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List of Title Abbreviations (in alphabetical order)

TG F. -- The sixth letter of the English alphabet, for which there is no equivalent in Hebrew. It is the double [[F and upside down backwards F]] of the Aeolians which became the Digamma for some mysterious reasons. It corresponds to the Greek phi. As a Latin numeral it denotes 40, with a dash over the letter ([[F with a horizontal line over it]]) 400,000.

SD INDEX Faber, George S.

----- On the Mysteries of the Cabiri
Aletae, Al-ait II 142n, 361
ancient poetry based in truth II 264
[Cumberland q] II 393
Kaempfer q II 365
linked mundane egg w Ark I 360
mistake of II 142-3
Noah, Argha, etc II 141-2, 360n, 364, 390
Phlegyae islands were Atlantis II 144
sinking of Atlantis II 264-5 &n
Telchines, Kabiri, Titans II 360-1, 391
[Vallencey q] I 641-2n
----- The Origin of Pagan Idolatry
all religions fr one center II 760n
Gentiles vs Jews II 472n

SD INDEX Fable(s). See also Allegories, Legends, Myths

allegories foolishly called II 103
Greek, based on facts II 769
Satyr no II 262

SD INDEX Fabre, Abbe, Les origines de la terre et de l'homme, Eocene man does not conflict w Bible II 747

SD INDEX Fabularum Liber. See Hyginus, G. J.

TG Faces (Kabbalistic), or, as in Hebrew, Partzupheem. The word usually refers to Areekh Anpeen or Long Face, and Zeir-Anpeen, or Short Face, and Resha Hivrah the "White Head" or Face. The Kabbala states that from the moment of their appearance (the hour of differentiation of matter) all the material for future forms was contained in the three Heads which are one, and called Atteekah Kadosha (Holy Ancients and the Faces). It is when the Faces look toward each other, that the "Holy Ancients" in three Heads, or Atteekah Kadosha, are called Areek Appayem, i.e., "Long Faces". (See Zohar iii., 292a.) This refers to the three Higher Principles, cosmic and human.

SD INDEX Face I 220; II 479, 539

angels of the I 352n, 434n; II 479
kabbalistic I 197
Lesser, prototype of man I 215, 239-40
Lords of the Dazzling II 427-8
Microprosopus, Macroprosopus I 60, 215, 239-40, 350
seven spirits of the I 128, 198; II 115n

IN Facies totius Universi . . . (Spinoza) "The face of the whole universe, though it varies in infinite modes, yet remains always the same."

SD INDEXa Facies totius Universi, quamvis infinitis modis variet, manet tamen semper eadem II 1 (Lat) "The face of the whole universe, though it varies in infinite modes, yet remains always the same." -- Spinoza, Correspondence of Spinoza, Letter 64

SD INDEX Fact(s)

anthropology, geology & II 71-2
cannot be destroyed I xlvi
disfigured & revealed II 515-16
historical, become dogmas II 776
Secret Doctrine gives, & landmarks II 742
theory can never excommunicate II 715n

SD INDEX Faculties

matter & man's, increase I 252
transmission of acquired I 219

TG Fafnir (Scand.). The Dragon of Wisdom.

SD INDEX Fafnir (Scandinavian dragon), Sigurd ate heart of I 404

TG Fahian (Chin.). A Chinese traveller and writer in the early centuries of Christianity, who wrote on Buddhism.

SD INDEX Fa-Hien [hsien] (Chin)

Cheta initiation cave of I xx
----- Fo kuo Chi
re Garden of Wisdom II 204

TG Fa-Hwa-King (Chin.). A Chinese work on Cosmogony.

SD INDEX Fa-hwa-king [Fa-hua-ching] (Chin), on Dragon of Wisdom I 470

SD INDEX Faigi Diwan. See Faizi's Diwan

SD INDEX Fail, Failure(s) II 475

of angels in creation II 239
among dhyani-chohans I 188; II 232-3n
of European language to express Law I 269
karma of I 188
monsters were II 192
of nature to create beings II 312
nature unaided will II 52, 102
of nature vanish II 330, 446
those who, slaves of matter II 272

SD INDEX Fairy Tales, embody history & religious concepts I 425


blind, of theologians I 669
blind, vs adepts' knowledge I 612
blind, vs karma-nemesis II 304-5
Lemurians had not to believe on II 272
without will, is barren II 59n

TG Faizi (Arab.). Literally the "heart". A writer on occult and mystic subjects.

SD INDEX Faizi's Diwan, q by Max Muller I xli

TG Fakir (Arab.). A Mussulman ascetic in India, a Mahometan "Yogi". The name is often applied, though erroneously, to Hindu ascetics; for strictly speaking only Mussulman ascetics are entitled to it. This loose way of calling things by general names was adopted in Isis Unveiled but is now altered.

IU Fakirs. -- Religious devotees in East India. They are generally attached to Brahmanical pagodas and follow the laws of Manu. A strictly religious fakir will go absolutely naked, with the exception of a small piece of linen called dhoti, around his loins. They wear their hair long, and it serves them as a pocket, as they stick in it various objects -- such as a pipe, a small flute called vagudah, the sounds of which throw the serpents into a cataleptic torpor, and sometimes their bamboo-stick (about one foot long) with the seven mystical knots on it. This magical stick, or rather rod, the fakir receives from his guru on the day of his initiation, together with the three mantrams, which are communicated to him "mouth to ear." No fakir will be seen without this powerful adjunct of his calling. It is, as they all claim, the divining rod, the cause of every occult phenomenon produced by them. [Philostratus assures us that the Brahmans were able, in his time, to perform the most wonderful cures by merely pronouncing certain magical words. "The Indian Brahmans carry a staff and a ring, by means of which they are able to do almost anything." Origenes states the same ("Contra Celsum"). But if a strong mesmeric fluid -- say projected from the eye, and without any other contact-is not added, no magical words would be efficacious.] The Brahmanical fakir is entirely distinct from the Mussulman mendicant of India, also called fakirs in some parts of the British territory."

FY Fakir, a Mohamedan recluse or Yogi.

WG Fakir, a Mohammedan ascetic wonder-worker; the equivalent among the Mohammedans of the Hindu yogi.

SD INDEX Falconeri, E., found pigmy hippo II 219

SD INDEX Falconnet, E. M., on talking stones II 341-2

TG Falk, Cain Chenul. A Kabbalistic Jew, reputed to have worked "miracles". Kenneth Mackenzie quotes in regard to him from the German annalist Archenoiz' work on England (1788): -- "There exists in London an extraordinary man who for thirty years has been celebrated in Kabbalistic records. He is named Cain Chenul Falk. A certain Count de Rautzow, lately dead in the service of France, with the rank of Field-Marshal, certifies that he has seen this Falk in Brunswick, and that evocations of spirits took place in the presence of credible witnesses." These "spirits" were Elementals, whom Falk brought into view by the conjurations used by every Kabbalist. His son, Johann Friedrich Falk, likewise a Jew, was also a Kabbalist of repute, and was once the head of a Kabbalistic college in London. His occupation was that of a jeweller and appraiser of diamonds, and he was a wealthy man. To this day the mystic writings and rare Kabbalistic works bequeathed by him to a trustee may be perused in a certain half-public library in London, by every genuine student of Occultism. Falk's own writings are all still in MS., and some in cypher.

SD INDEX Fall, (the). See also Fallen Angels, Lucifer, Root-Race -- Third, Satan, Self-conscious

apple, tree & II 354-5
atonement &, pagan II 505
caused by pride (Kabbalah) II 237
Christian idea of I 127
cross without circle symbolic I 5
described, explained I 192-8; II 62-3, 92-8, 192-3, 227-45, 283-4
desire to learn & know caused I 416-17
dogma of, & Revelation II 484-5
Egyptian initiation &, (Lacour) II 215-16n
first, into matter II 185, 470
fourth Adam after II 503
into generation or matter II 36, 104, 129, 262, 388, 510, 515, 609
in Genesis 4 II 388
gods also undergo II 231n
gods who incarnate in man or II 483
human shape developed after II 227
left no "original sin" II 261
meanings of II 139
no living soul till after II 456
occurred during early Mesozoic II 204
physiological, after Eden II 279
records of II 282-4, 486-7
result of man's knowledge II 513
Samael fell first II 112
Satan's II 484-7
scapegoat symbol of II 510
scientific when understood I 418
Semitic idea of I 383
separation of sexes & II 173, 204
Seth first result of II 126
seven keys to II 62
of spirit, not mortal man I 192-3
third Adam before II 503
third eye disappeared at II 301-2
third round Indra & II 615n
traceable to India I 418
two in theology II 62
various II 483-4

SD INDEX Fallacies of Darwinism, . . . See Bree, C. R.

SD INDEX Fallen Angel(s) II 60, 92-8, 475-505. See also Angels, Fall

abide in ether I 331
Achad or II 508
astral light abode of I 196
asuras same as II 500
became man's self-consciousness II 513
belong to material plane II 61
Burning Valley initiation & II 535
cast down into matter II 103-4
Christians took, fr Book of Enoch II 529
Church made, into Devil II 98
Church twisted meaning of I 331, 457-9; II 60, 94n, 228-32, 513-17
denounced by archangels II 382n
dhyanis became II 228
dogma of II 515
esoteric meanings of II 516-17
Heavenly Man or II 493
fr India via Persia, Chaldea I 198
key to human character II 274
kumaras degraded into I 458-9
man, humanity a I 450; II 274, 390
nephilim are II 61
New Aspects of Life (Pratt) on I 194n
overcome by Michael or Jehovah II 508
pagan in origin I 198
personified by Bel & dragon I xxvii
Prometheus a II 525 &n
rebelled against karmic law II 228
Satan, Old Dragon became II 506, 508
serpents, dragons of wisdom II 230
sons of God I 412; II 61, 229
true meaning of, in Kabbala II 228-9
truth re, cannot be given II 516-17

SD INDEX Fall of the Angels I 193; II 161

allegorized in Pymander I 417
into generation II 231n
incarnation or II 487
Kabbala &, (Ginsburg) II 284
repeated on every plane II 268
thru pride (Christian) II 171
transformed first-born II 283
Zohar on II 491

SD INDEX "False Analogies." See Muller, F. M.,Introduction to Science of Religion

SD INDEX Families of Speech. See Farrar, F. W.

SD INDEX Family Race(s)

Dendera zodiac & last three II 433
duration of a II 433, 435
subdivisions of subrace II 198n, 434
subject to cleansing process II 330

SD INDEX Family Resemblances, explained I 261

FY Fan, Bar-nang, space, eternal law.

SD INDEX Fane(s) II 458, 603, 756

of man designed for a god II 302
perfection of ancient I 208-9n

SD INDEX Faraday, Michael

atoms centers of force I 507
on force & matter I 510 &n

SD INDEX Faraday as a Discoverer. See Tyndall, John

SD INDEX Faraday Lectures. See Helmholtz, von

SD INDEX Faraday's Life and Letters. See Jones, H. B.

TG Farbauti (Scand.). A giant in the Edda; lit., "the oarsman"; the father of Loki, whose mother was the giantess Laufey (leafy isle); a genealogy which makes W.S.W. Anson remark in Asgard and the Gods that probably the oarsman or Farbauti "was . . . . . the giant who saved himself from the flood in a heat, and the latter (Laufey) the island to which he rowed" -- which is an additional variation of the Deluge.

TG Fargard (Zend.). A section or chapter of verses in the Vendidad of the Parsis.

SD INDEX Farrar, Rev Frederic W., Families of Speech, Basque lang like ancient American II 790

SD INDEX Farses or Parses [Farsis, Parsis] (Pers), Peris remote ancestors of II 398

TG Farvarshi (Mazd.). The same as Ferouer, or the opposite (as contrasted) double. The spiritual counterpart of the still more spiritual original. Thus, Ahriman is the Ferouer or the Farvarshi of Ormuzd -- "demon est deus inversus" -- Satan of God. Michael the Archangel, "he like god", is a Ferouer of that god. A Farvarshi is the shadowy or dark side of a Deity -- or its darker lining.

SD INDEX Farvarshi. See Fravashi

SD INDEX Fasti. See Ovid

SD INDEX Fatalist(s, ism)

believers in karma are not II 305
blind, result of ignorance I 643
karma is not I 639

SD INDEX Fate(s). See also Destiny, Karma, Lipikas

decrees of, in astral light II 236
Iblis agent of II 394
karma, nemesis or I 642-3; II 420-1n, 604-5 &n
karmic, of nations II 644-6, 675-6
lead atoms back I 143-4
(destiny) & Moira, goddess of II 604-5 &n
Norns make known decree of II 520
Zeus cannot escape II 414

SD INDEX Father(s). See also Fathers

cold mist or I 82
Helios, later called II 44
"I and my, are one" I 265, 574
of Jesus & Jehovah II 509
the One II 113
parent dhyani-buddha or I 574, 578
secret meaning of, & the Son II 231n
seven, & forty-nine sons II 564
seven planets or I 575
side of, first creation I 356n, 450
Son &, are "universal mind" II 492
Son &, as Sun & Moon I 229
vital electric principle of Sun II 105

SD INDEX Father-Aether or -Ether [highest principle] Archaeus I 51-2, 460, 465

SD INDEX Father-Mother. See also Hyle, Ilus

breath of I 144
cross in circle I 11
darkness is I 40
dhyani fr the bright II 55
differentiated world-soul I 140
fire & water or I 70
first differentiation of Kosmos I 18; II 236
first emanation of II 43
germ (egg) furnished by II 131
of gods or Oeaohoo I 68
Noun (Egy) or I 312
one during pralaya I 41
one w aether, akasa I 75-6
primordial flame proceeds fr I 88
ray & chaos I 70
spins a web I 83
spirit & substance I 41
svabhavat or I 60, 98n
Yliaster of Paracelsus I 283

SD INDEX Father-Mother-Son. See also Trinity

becomes four I 58-9
Brahma is I 41
Hermes on I 436
kabbalistic I 18
triangle & I 614; II 582

SD INDEX Fathers. See also Father(s), Pitris

could not make thinking man II 102
created bodies II 115
failure of I 194; II 105
human race fashioned by II 605
lunar beings II 88, 115
nature-spirits II 102
pass thru all Earth forms II 115
Pitri-Pati, lord of II 44
progenitors of men II 45
of wisdom called Pitar II 394n

SD INDEX Father Sadik, Noah, Melchizedek & II 391-3

SD INDEX Fathers of Church. See Church Fathers

SD INDEX Father Tree (Koran), phoenix myth & the II 617


appears cyclically II 325n, 733
of Atlantic isles similar II 782, 791-2
Australian II 196-7
changes every round, race, etc I 183-4; II 262
descends fr primordial monsters II 186, 276
of Europe II 714
New & Old World, very similar II 792
West Indian & West African II 782

SD INDEX Faure, electric accumulators of I 580

SD INDEX Faye, Herve Auguste E. A.

astronomers & geologists I 496
heat of nebula I 505
nebular theory of I 588, 599
on sun spots I 541n
----- "Sur l'hypothese de Laplace"
Phobos, Mars' satellite I 165
----- "Sur l'origine du systeme solaire"
comets generated in solar system I 500

SD INDEX Felix, Father, Le Mystere et la Science, science rejects life's mystery I 670

SD INDEX Female(s). See also Male, Vach

Adam male & II 127
Catholic, emblem II 38
Daksha creates II 163, 183
earth, water, passive II 130
form symbolic of esoteric philosophy I 351
generative power (Arg, Arca) II 416n
logoi male & I 246
-male or ansated cross II 217
Moon, generative principle I 228-9 &nn; II 65-6
power in nature, two aspects of I 431
seven, of Anugita discussed II 639
vertical line, male & II 30

MO Fenja [[Norse]] (fen-yah) [fen water] One of the giantesses who turn the magic mill Grotte

MO Fenris, Fenrer [[Norse]] Loki's son, werewolf which will devour the sun

SD INDEX Ferguson, James [1710-1776], believed many worlds inhabited II 706

SD INDEX Fergusson, James [1808-1886]

----- A History of Architecture
cyclopean works in Peru, Greece II 745
----- Illustrations of Rock Cut Temples . . .
Hindu Zodiac fr Greeks II 225
Indian architecture, zodiac fr Greece II 225
Indian cave temples after Egyptian II 220n

TG Ferho (Gnost.). The highest and greatest creative power with the Nazarene Gnostics. (Codex Nazaraeus.)

KT Ferho (Gnostic). The highest and greatest creative power with the Nazarene Gnostics (Codex Nazaraeus).

SD INDEX Ferho, of Nazareans I 195

SD INDEX Feridan [Feridun] (Pers), vanquishes Zohac II 398

SD INDEX Ferment(ation)

fiery lives, microbes, etc I 262-3 &nn
Pasteur, Bernard I 249n

SD INDEX Fern(s)

Carboniferous giants II 276
colossal, & mosses of today II 733
forests fr third round II 712
gigantic in Miocene (Pengelly) II 726
pine oldest tree after the II 594

SD INDEX Ferouer. See Fravashi

SD INDEX Ferrel,William II 64

SD INDEX Ferrier, on mind & matter I 124-5n

TG Fetahil (Gr.). The lower creator, in the same Codex.

SD INDEX Fetahil [Pthahil] (Gnos)

begat seven races I 248
creates our planet I 195
identical w pitris, Prometheus I 195n
ordered to create, failed I 194; II 239

SD INDEX Fetichisme II 346. See also de Mirville, Des Esprits

SD INDEX Fetus. See Foetus


Adam Kadmon & I 246
angels commanded to create II 239
"Let there be Sons of Light" I 481
Levi on I 259n
Rabbi Simeon explains I 215-16n

SD INDEX Fichte, Johann Gottlieb

Absolute of, & Vedanta I 50
Advaita doctrine of I 79n
on Seyn, Daseyn (German) I 281n
unity of man w god-spirit I 79n
universal consciousness I 51

SD INDEX Ficino, Marcilio (Vicinus in tx), on anthropomorphic gods II 601-2

SD INDEX Fiend(s) I 612

bhutas of Vishnu Purana II 102n, 163
gods became II 237 &n, 274


breaths & sephirothal triad I 213
gold or, masculine principle I 364
nature of first dhyani-chohans I 82
wind, glowing cosmic dust I 107

SD INDEX Fiery Dragons (of Wisdom)

comets or I 203
dhyani-chohans II 280n
not fiery serpents II 212

SD INDEX Fiery Lives

analogy of ascending & descending arcs I 262-3n
builders & destroyers I 262-3n
Commentary on I 249-50
direct the microbes I 262n
globe, first round, built by I 259
independent living beings II 117

SD INDEX Fiery Serpent(s) I 414, 442; II 206, 387n. See also Fiery Dragons, Magic, Serpents

bite of, & brazen serpent I 364
described I 364 &nn
God moving on chaos I 74-5
Levites called, black magic II 212

SD INDEX Fiery Wheels, Four Maharajas or I 126

SD INDEX Fifth Race. See Root-Race -- Fifth

SD INDEX Fifth Round. See Round -- Fifth

SD INDEX Fifth Rounder(s)

abnormally developed intellects II 167
discussed & explained I 161-2

SD INDEX Figaniere, Visconde de

----- "Esoteric Studies"
on monadic evolution II 289n
new types of man each round II 290

SD INDEX Figuier, Louis

materialist, admits spirits I 620
----- The Day After Death
traditions have scientific weight II 136-7

SD INDEX Figures. See also Numbers

keys to esoteric system I 164
language of the elements I 464
occult, withheld I 170, 206; II 251
zero & I 99, 360-1

SD INDEX Fiji Islands II 788

SD INDEX Filia Vocis. See also Bath-Kol

Vach, Sephirah, Kwan Yin I 431n

SD INDEX Filioque Dogma, separates Roman & Greek churches II 635

SD INDEX Filippi, Filippo de II 646

SD INDEX Fils de Dieu, Les. See Jacolliot

MO Fimbultyr [[Norse]] (fim-bul-teer) [fimbul mighty, great + tyr god] The highest divinity, the god of secret wisdom


cannot be perfect II 487
cannot conceive the Infinite I 51
infinite &, re monad & duad I 426
infinity cannot know the I 56

SD INDEX Finns, seventh subrace, fourth root-race II 178

TG Fire (Living). A figure of speech to denote deity, the "One" life. A theurgic term, used later by the Rosicrucians. The symbol of the living fire is the sun, certain of whose rays develope the fire of life in a diseased body, impart the knowledge of the future to the sluggish mind, and stimulate to active function a certain psychic and generally dormant faculty in man. The meaning is very occult.

SD INDEX Fire (element). See also Agni, Elements, Fires, Heat, Parsis

active, male principle II 130
aether &, atma-buddhi I 216
aether in purest form I 87
Agni (Vedic) II 101, 114, 381, 413-14n
air, water, earth & I 284; II 114, 616
Al-Orit god of II 361
angels (kumaras) II 243
born of water I 379
burns away lower senses II 639
circles of II 103, 232, 275n
cold, luminous I 250
deity presiding over time I 86
destroyed some races II 307n, 309, 725-6
discovered by inventors II 373
dragon of wisdom fr water & I 470
essence of, & flame I 6
ethereal & terrestrial I 469
finds refuge in water I 402
first after the One I 216, 447
first manifest material I 250
flame of, endless I 85n
by friction explained in Vedas I 523
gandharva forces of solar I 523n
genii of, are Kabiri-Titans II 363
giving knowledge of future I 339
God is a living, (Acts) I 121
god of II 236n
gods discussed I 340-1
higher self in Anugita II 638 &n
Holy Ghost as, [Acts] I 402
hydrogen is "fire, air, & water" II 105
initiation trials of II 566n
is all the deities I 101; II 567
Isis & Osiris or water & II 583
kabbalistic works on I 339
Karttikeya born fr water & II 550
least understood of elements I 120-2
life, heart, pulse of universe I 216
light, flame &, in Stanzas I 81-2 &n
living magnetic I 338 &n; II 311n
living spiritual, & man II 79, 102
lotus product of, & water I 57, 379n
male generative principle I 57
marriage of, & water I 341
Melhas or, -gods II 34
Mithra, Mithras, & II 130
never discovered II 523-4
one element or I 101
origin of, (Plato) II 373
origin of, first round I 259
people born of water & I 439n; II 605
pillar of, (Exodus) I 338n, 437
primordial, not physical I 69-70
progeny of electricity I 81-2
Prometheus & II 520, 523-4
pure akasa I 253
pure spirit of, in Sun I 493
purifies manas II 639
pyramid derived fr II 594
related to sight, etc II 107
Rosicrucians defined, correctly I 121
Rudra god of II 280n
sacred II 77, 80, 101n, 171, 363, 759
St Mark, lion &, (table) II 114
science does not explain I 121, 141-2, 521
sevenfold, manifested I 87
solar II 105
sons of, (agni-putra) II 363
spirit of, fructifies I 379
spiritual II 79, 105, 109
suchi or solar II 57n, 102, 105
swallowed by air (pralaya) I 372-3
symbolizes divine spirit II 113
third race could live in II 220
thunder, Jove, Agni or I 462
triple, invisible I 87
triple, of central spiritual sun I 87
universe fr air, water & I 92 &n
Vaisvanara is living magnetic II 311n
various names of II 114
vital II 267
water &, or Mother & Father I 70
water &, produced matter II 65
worshipers II 361
Yazatas II 400n

SD INDEX Fire (of Mind). See also Lucifer, Prometheus

-angels & divine rebels II 243, 246
black, of Zohar (wisdom) II 162
of the celestial gods II 210
creative II 101, 270, 414
first two races had no II 107, 113
higher self or II 109
holy, or Kabiri II 3
of passions II 99, 105
producer II 244
Promethean, became a curse II 412-13
Promethean, not physical II 523-4
-self or light of initiation II 570
seven circles of, (Pymander) II 103, 232, 275n, 448
spiritual, of middle principle II 79

SD INDEX Fire Atoms. See also Life-Atoms

become life-germs I 259

SD INDEX Fire Devas, divine rebels II 246

SD INDEX Fire Dhyanis

essence of man II 90-2
incarnate in third race II 91

SD INDEX Fire Mist. See also Pavaka

arhats of the I 207
ball of, becomes planet II 153
breath of fire I 83
after chaotic stage I 453
"Devourers" & I 259
primitive chaos luminous I 599
primordial, & elements I 201, 543
sons of the I 86, 207, 271n; II 212, 319
various names for I 140

TG Fire-Philosophers. The name given to the Hermetists and Alchemists of the Middle Ages, and also to the Rosicrucians. The latter, the successors of the Theurgists, regarded fire as the symbol of Deity. It was the source, not only of material atoms, but the container of the spiritual and psychic Forces energizing them. Broadly analyzed, fire is a triple principle; esoterically, a septenary, as are all the rest of the Elements. As man is composed of Spirit, Soul and Body, plus a fourfold aspect: so is Fire. As in the works of Robert Fludd (de Fluctibus) one of the famous Rosicrucians, Fire contains (1) a visible flame (Body); (2) an invisible, astral fire (Soul); and (3) Spirit. The four aspects are heat (life), light (mind), electricity (Kamic, or molecular powers) and the Synthetic Essence, beyond Spirit, or the radical cause of its existence and manifestation. For the Hermetist or Rosicrucian, when a flame is extinct on the objective plane it has only passed from the seen world unto the unseen, from the knowable into the unknowable.

KT Fire-Philosophers. The name given to the Hermetists and Alchemists of the Middle Ages, and also to the Rosicrucians. The latter, the successors of Theurgists, regarded fire as the symbol of Deity. It was the source, not only of material atoms, but the container of the Spiritual and Psychic Forces energising them. Broadly analysed, Fire is a triple principle; esoterically, a septenary, as are all the rest of the elements. As man is composed of Spirit, Soul, and Body, plus a four-fold aspect; so is Fire. As in the works of Robert Flood (de Fluctibus), one of the famous Rosicrucians, fire contains -- Firstly, a visible flame (body); secondly, an invisible, astral fire (soul); and thirdly, spirit. The four aspects are (a) heat (life), (b) light (mind), (c) electricity (Kamic or molecular powers, and (d) the synthetic essences, beyond spirit, or the radical cause of its existence and manifestation. For the Hermetist or Rosicrucian, when a flame is extinct on the objective plane, it has only passed from the seen world into the unseen; from the knowable into the unknowable.

SD INDEX Fires. See also Fire, Flames, Forty-nine Fires

alchemy & secret of II 106
Earth product of three II 247
forty-nine I 291, 439n, 520-1; II 57 &n, 85, 362, 521, 564
Narada one of the II 83
personified in Vayu Purana I 521
represent spirit or male element II 64
sacred, or Kabiri, Kumaras II 106
seven & forty-nine I 291, 411; II 57 &n, 362-3, 564
three, seven, or forty-nine II 247, 363
Titans-Kabiri sacred divine II 363

SD INDEX Fire-Self

an ever-living power II 570
one w universal Spirit II 638 &n

TG Fifty Gates of Wisdom (Heb.). The number is a blind, and there are really 49 gates, for Moses, than whom the Jewish world has no higher adept, reached, according to the Kabbalas, and passed only the 49th. These "gates" typify the different planes of Being or Ens. 'They are thus the "gates" of Life and the "gates" of understanding or degrees of occult knowledge. These 49 (or 50) gates correspond to the seven gates in the seven caves of Initiation into the Mysteries of Mithra (see Celsus and Kircher). The division of the 50 gates into five chief gates, each including ten -- is again a blind. It is in the fourth gate of these five, from which begins, ending at the tenth, the world of Planets, thus making seven, corresponding to the seven lower Sephiroth -- that the key to their meaning lies hidden. They are also called the "gates of Binah" or understanding.

SD INDEX First-born I 216, 399, 559

Ahura Mazda as II 488
ancients had no name for I 383
become asuras II 283
begin each manvantara II 80
fr chaos & primordial light I 344
gods, protogonoi II 43, 490n
heaven's II 224
host of builders is I 344
logoi or II 93
number for I 89, 91
Ormazd as the I 113n
primitive or first man I 264
"privations" of Aristotle II 489
refused to create II 82, 239, 489
various names for I 344

SD INDEX First Cause. See also Absolute, Unknowable

Eternal Cause not I 391 &n
gods proceed fr II 108
Logos & I 14-15n, 426
Naudin's theory of II 119-20
not Parabrahman I 14 &n; II 108
Plato's, eternal Idea I 214
point, monad or I 426
Pratt on, & Space I 9n, 342 &n
Space container of unknown I 342
Western speculation on I 327

SD INDEX First Logos. See also Avalokitesvara, Logos, Second Logos, Third Logos, Verbum, Word

Adi-buddhic monad manifests as I 571
Aeon, Aion or I 351
concealed deity & I 437
heavenly man is not II 599
Kwan-shi-yin I 452
Microprosopus is not I 215 &n
names of I 351-2
One, & mulaprakriti I 273-4
Parabrahman unknown to I 429
pasyanti form of Vach I 138, 432
ray of, uses Adam Kadmon I 214
Second &, two Avalokitesvaras I 72n
sexless II 128
sleeps in bosom of Parabrahman I 429
unborn, eternal energy I 130n
unmanifested "First Cause" I 16
Verbum or I 137, 428
Vishnu, Brahma Second Logos I 381n

TG First Point. Metaphysically the first point of manifestation, the germ of primeval differentiation, or the point in the infinite Circle "whose centre is everywhere, and circumference nowhere". The Point is the LOGOS.

SD INDEX First Principles. See Spencer, H.

SD INDEX First Race. See Root-Race -- First

SD INDEX First Round. See Round -- First

SD INDEX Fish, Fishes. See also Dag, Matsya, Oannes, Pisces

amphibians evolved fr II 256-7
androgynous forms found in II 118
atrophied third eye in some II 296
avatara of Vishnu I 263-4, 369, 385; II 69n, 139, 307, 578
Bacchus called the II 313
bisexual before mammals II 594n
Dag-on was a, & messiah I 653
divine meaning of, is savior II 313
dogs w tails of, (Chaldean) II 54
Ea (wisdom) or sublime II 495n
forms of, fr third round II 257, 712
giant II 201
Hea (Chaldean) the intelligent II 26n
human foetus & II 684-5 &nn
"I am the, of the great Horus" I 220
Jesus & followers called II 313 &n
Joshua son of the I 264
man-, (Chaldean) I 264; II 54, 495n
materialists compared to II 370
Meenam (Mina) zodiacal sign I 385
men w, -bodies II 63
Messiah connected w I 385
most, preceded man in fourth round II 594n
Mother-, or fiery, & spawn I 97
septenary cycle among II 622
sin, Moon & I 238, 263-4
Southern, in zodiac I 663
symbol in both Testaments I 264
theological meaning of, phallic II 313
Triton a man- II 578
Vaivasvata &, avatara I 369; II 139
Zohar allegory of I 393-4

SD INDEX Fiske, John

----- [Darwinism, & Other Essays]
defense of Darwinism II 680
----- Myths & Myth-Makers
Lyell differed w, re myths II 787
myths uncivilized, not profound II 786
----- Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy
glacial epoch II 778-9n

SD INDEX Fission, cell division, nucleus splits II 166 &n

SD INDEX Five. See also Pentagon, Quinary

becomes seven (nirvana) II 580
binary & ternary I 384; II 575-6
-fold nature of kumaras II 585
kumaras described II 577-8
Makara & II 576-80
strides of Fohat I 122
symbol explained I 391; II 575-80, 583
symb of life eternal & terrestrial II 579
symbol of womb I 391
three, seven, &, in Masonry I 113n

SD INDEX Five Ministers of Chozzar (Gnos)

androgyne II 577
sixth & seventh kept secret II 578

SD INDEX Five-pointed Star II 464. See also Pentacle

microcosmic, or man I 219; II 576 &n
reversed, symbol of kali-yuga I 5

SD INDEX Five Years of Theosophy I 530n; II 673n

adepts on nebular theory I 590, 593-4
atoms drawn back to us II 672 &n
cometary matter different I 142, 597
consciousness II 598
on constitution of Sun I 528 &n
dual meaning of Vedas I 270n
Egyptians, Atlanteans, etc II 436
"Elixir of Life" & initiates II 499
Greeks vs Atlanteans II 743n
Kalapa I 378n
on kingdoms I 176-7
kriyasakti II 173 &n
land bridges to South America II 327
Makara II 576-80
metempsychosis I 455
prajna I 139
primary prakriti is akasa I 256
septenary man I 157-8
six primary nature forces I 292-3
Sun has all the elements I 583
thread doctrine I 610

SD INDEX Fizeau, estimates Sun's heat I 484n

SD INDEX F. J. B. (in Athenaeum), on meaning of term "species" II 647n

MO Fjolsvinn [[Norse]] (fyeul-svinn) [fjol very + svinn wise] Odin as instructor and initiator

TG Flagae (Herm.). A name given by Paracelsus to a particular kind of guardian angels or genii.

WG Flagae (Latin), a name given by Paracelsus to one of the higher groups of Dhyan Chohans.

SD INDEX Flagae of Paracelsus, dhyanis or I 222n

TG Flame (Holy). The "Holy Flame" is the name given by the Eastern Asiatic Kabbalists (Semites) to the Anima Mundi, the "world soul". The Initiates were called the "Sons of the Holy Flame".

SD INDEX Flame(s)

agnishvattas or II 79
Ahriman surrounded by II 516
assist Christian creator I 440
battle of the I 202
Book of Concealed Mystery re II 83
born of Universal Mind II 232
on descent becomes whirlwind I 97-8n
divine or Fiery Lions I 213
dropped spark into Australians II 318
fr a fire, endless I 85n
fire reflection of the One I 121
hierarchy of spirits I 86; II 63-4
identical w devas, rishis, etc II 85
incarnate in third race II 247-8
Kali the black I 443
land on Earth II 232
light, fire &, in Stanzas I 81-2, 599n
listed II 247-8
lords of, refused to create II 77
man needs four & three fires II 57 &n
Melha lord of II 63
physical light & I 259n
primordial I 88
progeny of electricity I 81-2
pure, self-conscious angels II 318n
rays of the one dark II 234
root that never dies I 34
solar, are reflections I 530
sons of the II 282
spark is the vehicle of I 265
spark will rebecome the I 265
spirit of I 458n
three-tongued, & four wicks I 237 &n
in Zend Avesta II 516

SD INDEX Flamma [alchemy]

-Durissima, -Virgo (chart) II 114-15
sulphur, spiritus & II 113

SD INDEX Flammarion, Camille

----- La Pluralite des mondes habites
Jupiter not molten II 135-6, 707
life on other worlds I 606n; II 45, 699, 701
many judge other worlds by ours II 702-3


magic properties of II 341
psychic natures enshrined in I 608n, 609


in Miocene II 675, 678, 688n, 723 &n, 738n, 740n, 748n, 755
scientists disagree re II 751-2 &n

SD INDEX Flood(s) I 389, 397n; II 150. See also Cataclysm, Deluge, Noah

Atlanteans divined coming of II 429, 610
Atlantis nearly wiped out by II 309, 350
Babylonian & Mosaic II 222
of Deukalion II 519
first, at end of satya-yuga II 146
first cosmic, was creation II 139
first, in Aryan memory II 332
great, allegorical & cosmic II 146, 307-10
Great, is Old Dragon II 352-3, 786
great, of third race II 331
great sidereal, & Vaivasvata II 310, 313
Jupiter reanimates race after II 270
M'bul or waters of the I 385
Mulil caused waters of, to fall II 139n
of the Nile II 353
no, 3102 BC I 370
Noah's I 370, 444n
Noah's, not Central Asian II 141
occult science survived great I 341
second, of fourth race II 146
Vaivasvata saved race fr II 309-10
various II 141-8, 222, 353
Zoroastrian II 356

SD INDEX Flora, Floral II 741

Australian Oolitic II 196-7
changes periodically II 53
evidence & Atlantis II 726-7, 781, 783, 790
men, animals &, once huge II 276, 733-4
similarity betw Old & New Worlds II 792

SD INDEX Flora Tertiaria Helvetiae. See Heer, O.

SD INDEX Florence, built on Etruscan cities II 221

SD INDEX Florida, built out by corals (Agassiz) II 133

SD INDEX Florilegium. See Stobaeus, G.

SD INDEX Flower, Sir Wm. H. II 196n

----- "Classification of the Various . . ."
three human types today II 471n
----- "The Study & Prog of Anthropology"
monogenistic origin of man II 169

TG Fludd (Robert), generally known as Robertus de Fluctibus, the chief of the "Philosophers by Fire". A celebrated English Hermetist of the sixteenth century, and a voluminous writer. He wrote on the essence of gold and other mystic and occult subjects.

SD INDEX Fludd, Robert, Tractatus apologeticus . . ., Light & Darkness identical I 70


Fohat as universal vital I 493
primitive, of Kant I 623
theory of electricity I 508, 516
theory of heat discussed I 515-17

SD INDEX Flute of Pan, symbology of II 581

TG Fluvii Transitus (Lat.). Or crossing of the River (Chebar). Cornelius Agrippa gives this alphabet. In the Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Vol. III., part 2, 1890, which work is the Report of the proceedings of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Freemasons, No. 2076, will be found copies of this alphabet, and also the curious old letters called Melachim, and the Celestial alphabet, supplied by W. Wynn Westcott, P.M. This Lodge seems to be the only one in England which really does study "the hidden mysteries of Nature and Science" in earnest.


camel II 205
dragons II 387, 676
fiery serpents II 206 &n
Fo-ch'ou (Chinese)
teacher, miracle maker II 215 &n

MO Flyting [Eng. dial.] Dispute in verse, personal abuse

SD INDEX Foetus (Fetus). See also Embryo, Recapitulation of Embryo

changes of, & rounds I 184; II 257, 684-5
conception of, mystery II 174
cycles of human I 389
developed fr what? I 222
digestion in II 131
gill-clefts in human, expl II 684-5
growth of, fr germ to man I 222-4; II 177, 187-8
& oviparous early third root-race II 132
tail in human, described II 685
vegetable phases of II 685n

TG Fohat (Tib.). A term used to represent the active (male) potency of the Sakti (female reproductive power) in nature. The essence of cosmic electricity. An occult Tibetan term for Daiviprakriti, primordial light: and in the universe of manifestation the ever-present electrical energy and ceaseless destructive and formative power. Esoterically, it is the same, Fohat being the universal propelling Vital Force, at once the propeller and the resultant.

FY Fohat, Tibetan for Sakti; cosmic force or energising power of the universe.

WG Fohat (Thibetan), force; force in its highest aspect, -- that which gives differentiation and life to cosmic matter.

OG Fohat -- An extremely mystical term used in the occultism of Tibet for what in Sanskrit is called daiviprakriti, which means "divine nature" or "primordial nature," and which also can be called "primordial light." In one sense of the word fohat may be considered as almost identical with the old mystical Greek eros, but fohat as a technical term contains within itself a far wider range of ideas than does the Greek term.

Fohat may be considered as the essence of kosmic electricity, provided, however, that in this definition we endow the term electricity with the attribute of consciousness; or, to put it more accurately, provided that we understand that the essence of electricity is indeed consciousness. It is ever-present and active from the primordial beginnings of a manvantara to its last end, nor does it then actually pass out of existence, but becomes quiescent or latent as it were, sleeping or dormant during the kosmic pralaya. In one sense of the word it may be called kosmic will, for the analogy with the conscious will in human beings is exceedingly close. It is the incessantly active, ever-moving, impelling or urging force in nature, from the beginning of the evolution of a universe or of a solar system to its end.

H. P. Blavatsky, quoting one of the ancient mystically occult works, says in substance: "Fohat is the steed and thought is the rider." If, however, we liken fohat to what the conscious will is in the human being, we must then think only of the lower or substantial parts -- the pranic activities -- of the human will, for behind the substantial parts stands always the directing and guiding consciousness. Fohat being incessantly active is therefore both formative and destructive, because it is through the ceaseless working of fohat that unending change continues -- the passing of one phase of manifested existence to another phase, whether this manifested existence be a solar system or a planetary chain or a globe or human being or, indeed, any entity.

Fohat is as active among the electrons of an atom and among the atoms themselves as it is among the suns. In one sense it may be called the vital force of the universe, corresponding from this viewpoint to the pranic activity on all the seven planes of the human constitution.

SKv Fohat 'Cosmic Life or Vitality'; a mystical Tibetan term which is often used interchangeably with Daiviprakriti in some of its varying energies and functions. H. P. Blavatsky calls it "the essence of cosmic electricity." Fohat has also been called Buddha-life because Fohat as the Cosmic Prana or life-principle, builds the Universe when inspired by the Cosmic Buddhi, or divine intelligence. Occult works say: "Fohat is the steed and thought is the rider."

MO Fohat [Tib.] Electromagnetic radiation

IN Fohat (Turanian compound, fr Mongolian pho, fo, "buddha, buddhi") The cause or essence of cosmic vitality or electricity, divine ideative energy of the universe.

SD INDEX Fohat ("Turanian compound") II 586

abodes of I 204
androgynous energy I 137
"Ares" of Paracelsus I 284
asleep & awake I 109
Aurora Borealis, Australis & I 205
awakens primordial matter I 82, 110
axial changes guided by II 329-30
breath of I 635
bridge betw spirit & matter I 16
brings ray in union w soul I 119
circular motion & I 201
cosmic electricity I 76, 85, 111-12, 144-5, 493, 554
cosmic energy I 328
described I 16, 76, 109-12, 204-5, 328; II 400n
differentiated light I 216
divine love, Eros or I 119; II 65
double triangle & I 216
emanation of powers behind I 139
evolution guided by II 649n
fiery whirlwind I 108
force accompanying ideation I 110-11
fourth son of, & Crookes I 562
genesis, birth of I 145, 328
guided by universal intelligence I 493; II 330
guides star's death, rebirth I 147
hardens the atoms I 85
hissing, or serpent I 76
impresses thought on substance I 16, 85; II 649n
instrument of Logos I 137n
key to symbols, allegories I 673
life-electricity I 137, 139; II 65
life fr action of I 526n
Light of the Logos I 137, 602 &n; II 400n
lords propelled by II 86
male-female, bipolar I 145
manifested & unmanifested I 109-10
as many as there are worlds I 143n
not a personal god I 139
objectivizes seven centers of energy II 604n
Pramati son of II 413-14n
prana, male, active I 525n
produces seven laya-centers I 147-8
rich w dhyani-chohanic thought II 649n
runs the manus' errands I 63
scientists not asked to accept I 590
separates & places sparks I 116
separates matter into atoms I 76
sets nebulae in motion I 84
sets world germs in motion I 672
sevenfold I 139, 145, 554
seven sons, brothers of I 145, 204-5, 216, 523-4, 554
shapes atoms fr crude material I 112
solar energy I 111
steed, thought the rider I 107-8
swastika emblem of II 587
synthesis of nature's forces I 672
thread of, & the Spark I 238
three & five strides of I 112, 122
Toum &, identic I 674
turns seed, curds opposite direction I 673
vehicle of Primordial Seven I 108

SD INDEX Fohi (Chin) Heavenly Man

biblical patriarch (Bailly) I 648
men of II 26-7
trigrams of II 554

SD INDEX Foh-maeyu [Fo mai-yu] (Chin), temple of Buddha II 215

TG Foh-tchou (Chin.). Lit., "Buddha's Lord", meaning, however, simply the teacher of the doctrines of Buddha. Foh means a Guru who lives generally in a temple of Sakyamuni Buddha -- the Foh-Maeyu.

SD INDEX Foh-tchou. See Fo-ch'ou

SD INDEX Foix, Franccois de

----- Le Pimandre de Mercure . . .
disfigures Pymander II 114, 491 &n
man, animals double-sexed II 96 &n
man's seven principles II 491-2

SD INDEX Fo-kien, sacred library in I 271n

SD INDEX Fo-kone-ky. See Fa-Hien

SD INDEX Folklore(s). See also Allegory, Legends, Myths

based on fact II 393
historical lining to all I 303
similarities among II 393

IN Fons et origo (Lat) Source and origin.

TG Fons Vitae (Lat.). A work of Ibn Gebirol, the Arabian Jewish philosopher of the XIth century, who called it Me-gor Hayyun or the "Fountain of Life" (De Materia Universali and Fons Vitae). The Western Kabbalists have proclaimed it a really Kabbalistic work. Several MSS., Latin and Hebrew, of this wonderful production have been discovered by scholars in public libraries; among others one by Munk, in 1802. The Latin name of Ibn Gebirol was Avicebron, a name well-known to all Oriental scholars.

SD INDEX Fontenelle, B. de I 304

SD INDEX Footprints, fossil II 10, 755

SD INDEX Foraminifera, Paleozoic, same today II 257

SD INDEX Forbes [Cotes, Roger] I 492

SD INDEX Force(s). See also Elementals, Energy, Powers

activities of entities I 146, 293
aether source & cause of I 508
akasa necessary to understand I 587
all bodies connected by universal I 511
atoms & molecules centers of I 507
blind, fallacy of II 298, 475-6, 648-53
breath of life, never-dying II 589
Butlerof on I 517-18
centripetal & centrifugal I 282n, 416, 593, 604; II 24, 170, 261
the coming I 554-66
commanding the I 514n
correlation of I 96, 521, 674 &n
correlations of elements & I 373n
cosmic manifestation & II 24-5
cosmic, seen by seer I 633-4
Crookes q on I 550-1
Cuvier doubted nature of I 490
danger of Keely's I 563-4
defined as body in motion I 502n, 518
design in seemingly blindest I 277
effects of the four elements I 342
electric & magnetic, at poles I 205
equilibrium of, (Grove) I 497 &n
ever-acting cause I 93n
first constructive, or builders I 344
generated by Powers I 520
God of religion abstract I 397
gods, called esoterically I 672
imponderable, intelligent I 587, 671n
incorporeal stuff I 508
independent of matter (Hirn) I 512
intelligence of nature's I 279, 287, 425, 499, 587, 604
intracosmic intelligent, & God I 529
Keely's "New" I 565-6
known, worshiped by ancients I 509
ladder of I 554
latent in laya I 140, 155
laya noumenon of I 148
life rules, (de Quatrefages) I 540
little understood I 424
male & female II 84
manifestation & two contrary I 282
manifested unknown realities I 509
matter & I 111n, 491, 511-12, 518
-matter-chance trinity of science I 505
matter-god of science I 509-10
"modes of motion" I 146-7, 671n
molecular energy or I 670
monadless spiritual I 632
motion &, not separate I 512
motion of I 517-18
motor-, Le Couturier on I 502
moving matter I 554
of nature aspects of univ motion I 147
Newton's doubts re nature of I 490
not a property of matter I 491
occult, of cardinal points I 122-3
ONE, of Genesis I 337
originate in solar vital principle I 591
perceivable states of matter I 143n
phlogiston & substance of I 511-12
physical, vehicles of elements I 469-70
psychic & spiritual, origin of I 515n
pure, nothing in physics I 510
a quality of something I 509
resides in atom I 511-12
sakti as six-fold I 292-3
same, each manvantara I 145
secondary agents (Jaumes) I 506
semi-intelligent I 514n
septenary I 290; II 492, 612, 621n, 631, 732
space, matter &, (Pratt) I 615
spirit, matter & I 341; II 103
spirit or demon behind every I 633
spiritual entities (Pythagoras) I 492-3
spring fr upadhi of ether I 515n
Stallo on mass & I 510-11
Subba Row on I 292-3
substance of some kind I 511, 514
-substance-time a trinity I 582-3

SD INDEX Force and Matter. See Buchner, L.

SD INDEX Forces non definies, Les. See Rochas d'Aiglun


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SD INDEX Forest, symbol of man's life II 637

SD INDEX Forethought, fr , Prometheus II 413n, 420n

SD INDEX [Forlong, General J. G. R.], Rivers of Life, degrades tree & serpent worship I 405

SD INDEX Form(s) I 480. See also Ideas, Prototypes, Rupas

adept's power to change his II 705n
all, exist in prototype I 281-2
all primordial, spheroids I 65
change each round, race II 262
drop of water spheroidal I 98n
of early races II 17-18, 102, 109, 121, 164-7
fifth race first symmetrical II 294
Heavenly Man model for all I 89, 183
human, change least II 256
life precedes & survives I 222
man passes thru all, in first round I 159
no, without astral prototype I 282 &n; II 660
previous human, not lower II 260
record of, in strata meager II 260
rounds, races &, (Figaniere) II 289n
secondary consideration II 262
septenary groups of II 593, 622
spirit evolves, out of aether I 332
thrown off fr man during third, fourth rounds I 683, 685
universal deity & I 492-3n

MO Forsete [[Norse]] (for-set-eh) An Ase: justice, karma

SD INDEX Fortnightly Review, Grant Allen on Neanderthal skull II 687

SD INDEX Fortunate Islands, origin of life on II 398

SD INDEX Forty-nine Fires, Globes, Races, Stages

Commentary on I 290-1
every one of, a distinct function I 521
explained I 520-1; II 57 &n, 564
in Leviticus II 618, 747-8
seven &, in India I 411; II 611
seven &, worshiped II 362

SD INDEX Forty-nine Stations, for Earth monad each manvantara I 238

SD INDEX Fossil(s). See also Giants, Mammals, Reptiles

absence of transitional, (Mivart) II 697
ancients knew of early race II 285
astral, fr third round II 68n, 684
Atlantean II 740, 753, 791-2
earliest known II 254
of Eocene man predicted II 690
European, cannot prove man's antiquity II 725
few, fr earlier rounds II 730
first two races left no II 289
of flying camel or pterodactyl II 205-6
geologic displacement of, (Winchell) II 325n
geologic, record imperfect II 260
of giants II 277, 285
of man & ape II 675-80
of monkeys in Miocene II 723n
no, missing links II 260, 660-1, 674, 681 &n
Oolitic (Jurassic), & Australia II 196-7
of Paleolithic man II 686n
Swiss cattle fr, -oxen II 287
why no giant human, in dolmens II 753

SD INDEX Foster, Sir Michael, Textbook of Physiology, development of embryo II 131-2

SD INDEX Foucault, J. B. L. on heat I 502

SD INDEX Fou-kone-ki. See Fa-hien

SD INDEX Fountain of Life

Earth's, described II 400n
in Fortunate Islands II 398

SD INDEX Four. See also Cardinal Points, Maharajas, Quaternary, Yugas

becomes symbol of truth as cube II 600
Chinese dragons, genii I 408
female or matter I 36; II 592
forms of Vach I 138, 432
grades of initiation I 206
holy, sacred I 92, 98, 99, 442
Key-Keeper of nature II 600-1
kumaras sacrificed themselves II 281-2
lords full of passion II 212
lower principles or soulless animal II 604
Maharajas I 122-8, 408
man's elements & II 604
mean betw monad & heptad II 599
-mouthed Dragon-lake II 204
planes of manifestation I 200
rivers of Eden I 367
sons of God (Egyptian) II 213
soul contains number II 575
streams of milk, etc I 367
symbol of chaotic matter II 600n
Tetraktys, sacred square or I 89n
three &, male, female I 321
three & three &, or ten II 564
truths of seven given so far I 42
united w three became perfect II 601

TG Four Animals. The symbolical animals of the vision of Ezekiel (the Mercabah). "With the first Christians the celebration of the Mysteries of the Faith was accompanied by the burning of seven lights, with incense, the Trishagion, and the reading of the book of the gospels, upon which was wrought, both on covers and pages, the winged man, lion, bull, and eagle" (Qabbalah, by Isaac Myer, LL.B.). To this day these animals are represented along with the four Evangelists and prefixing their respective gospels in the editions of the Greek Church. Each represents one of the four lower classes of worlds or planes, into the similitude of which each personality is cast. Thus the Eagle (associated with St. John) represents cosmic Spirit or Ether, the all-piercing Eye of the Seer; the Bull of St. Luke, the waters of Life, the all-generating element and cosmic strength; the Lion of St. Mark, fierce energy, undaunted courage and cosmic fire; while the human Head or the Angel, which stands near St. Matthew is the synthesis of all three combined in the higher Intellect of man, and in cosmic Spirituality. All these symbols are Egyptian, Chaldean, and Indian. The Eagle, Bull and Lion-headed gods are plentiful, and all represented the same idea, whether in the Egyptian, Chaldean, Indian or Jewish religions, but beginning with the Astral body they went no higher than the cosmic Spirit or the Higher Manas -- Atma-Buddhi, or Absolute Spirit and Spiritual Soul its vehicle, being incapable of being symbolised by concrete images.

SD INDEX Four, the Sacred

allegorized in Linga Purana II 282
four-lettered ineffable name II 282n
remain to serve mankind II 281-2
Tetraktys, Self-Existent One or I 88

SD INDEX Four Circles

equator, ecliptic, two tropics I 204
Fohat's four sons placed in I 204-5

SD INDEX Fourmont, Etienne, Reflexions . . .,Genesis 4 not understood II 375

SD INDEX Four Quarters

each of, w seven parts I 408
four Maharajas preside over I 122
lipikas guardians of I 103-4 &n

SD INDEX Fourteen Precious Things I 67 &n


of any series unique I 182-3, 586n
dimension of space discussed I 251-2 &n
number the turning point I 586n

SD INDEX Fourth Gospel. See John, Gospel of

SD INDEX Fourth Race. See Root-Race -- Fourth

SD INDEX Fourth Round. See Round -- Fourth

SD INDEX Four Truths

nidanas based on the I 39
teachings on the, secret I 45

SD INDEX Four Winds, carry out karma I 123

SD INDEX Fox, can mate w dog II 287

SD INDEX Fradadhafshu (Avestic, Tradadhafshu in tx), globe C of Earth chain II 759

SD INDEX Fragment K 3454 (British Museum), on Chaldean god Zu II 283-4n

SD INDEX Fragments. See Cory, I. P.,Ancient Fragments . . .

SD INDEX Fragments d'une histoire de la terre . . .See Rougemont, F. de


field of giants in II 277
land connection w Britain II 750
nearing a catastrophe I 646
once joined w Newfoundland II 791
Paleolithic man in II 523, 686
rocking stones in II 342n

SD INDEX Franck, Adolphe D.

----- La Kabbale
Ayin, Ain-soph, No-Thing I 350
Dabar or Word I 350
modern Kabbala fragmentary II 461
"narratives of the Doctrine" II 447
race that was destroyed II 2
two thaumaturgists I xliiin

SD INDEX Francoeur, L. B.

----- Philosophie naturelle
attraction alone not enough I 529
----- Uranographie
combining attraction, repulsion I 529

SD INDEX Franccois de Tours. See Foix, Franccois de

SD INDEX Frankenstein I 594

mechanical animal of sorcerers II 427n
without mind man less than II 56
Mrs Shelley's, explained II 349
physical-chemical evolution a II 652

TG Fravasham (Zend.). Absolute spirit.

FY Fravashem, absolute spirit.

SD INDEX Fravashi (Avestan, Farvarshi in tx)

divine impersonality of II 478
ferouer or II 478-9
immortal man, higher ego II 480n
privations, ideal types II 489
"soul" of all creations II 480

SD INDEX Freedom

instinct in all creatures II 484
intellectual, & sons of Mahat II 103

SD INDEX Freemasonry. See Masonry

SD INDEX Free-Will I 639; II 304n, 412

Prometheus preferred II 420-1

MO Freke [[Norse]] (fray-keh) [gluttony] One of Odin's wolfhounds

SD INDEX French Encyclopaedia. SeeEncyclopedie

SD INDEX [Freret, Nicolas], on Chinese year II 621

SD INDEX Fresnel, Augustin-Jean

held ether to be discontinuous I 482
phenomena of polarization I 486

SD INDEX Freund, Dr Wilhelm, Latin Lexicon [Worterbuch . . .], Sodales, priest colleges II 212n

MO Frey [[Norse]] (fray) An Ase: planetary spirit of earth; valor

TG Freya or Frigga (Scand.). In the Edda, Frigga is the mother of the gods like Aditi in the Vedas. She is identical with the Northern Frea of the Germans, and in her lowest aspect was worshipped as the all-nourishing Mother Earth. She was seated on her golden throne, formed of webs of golden light, with three divine virgins as her handmaidens and messengers, and was occupied with spinning golden threads with which to reward good men. She is Isis and Diana at the same time, for she is also Holda, the mighty huntress, and she is Ceres-Demeter, who protects agriculture -- the moon and nature.

MO Freya [[Norse]] (fray-a) An Asynja: planetary spirit of Venus, protectress of humanity

SD INDEX Friday, Venus day I 652

MO Frigga [[Norse]] [AS frigu love] An Asynja: Odin's consort

MO Frode [[Norse]] (froo-deh) [frodr wise] A legendary king

MO Frodefrid [[Norse]] (froo-deh-freed) [frodr wise + frid peace] Age of peace and wisdom: the golden age

SD INDEX Frog(s)

air-water symbol I 358
church lamps shaped like I 386
Egyptian symbol I 385-6
in the Moon creative god symbol I 355

TG Frost Giants or Hrimthurses (Scand.). They are the great builders, the Cyclopes and Titans of the Norsemen, and play a prominent part in the Edda. It is they who build the strong wall round Asgard (the Scandinavian Olympus) to protect it from the Jotuns, the wicked giants.

MO Frost Giant [[Norse]] Age of non-life between active lives of a cosmos

SD INDEX Frost Giants. See Hrimthurses

SD INDEX Fruit (of Tree of Knowledge)

Adam, Eve warned against II 267
church fathers made, forbidden II 98
eating, brought on struggle II 272
eating, man becomes like elohim I 276
soma is the II 499n
of tree (various) II 97-8

SD INDEX Fruits, brought fr higher spheres II 373-4

SD INDEX "Fuel of the Sun." See Williams, M. M.

SD INDEX Fuerst. See Furst, J.

SD INDEX Fuga et Inventione, De. See Philo Judaeus

SD INDEX Fundamental Conceptions. See Strachoff, N.

SD INDEX Fundamental Propositions, Three I 14-20

SD INDEX Fundamento Sapientiae, De. See Paracelsus

SD INDEX Funerary Ritual of the Egyptians. See Rouge

SD INDEX Furst, Julius

----- Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon
Cain, Vulcain II 392-3n
crucifixion & nailing II 558
Yaho, IAO II 541

SD INDEX Fusaiolos (terra-cotta discs), swastika on, at Troy II 101


adept may read I 631
giants read, in stars (Creuzer) II 285
of individuals & magic mirror II 179
past &, alive in present I 105
past, present & I 37, 43-4; II 446
predicted on math principles I 646

TG Fylfot (Scand.). A weapon of Thor, like the Swastika, or the Jaina, the four-footed cross; generally called "Thor's Hammer".

SD INDEX Fylfot (Norse swastika), four-footed cross, II 546