Karma and My Situation

Today has been a wonderful day and I’d like to share it with you. I was thinking about karma and my situation. Most people who share this home with me say, “This is as bad as it gets!” Others might say it’s “bad karma.” Today I realize karma really is perfect justice, but at the same time I believe karma has a goal: to lead you to your inner God, the divinity within. It is said that through great suffering will come understanding, and those words are absolutely true. Difficult situations like prison open the heart to all the love that exists in the world. Love is said to be an emotion but I think it’s called that for lack of better words. To me love is a sacred force that, if properly understood, would make universal brotherhood a living reality. Love is manifest everywhere. Even when pain and suffering are all around us, love still finds a way to shine through. I think love has her arms wrapped around me right now. So again, is this good or bad karma or perfect justice shining its light on the “Way” to the inner God? I can honestly say that because of my situation I am happy today. — Timothy Foley, New Jersey

(From Sunrise magazine, Spring 2007; copyright © 2007 Theosophical University Press)

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Karma is not a punishment but the path through which experience is gained and truth revealed, and it relies as much on the present and future as it does on
the past. — Shawn Hawk