The Inner Nativity

By Jim Belderis

And it came to pass in those days that a woman conceived a new life within her soul.

As her reason would not have it, she put it from her mind.

But her heart sent a messenger, saying,

"Do not fear the inner life, for it is conceived of your own Holy Spirit.

And you shall bring forth a living expression of your higher self.

And your mind shall call this spirit-child its Savior."

And when the woman was great with child, great was her belief:

she would be one with her true nature, that her inner Christ should be delivered.

No longer would she seek the comforts of a separate self --there was no room for them in her innermost desire.

For she would know her kinship with all, even at the lowest station and the humblest abode.

And lo, a star went before her, guiding her with the one Light to the sages of all time.

This Light has always stood over knowledge of things divine, and it opened her to the treasures in the human soul: the truth of the stars reflected in every mind.

Within her also were the silent servants of her virtue, watching over her deepest reflections.

Wisdom and compassion, patience and understanding -- these were the shepherds of her nobler nature.

They called forth a message of love that cast out every fear.

They gave her the vision to behold the Divine in all her fellow beings, to care for them as they were, and to trust in the greatness they would become.

These were the good tidings she brought to all the people she met, for unto her was born that day the Savior of her humanity -- her inner Christ became the Lord of her life.

And this shall be a sign unto us: We ourselves shall find the divine child within us, clothed with the Sun that shines equally on all.

Our own compassion will praise God in the highest, and shed light on the god-wisdom in everyone we care for.

And the quintessence of this praise shall be: "Glory to the godspark within us.

Peace on Earth be our nature, and goodwill to all that lives."

  • (From Sunrise magazine, December 1996/January 1997. Copyright © 1997 by Theosophical University Press.)

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