The New York Theosophical Society

Many of our members have pursued investigations in Spiritualism and kindred subjects with success and profit. In fact, one of the General Council, Mrs. M. J. Billing, is herself a medium for spiritual phenomena of a wonderful character, her familiars -- if they may be so termed -- exhibiting a knowledge of occult laws governing the universe which it would be well for the Spiritualistic fraternity to inquire into.

Others have given attention privately to the development of their own spirits, and this, it may be said, is the chief object of this Society, but they have refused as yet to divulge their experiences for publication, as they say such publication would retard their progress. And in this refusal they seem to be upheld by all the teachings of Jewish and Hindu Kabalism.

One, however, of our members has for a long time noticed a peculiar thing upon which he asks for opinions from other Branches. It is this: He sees, either in the air or in his spiritual eye, which he knows not, because it is always in the direction in which he may be looking, very frequently, a bright spot of light. The exact time is always noted, and is invariably found to be the hour when some one is thinking or speaking of him or about to call upon him. He would like some suggestions as to the law governing this appearance, and how to make more definite the information it is meant to convey.

Many applications from distant and various parts of the United States for permission to establish Branches have been received.

Recording Secretary
19th July, 1881.

[The Theosophist, Supplement to Vol. II, September, 1881, p. 1]