A I 174
pitris ooze apelike forms I 180
polar continent lasts entire II 400n
pre-septenary manvantara II 308n
primordial vegetable life II 712
produced hard material sphere I 260
Secret Doctrine volume two deals w I 22; II 68n
sedimentation 320 million years ago II 715n
seven pralayas in I 172 &n; II 329
seventh stage of materiality II 308n
shadowy man in, as in third I 233
sixth sense & permeability I 258
those who refused to create in I 191
turning point I 182, 185-6
Vaivasvata Seed-Manu on globe D II 146-7
vegetation of, & soft minerals II 730
veiled record of, in Puranas II 253
we are now in I 232; II 47, 301, 307, 434

SD INDEX Round, Fifth. See also Fifth Rounders

anthropoids & men in I 184; II 261-2
ether familiar as air in I 12, 140, 257-8
field of resurrection (Norse) II 100
higher senses will grow in I 258
manus for II 309
men have been incarnating I 161
mind fully developed in II 162, 167, 301
permeability of matter in I 258

SD INDEX Rounds, Sixth & Seventh. See also Sixth Rounders

dying out of globes I 155
Earth after I 240, 260
globes, monads in I 171-3
Great Day after, (Jude) II 491
higher elements appear in I 12
hinted at in Revelation II 704n
laggard pitris (human) in I 182
mankind in I 159
man perfect septenary II 167
manus of II 309
men will inform laya-centers I 181
monad free fr matter in II 180-1
One Unknown Space known in I 344
Revelation on II 565

SD INDEX Round Table, & Morgana II 398 &n

SD INDEX Round Tower of Bhangulpore II 85

SD INDEX Round Towers of Ireland. See O'Brien, H.

SD INDEX Routers, rocking stones called II 345

TG Rowhanee (Eg.) or Er-Roohanee. Is the Magic of modern Egypt, supposed to proceed from Angels and Spirits, that is Genii, and by the use of the mystery names of Allah; they distinguish two forms -- Ilwee, that is the Higher or White Magic; and Suflee and Sheytanee, the Lower or Black Demoniac Magic. There is also Es-Seemuja, which is deception or conjuring. Opinions differ as to the importance of a branch of Magic called Darb el Mendel, or as Barker calls it in English, the Mendal: by this is meant a form of artificial clairvoyance, exhibited by a young boy before puberty, or a virgin, who, as the result of self-fascination by gazing on a pool of ink in the hand, with coincident use of incense and incantation, sees certain scenes of real life passing over its surface. Many Eastern travellers have narrated instances, as E. W. Lane in his Modern Egyptians and his Thousand and One Nights, and E. B. Barker; the incidents have been introduced also into many works of fiction, such as Marryat's Phantom Ship, and a similar idea is interwoven with the story of Rose Mary and the Beryl stone, a poem by Rossetti. For a superficial attempt at explanation, see the Quarterly Review, No. 117. [W.W.W.]

SD INDEX Row, R. B. P. Sreenivas, chronology of II 69-70

SD INDEX Row, T. Subba. See Subba Row, T.

SD INDEX Royal Institution. SeeProceedings of the

SD INDEX Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia. See MacKenzie, K.

SD INDEX Ru (Egy) II 547-9

third eye symbol II 548

TG Ruach (Heb.). Air, also Spirit; the Spirit, one of the "human principles" (Buddhi-Manas).

FY Ruach, one of the souls, according to the Kabala; second three principles in the human septenary.

WG Ruach (Hebrew), in the Kabala, the spiritual soul, or buddhi.

SD INDEX Ruach [Ruah] (Heb) spirit

buddhi or I 242; II 633n
correlated w Ab Haty (Lambert) II 633
divine spirit I 225
garment of II 315
Gnostics get, fr yetzirah II 604
fr Hoa II 83
Michael, Samael proceed fr II 378
must unite w nephesh (soul) I 193
spiritual, not animal soul I 243-5
wind or I 226n

TG Ruach Elohim (Heb.). The Spirit of the gods; corresponds to the Holy Ghost of the Christians. Also the wind, breath and rushing water. [W.W.W.]

SD INDEX Ruach-Hajan [Ruah-Hayyah] (Heb) west wind I 466

WG Ruchi, light; beauty; desire, passion.

SD INDEX Rudbeck, Olof

Bailly disproved theories of II 402
----- [Atlands eller Manheims]
Delos called Osericta II 773
Sweden was Plato's Atlantis II 402

SD INDEX Rudimental Kingdoms. See Elementals

SD INDEX Rudimentary Organs, human, expl II 683

TG Rudra (Sk.). A title of Siva, the Destroyer.

TG Rudras (Sk.). The mighty ones; the lords of the three upper worlds. One of the classes of the "fallen" or incarnating spirits; they are all born of Brahma.

WG Rudras, a class of storm-gods (Maruts) led by Rudra, who became in later Sanskrit literature Siva -- the third member of the trinity. (Siva, "the gracious one," an euphemism for Rudra, the howling one, the terrible one.)

GH Rudras An alternative name for the stormgods or Maruts (q.v.), who are under the leadership of Rudra or Siva. "These deities are only another aspect, or a development of the Kumaras, who are Rudras in their patronymic, like many others." (Secret Doctrine, II, p. 613) (Meaning of the word itself: howlers, or roarers. Bhagavad-Gita, W. Q. Judge, p. 73)

SD INDEX Rudra(s) (Skt) howler, destroyer. See also Rudra-Siva, Siva

"adversaries" of gods II 164 &n
both qualities & quantities II 585
Brahma-, & kumaras I 458
chose curse of incarnation II 246, 255n
classes of II 182
creates kumaras I 457
as creator I 455-8
destroys universe II 69n
developed intellectuality II 585
eleven, of Vedic Tridasa I 71n
Fohat &, fr Brahma I 145
four preceding manus & II 318n
half gentle, half ferocious II 548
highest dhyani-chohans II 585
identical w elohim, cherubs II 85
identified w fire god II 280n
incarnated in man II 164
incarnations of Siva II 249
Karttikeya son of II 382n
-kumaras & nirmanakaya II 255n
kumaras or Kabiri II 106, 249, 318n, 613n
Nilalohita, kumaras & [Vishnu Purana] II 106, 192n
Nilalohita (Siva) or II 106
not direct creators of man I 445
our paternal grandfathers II 164n, 248n
production of first principle I 455n
pure comp w other Hindu gods II 174
rebellious or fallen gods II 232, 246, 613n
sacrifice of II 246
-Sankara (War in Heaven) II 498
septenary character of I 460
as Siva I 459n, 526n; II 282, 382n, 502n, 548, 550, 615
sons of, in Rig-Veda II 613 &n, 615n
tempting demons II 174-5
Vishnu as I 370; II 69n
wept seven times, given seven names II 615n


SD INDEX Rudra Savarni (Skt, Savarna in text), Seed-Manu, planet G, Sixth Round II 309

SD INDEX Rudra-Siva (Skt). See also Rudra, Siva

destroyer I 526n; II 164n
forefather of all adepts II 502n
grand yogi II 164n
healer & destroyer II 548
Karttikeya son of II 550

SD INDEX Ruhani. See Rohanee

SD INDEX Ruins of Empires. See Volney, C. F.

SD INDEX Rulers. See Divine Kings, Regents

SD INDEX Rules of Initiation [Agruchada-Parikshai.See Isis Unveiled II 40], on secrecy I 299

TG Runes (Scand.). The Runic language and characters are the mystery or sacerdotal tongue and alphabet of the ancient Scandinavians. Runes are derived from the word runa (secret). Therefore both language and character could neither be understood nor interpreted without having the key to it. Hence while the written runes consisting of sixteen letters are known, the ancient ones composed of marks and signs are indecipherable. They are called the magic characters. "It is clear", says E. W. Anson, an authority on the folk-lore of the Norsemen, "that the runes were from various causes regarded even in Germany proper as full of mystery and endowed with supernatural power". They are said to have been invented by Odin.

MO Runes Wisdom gained by living

SD INDEX Runes (Norse)

cup-like writing & II 346n
Sigurd became learned in I 404

MO Rungner [[Norse]] (rung-ner) [loud roar] A giant

TG Rupa (Sk.). Body; any form, applied even to the forms of the gods, which are subjective to us.

WG Rupa, form, external appearance, body; visibility.

OG Rupa -- (Sanskrit) A word meaning "form," "image," "similitude," but this word is employed technically, and only rarely in the popular sense in which it is commonly used in English. It signifies rather an atomic or monadic aggregation about the central and indwelling consciousness, forming a vehicle or body thereof.

Thus the rupa-lokas are lokas or worlds where the body-form or vehicle is very definitely outlined in matter; whereas the arupa-lokas are worlds where the body-forms or "images" are outlined in a manner which to us humans is much less definite. It should be noted that the word rupa applies with equal force to the bodies or vehicles even of the gods, although these latter to us are purely subjective or arupa. (See also Loka)

SKs Rupa, Vedana, Sanjna, Samskara, Vijnana These are the five Skandhas or attributes of character and personality which have been formed in previous lives. They help to rebuild the constitution of man in each new birth. (See [[SKo]] under Skandha.) Rupa is 'form' or the characteristics of the physical body; Vedana is 'sensation,' or the developed feelings and perceptions; Sanjna is 'consciousness,' or abstract ideas; Samskara is action,' or the physical and mental leanings and preferences; Vijnana is 'intelligence,' or the moral and mental tendencies. (See under Nidana.)

IN Rupa (Skt) Form, body.

SP Rupa -- form. Arupa -- formless.

SD INDEX Rupa(s) (Skt) form(s) II 52-3, 57, 65. See also Pitris

blending of, & arupa I 118
body (Massey) II 632
destroyed II 65
dhyani-chohans both, & arupa I 197
divine kings, material or, spirits II 222
Earth's I 259; II 52
evolved fr pitris I 183; II 102
highest of, fourth order of beings I 218-19 &n
physical body is a I 242
seven, classes of dhyan-chohans II 318n
spirit without, naman & jati I 373
spurned by some gods I 192
Vishnu, of whole universe I 420


SD INDEX Rupa & Arupa (Skt) I 53, 118, 122, 129, 197, 219n, 373, 420

SD INDEX Ruppel, Wilhelm P. E. S., found Book of Enoch II 531

SD INDEX Rush-light I 604

flame of, could light universe I 85n

SD INDEX Russia(n)

giant tombs in II 752
mystics went to Tibet I xxxvi
rocking stones in II 342n
stones in, brought fr vast distances II 343
tall people in II 277
teems w legends of giants II 754-5
will not eat pigeon I 80-1n

TG Ruta (Sk.). The name of one of the last islands of Atlantis, which perished ages before Poseidonis, the "Atlantis" of Plato.

SD INDEX Ruta (Skt) Atlantean island-continent

Egyptian zodiac fr II 436n
giant magicians of II 428
part of Atlantean continent I 650
peoples of, called Rutas II 222
sank 850,000 years ago II 141, 147, 314n, 433
sank in later Pliocene II 314n, 710
Solon's island &, [Plato] II 436
still remained in Miocene II 740

TG Rutas (Sk.). An ancient people that inhabited the above island or continent in the Pacific Ocean.

SD INDEX Rutilius, Claudius N., [De reditu suo], q on Jewish race II 358

SD INDEX Rutimeyer, Ludwig

Schmidt's charts based on II 735
on sunken Southern continent II 789
on Swiss cattle II 287

MO Rymer [[Norse]] (ree-mer) A giant: end of a life cycle. See Hymer