The Path of the Mystic

By Scott Osterhage

We are all mystics, whether we know it or not, and we are all on a path. It is called variously Dao, the Way, the Golden Stairs, enlarging awareness, self-directed evolution, inner alchemy, climbing the mountain, know thyself, the long road home, awakening the inner man, transmuting lead to gold, spiritual pilgrimage, ascending to heaven, following our father within, the still small path. All of these speak to the same thing: our path to our inner self.

How we live our daily lives is following the path of the mystic.

Some people are more open to the world around them, and some less so. We all have filters that let in or out only so much information between our selves, lower and higher. Our inner mystical journey, that we each must take on our own, has no real guidance other than what we have learned. There are outer teachers, books, people, daily events – but the only one who can evaluate and inculcate these lessons into our very being is each one of us, for ourselves only.

Ours is a journey unique to each – no one else can have the one we have. What works for me may not work for you. That is why there is no formula. This mystical journey into our heart, into our very spiritual essence – the journey of our spiritual evolution – this is our own, our individuality.

Developing trust of our higher selves is something we need to do. When we trust that still small voice within us even though it may be contrary to what our thinking mind wants us to do, if we can move through that outer fear and the mind chatter that confounds us, then we are certainly on our own mystical path. The irony is we have all the answers within ourselves and always have – it’s just that we keep looking in the wrong place, outside of us, for the answers. Those other people we look to for answers are struggling sometimes just as much or more than we are! We do not want to disempower ourselves or lessen the strength of our own power by following others blindly.

We need to build our power of discernment by relying on ourselves. That means that every person, situation, and thing you encounter outside and inside yourself is your teacher. We need to listen and to learn – to actually inculcate into our lives what we believe. We need to sift through what is being said and run it past our heart, our inner knowing, our inner Self. If it passes this test and the litmus of universality, we can take it and make it ours. If it does not, we need to let it alone or release it because it does not presently present itself as truth for us.

We are on our own, independent, yet intimately connected with the rest of humanity – literally with all sentient beings, who are working to achieve the same goal of self-directed evolution leading to spiritual enlightenment. Seeing the real beyond the unreal, understanding that we are integral in the larger cosmic whole, and working with nature and her processes, we help to lift all Life to the next rung, to assist in ascending, awakening; and to realize the sublime purpose and intent of life in the universe, and ultimately, of That, the unnamable essence.Talk delivered September 2008

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