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List of Title Abbreviations (in alphabetical order)

SD INDEX Ti, China's demon who fell II 486

TG Tia-Huanaco (Peruv.). Most magnificent ruins of a pre-historic city in Peru.

SD INDEX Tiahuanaco, ruins of II 317, 337

TG Tiamat (Chald.). A female dragon personifying the ocean; the "great mother" or the living principle of chaos. Tiamat wanted to swallow Bel, but Bel sent a wind which entered her open mouth and killed Tiamat.

SD INDEX Tiamat (Bab) sea dragon

Binah, Elohim, Thalatth I 394
chaos, sea, mother I 357
Ea disfigured into II 53, 61, 477, 503
female power I 394
female, womb II 104
slain by Merodach II 53, 503
spirit of chaos, Abyss II 104, 384
struggle of Bel w II 477
war betw gods & II 384

TG Tiaou (Eg.). A kind of Devachanic post mortem state.

SD INDEX Tiaou (Egy) [infernal region], conception, Osiris, Moon & I 227-8

SD INDEX Tibet, Tibetan(s). See also Dalai Lamas, Tashi Lamas

ancient civilizations in I xxxii
Buddhism declined in I xxi
Chenresi protector of II 178
dorjesempa, mahatma, etc I 52 &n
esoteric schools I xxiii
high tablelands once submerged II 608-9
Kwan-yin patron deity of I 72, 471
Lhassa, derivation of II 63
Little, or Baltistan II 204, 416n
meaning of Dalai Lama II 502n
Od of von Reichenbach a, word I 76n
Russian mystics traveled to I xxxvi
sea in Lemurian times II 324
seat of occult learning I 271n
seventh subrace, fourth root-race II 178
square form of tabernacle & I 125
swastikas on hearts of, buddhas II 586
tradition of White Island II 408n
Zampun, mystical tree of II 97

SXa Tibi sunt Malchut [Malkuth] et Geburah [Geburah] et Chassed [Hesedh] per Aeonas II 562 (Lat) "For thine is the Kingdom, the Justice, and the Mercy throughout the Aeons."

SD INDEX Tidal Waves, due to Moon, planets II 699

SD INDEX Tides (al)

axial changes & II 52, 64, 325
effect on Earth life II 595
influence on continents II 325
Moon & the I 180; II 669, 699
physical cause of I 292n

SD INDEX T'ien (Chin) sky

dropped egg (man) into waters I 366
first teacher of astronomy II 766
heaven or I 356

TG Tien-Hoang (Chin.). The twelve hierarchies of Dhyanis.

SD INDEX T'ien-hoang [huang] (Chin)

kings of Heaven II 368
twelve hierarchies of dhyanis II 26-7

TG Tien-Sin (Chin.). Lit., "the heaven of mind", or abstract, subjective, ideal heaven. A metaphysical term applied to the Absolute.

SD INDEX Tien-Sin [T'ien-hsin] (Chin) "Heaven of Mind" I 139

SD INDEX Tierra del Fuego, portion of sunken continent II 789

SD INDEX Ti-hoang [huang] (Chin) kings on Earth II 368

TG Tikkun (Chald.). Manifested Man or Adam Kadmon, the first ray from the manifested Logos.

FY Tikkun, Adam Kadmon, the ray from the Great Centre.

SD INDEX Tikkoun, Tikkun [Tiqqun] (Aram)

firstborn, Protogonos, idea II 25
not yet mirrored in chaos II 704n

KT Timaeus (of Locris). A Pythagorean philosopher, born at Locris. He differed somewhat from his teacher in the doctrine of metempsychosis. He wrote a treatise on the Soul of the World and its nature and essence, which is in the Doric dialect and still extant.

SD INDEX Timaeus. See Plato

SD INDEX Timaeus, Commentary on. See Proclus

SD INDEX Timaeus the Locrian, on Arka II 463n

SD INDEX Timaus, alleged cradle of humanity II 204


On Time by H. P. Blavatsky

WG Time, kala, is divided by the Hindus as follows: 15 nimishas (twinklings of the eye) equal 1 kashta; 30 kashtas equal 1 kala; 30 kalas equal 1 kshana; 12 kshanas equal 1 muhurtta; 30 muhurttas equal 1 day and night.

SD INDEX Time. See also Chronos, Duration, Kala, Kronos

Absolute above space & I 1-2n; II 158
abstraction of deity (Coleridge) I 645
always part of larger increment I 87-8
aspect of Ain-soph I 350
aspect of Brahma I 19
Bain on, & space I 251n
based on number seven I 408
beginning of, in Book of Concealed Mystery I 239
best test of truth (Laing) II 662
boundless circle of I 113-14; II 233, 488, 549
Chium (Egyptian) god of II 390n
described I 36-7, 43-4
duration & I 37, 43-4, 62
eats up works of man (Haggard) II 317n
eternity brought forth II 233
eternity is, whose ends are not known I 354n
evolution of I 407
fire deity presides over I 86
form of Vishnu II 307n
genesis: coming out of eternal into II 24n
Goethe on I 83
good & evil progeny of, & space II 96
Great Bear mother of, (Egyptian) I 227n; II 631
infinite, or Kala I 407
Kronos beyond divided, & space I 418
Kronos or II 142 &nn, 341n, 420
limitless, in eternity & circle I 113
man is the "Eternal Pilgrim" in space & II 728
a Master's words on I 44
measures of, were secret II 396
Moon as cycle of II 464
nature, man &, (Cicero) II 451
never-erring measures of II 621
no, without consciousness I 37, 43-4
Old, of Greeks w scythe I 459
origin of, -periods w ancients I 389 &n
Ormazd firstborn in boundless II 488
perception of, is one of first occupations I 389-90
pitiless devourer of events II 743
prakriti, spirit & I 545
rishis mark, of kali yuga II 550
Rudra-Siva god of II 502n
St Michael a son of, or Kronos I 459
Saturn or II 341n
secondary creation born in & out of I 427
septenary cycles of I 392
serpent symbolizes II 756
Sesha or infinite II 49
seven rishis mark II 549
space &, are one II 612
space &, forms of incognizable Deity II 382n
space &, forms of THAT II 158
space &, infinite, eternal II 154
succession of conscious states I 37, 44
swastika & cycles of II 99
truth the daughter of II 571
Vishnu enters circle of II 549
"was not . . ." I 27, 36-7
will cease at end of seventh round II 565


IU [[Time Periods --]] To complete the list, we will now add that in the course of the following chapters, whenever we use the term Archaic, we mean before the time of Pythagoras; when Ancient, before the time of Mahomet; and when Mediaeval, the period between Mahomet and Martin Luther. It will only be necessary to infringe the rule when from time to time we may have to speak of nations of a pre-Pythagorean antiquity, and will adopt the common custom of calling them "ancient."


SD INDEX Times, The (London)

Max Muller on myth in, (Massey) I 303
review of Laing's Modern Science I 669

SD INDEX Timion (Gk) reflection of Deity (Plato) II 555

SD INDEX Timoor [Timur or Tamerlane] hordes of II 338

MO Ting, Thing [[Norse]] [costly articles, inventory] Parliament

TINGLEY, KATHERINE A. -- Hyperlink to biography and books

TG Tiphereth (Heb.). Beauty; the sixth of the ten Sephiroth, a masculine active potency, corresponding to the Vau, V, of the Tetragrammaton IHVH; also called Melekh or King; and the Son. It is the central Sephira of the six which compose Zauir Anpin, the Microprosopus, or Lesser Countenance. It is translated "Beauty" and "Mildness".

WGa Tiphereth, (Heb.), beauty. The sixth of the ten Sephiroth of the Kabalah. A male potency.

SD INDEX Tiphereth (Heb)

one of the sephiroth I 200
symbol of grand cycle II 214

SD INDEX Tiresias, Greek soothsayer II 381

TG Tirthakas, or Tirthika and Tirthyas (Sk.). "Heretical teachers." An epithet applied by the Buddhist ascetics to the Brahmans and certain Yogis of India.

VS Tirthikas, the unbelievers [[p. 28]] Brahman ascetics.

WG Tirthika, a pilgrim.

SKv Tirthika Tirthika literally means 'one belonging to a tirtha or holy place,' hence 'a worthy and holy man,' a Brahmana. Later when Brahmanism, Jainism, and Buddhism became antagonistic to one another, this word was applied to a follower or leader of a religion or philosophy other than one's own. For instance, the Buddhists called the Jainas, 'Tirthikas,' or ironically 'Brahmanical ascetics,' or 'unbelievers.' The Jainas, in their turn, called the Buddhists 'Tirthikas,' also implying 'infidels,' 'unbelievers.'

TG Tirthankara (Sk.). Jaina saints and chiefs, of which there are twenty-four. It is claimed that one of them was the spiritual Guru of Gautama Buddha. Tirthankara is a synonym of Jaina.

WG Tirthankara, (also Tirthankar), a Jaina term signifying nearly the same as Avatara; a Jaina Arhat. (Literally, "bathing in holy water.")

SD INDEX Tirthankaras (Skt) [Jain adepts], buddhas identical w II 423n

SD INDEX Tirukkanda Panchanga, Tamil calendar for kali-yuga II 50-1 &n, 67-9, 551

SD INDEX Tirvalour [Tiravalur] Brahmans of, & Hindu epoch I 661-2, 666

TG Tiryaksrota (Sk.). From tiryak "crooked", and srotas (digestive) "canal". The name of the "creation" by Brahma of men or beings, whose stomachs were, on account of their erect position as bipeds, in a horizontal position. This is a Puranic invention, absent in Occultism.

SD INDEX Tiryaksrotas (Skt) monsters slain by Lords I 446; II 162

SD INDEX Tiryns (Greece) cyclopean structure at II 345n

SD INDEX Tisalat, Ea disfigured into II 61

TG Tishya (Sk.). The same as Kaliyuga, the Fourth Age.

SD INDEX Tishya (Skt), lunar asterism I 378

SD INDEX Tismat. See Tiamat

SD INDEX Tit. See also Tityus

the Deluge (Faber) II 361

SD INDEX Titaea, Titea, Tythea (Gk)

bosom of Earth II 269
mother of Titans (Diodorus) II 143

SD INDEX Tit-ain, Titan possibly derived fr II 142

TG Titans (Gr.). Giants of divine origin in Greek mythology who made war against the gods. Prometheus was one of them.

SD INDEX Titan(s)

Aletae, Kabiri or II 141-2 &n
anthropological fact II 154
Atlantes called II 360-1
belong to fourth race II 293
biblical giants I 416-18; II 70, 154, 236, 265, 273-4, 390-1, 755, 775
crucified, is Prometheus II 413
daityas or II 501
Danavas or II 183, 501
derived possibly fr Tit-Ain II 142
divine, or Prometheus II 363, 411, 422
dragons of wisdom & II 381
fallen angels, not demons II 516
fell into physical procreation II 766
giants, mentally & physically I 416
giants of ancient days II 154, 236, 775-7
giants of Genesis II 236
giants of Greece II 336
gibborim became II 273-4
Hesiod's I 202, 418; II 63, 269-71 &n, 293, 525, 777n
Kabiri & II 142-3, 360, 363-4, 390
man will rebecome the free II 422
Michael a divine, (de Mirville) I 418
Mt Atlas last form of divine II 493
mutilated Uranos II 766
Noah an Atlantean II 265, 390
one of three dynasties II 369
Orphic, Ephialtes II 70
pi, circle & I 114
Porphyrion the red II 383n
Prometheus rebelled against Zeus II 280n
Puranic, called devils I 415
real men, not mere symbols II 755
rebelled against the gods II 525
rebelled against Zeus II 776
rebellious, were fallen angels II 525n
Rhea mother of II 144, 269
seven divine, or Kabirim II 141
sons of Kronos II 142n
spiritual creators or II 422
Telchines or II 391
theologians link, w devil II 354
third race II 9
Titea mother of, (Diodorus) II 143-4
two types of, in Latin Church I 417-18
various names of I 114
Venus-Lucifer & II 31
War of the I 202; II 63, 269n, 493, 498, 500-1

SD INDEX Titanic Age, close of first, described II 411

SD INDEX Titanidae. See also Titans

heptad, sevenfold (Proclus) I 446

SD INDEX Tit-an-Kabiri, or Manes II 144

SD INDEX Titanosaurus Montanus II 218

TG Titiksha (Sk.). Lit., "long-suffering, patience". Titiksha, daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma (divine law) is its personification.

VS Titiksha state (III 22) [[p. 64]] (22). Titiksha is the fifth state of Raja Yoga one of supreme indifference; submission, if necessary, to what is called "pleasures and pains for all," but deriving neither pleasure nor pain from such submission in short, the becoming physically, mentally, and morally indifferent and insensible to either pleasure or pain.

FY Titiksha, renunciation.

WG Titiksha, endurance, patience, resignation, forbearance.

SKv Titiksha Patience, resignation, and endurance; derived from the desiderative or wishing form of the verb-root tij -- to endure, to suffer. In The Voice of the Silence it is said:

Titiksha is the fifth state of Raja Yoga -- one of supreme indifference; submission, if necessary, to what is called "pleasures and pains for all," but deriving neither pleasure nor pain from such submission-in short, the becoming physically, mentally, and morally indifferent and insensible to either pleasure or pain. -- Fragment III, note 22

SD INDEX Tityos, Tityus (Gk)

son of Earth II 591n
or Tit-theus, divine deluge II 142

MO Tjalfe [[Norse]] (chal-veh) [speed] Son of Egil and servant of Thor

MO Tjasse [[Norse]] (chass-eh) A giant: an earlier life period

MO Tjodvitner [[Norse]] (chod-veet-ner) [tjod tether + vitner witness] Fenris; wolf that fishes for the souls of men

SD INDEX T'murah. See Temurah

SD INDEX Toad, man's saliva & venom of I 262n

TG Tobo (Gnost.). In the Codex Nazaraeus, a mysterious being which bears the soul of Adam from Orcus to the place of life, and thence is called "the liberator of the soul of Adam".

SD INDEX Tod, Colonel James, [Annals . . . of Rajast'han], re name Morya I 378n

TG Todas. A mysterious people of India found in the unexplored fastnesses of Nilgiri (Blue) Hills in the Madras Presidency, whose origin, language and religion are to this day unknown. They are entirely distinct, ethnically, philologically, and in every other way, from the Badagas and the Mulakurumbas, two other races found on the same hills.

FY Toda, a mysterious tribe in India that practise black magic.

SD INDEX Todd, Prof James Edward, oscillatory movements on earth II 325

SD INDEX Tohu-Bohu (Heb) [without form & void], the Deep ofGenesis II 477

SD INDEX Toledoth (Heb), generation II 134

SD INDEX "To live is to die, to die is to live" I 459n

SD INDEX Tolla. See Olla

SD INDEX Tollner. See Zollner, Prof J. K. F.

SD INDEX Toltecs, Senzar known to forefathers of I xliii

SD INDEX Tomb(s). See also Dolmens

contained ashes of giants II 753
giant, of Sardinia II 352
placed in adytum II 459
Stonehenge & Carnac not II 754

VS "Secret Path" is unattainable this "day," it is within thy reach "to-morrow" (II 24) [[p. 34]] "To-morrow" means the following rebirth or reincarnation.

MO Tomte [[Norse]] (tom-teh) [tom empty] Nature sprite, helpful

SD INDEX Tones, seven, in music of spheres II 601

SD INDEX Tonga Island, relic of Lemuria II 223, 332

SD INDEX Tongshaktchi Sangye Songa (Tib manuscript)

described II 423
quoted II 424, 427-8

SD INDEX Tooke, William, "Some Account . . ." [Sepulture des Tartares], rocks not native II 343

TG Toom (Eg.). A god issued from Osiris in his character of the Great Deep Noot. He is the Protean god who generates other gods, "assuming the form he likes". He is Fohat. (Secret Doctrine, I., 673.)

TG To On (Gr.). The "Being", the "Ineffable All" of Plato. He "whom no person has seen except the Son".

SD INDEX To On (Gk) the One II 105, 113. See also On, Plato

SD INDEX To pan (Gk) the All I 353-4

TG Tope. An artificial mound covering relics of Buddha or some other great Arhat. The Topes are also called Dagobas.

TG Tophet (Heb.). A place in the valley of Gehenna, near Jerusalem, where a constant fire was kept burning, in which children were immolated to Baal. The locality is thus the prototype of the Christian Hell, the fiery Gehenna of endless woe.

SD INDEX Topinard, Paul, Anthropology, color of the races II 249n

SD INDEX Torah [Torah] (Heb, Thorah in tx) law. See also Pentateuch

allegory of heavy load I 393-4
Zohar &, dogmatic II 462

TG Toralva, Dr. Eugene. A physician who lived in the fourteenth century, and who received as a gift from Friar Pietro, a great magician and a Dominican monk, a demon named Zequiel to be his faithful servant. (See Isis Unveiled, II., 60.)

SD INDEX Torpor, mental, of first two races II 181

SD INDEX Torquay, Kent's cavern in II 724

SD INDEX Torquemada, Tomas de II 70

SD INDEX Torricelli, Evangelista, vortices of I 623

SD INDEX Tors (West England) natural origin (geological) II 343

SD INDEX Tortoise. See also Kurma, Sisumara

Brahma as II 75
Kasyapa means II 253
mystery of I 441-2 &n
sacred, of Confucianists I 441
Vishnu as, -avatara II 549

SD INDEX Totmes III (Egy), fragment fr hall of II 559

SXa Totum corpus circumagimur II 552 (Lat) "All bodies move in a circle."

SD INDEX Touch I 96, 535. See also Senses

akasa, sound, light, color & I 205
procreation by II 176
related to senses, elements II 107
sparsa or, in pralaya (Vishnu Purana) I 372

SD INDEX Toum. See Tum

SD INDEX Tower of Babel. See Babel, Tower of

SD INDEX Tower of Bhangulpore. See Bhangulpore

TG Toyambudhi (Sk.). A country in the northern part of which lay the "White Island" -- Shveta Dwipa -- one of the seven Puranic islands or continents.

SD INDEX Toyambudhi (Skt) (Sea of)

England identified w, (Wilford) II 402n
northern parts of II 319

SD INDEX T.P.S. See Theosophical Publication Society