On Healing

'To the Editor of The Golden Gate':

. . . . According to her (H. P. Blavatsky) the healing becomes Black Magic when the operator deliberately influences the mind of the patient and by that means causes the cure. Of course it is not the very highest and blackest form of Black Magic, but it is not White Magic -- since it does not leave the patient to the operation of Karma and his own will -- it is a weak form of the Black variety.

My own view goes a little further and leads me to the conclusion that when persons suffer from sickness they should endeavor to cure it with physical agencies, for it is truly the working down through the body of bad Karmic causes in the mind; and when one falls back upon his higher nature for the cure of his body, he removes the operation of the Karmic causes from their proper plane, which is the physical body, and draws them back into the mind, and thus not only tends to becloud his mental plane, but also keeps in him the seed for future diseases in another life, which will be larger, because, as it were, they have accumulated interest during the interval.

Lastly, we must wait to hear from Mme. Blavatsky, over her own signature, for an exact expression of her views hereupon.

Very truly yours,
Gen. Secretary, T.S. American Section.