Of Seeing and Not Seeing Spooks

[The original of the following article, which is in the archives of the Theosophical Society, Point Loma, is in the handwriting of W. Q. Judge but is unsigned. It is here reproduced verbatim et literatim.]

The man who cannot see "spooks" and whom they do not bother is fortunate in respect to that mere fact of not seeing or feeling them, for then he is never annoyed by such things.

But, if from that non impression from spooks he argues that there are none at all he is thereby shut off by his own mind from a knowledge that may be acquired through the experience of others. E.g., if one who has never experienced clairvoyance denies its existence, he cuts himself off from the knowledge that the inner faculties exist in man that permit clearseeing and that there is a second element through which that clear vision acts -- the astral light for instance. These two facts of knowledge are obtainable through the experience of others without ourselves having to realize them in our own practice.

In the same way with "Spooks," -- for there is no difference in the argument -- to the man who never saw or felt them they are not facts in his experience, but as many others have that real knowledge of such matters -- even being dull otherwise as many a medium and sensitive is -- then the non-seer is bound to profit by those who have the facts and to deduce if he can laws or propositions from them.

As to why one man may not see "spooks," it is because of density of the aura that relates to them -- not density of perception, for the perception operates after the impact is made through the aura. It is not a question of repelling because that belongs to quite another thing. Another will be less dense and not thereby more fortunate, because it is no blessing to be what I call a "spook catcher"; it is very disagreeable. Spiritual knowledge is not gained from larvae of the air but from within; and thus one may be very very dense as to these outside influences but very capable of getting spiritual knowledge from within, which is the only true way. So then it follows that if you are open to spooks you have the more to fight in that direction than the man who is not thus open.

Look at the mediums and hysteriacs who see spooks and feel them, yet how ignorant, foolish and hairbrained and weak the majority of them are.

But don't be misled into accepting every tale, for many persons think they see spooks when really it is as much that as it is my old shoes. They are making images very often out of their own brain impressions and no more.

[From The Theosophical Forum, February 15, 1935, pp. 155-56]