Misunderstood Editorial

[By W. Q. Judge]

The editorial in April Path has been thought by some to mean that it is the Editor's intention to cease publication, and one newspaper wanted to know what we meant by repeating words we spoke long ago. There is no intention of stopping this magazine; indeed, if Theosophists patronized The Path more, it would be enlarged to twice its present size. What was stated was, that the Editor thinks it to be impossible to say anything new, and all that can be said was published centuries ago by the ancients. He also holds that nowadays there is a thirst for more, more, more articles and books, all repeating the old ideas while they pretend to be giving out original thoughts. Why not read and re-read the thoughts as given? And the reply is that it is not pleasant to take so much trouble; besides, the modern method is not the same; and, above all, we are lazy of mind as well as superficial, therefore there must be constant restatement. Give out the doctrines found in the Upanishads in the old form and they are scouted, but rewrite them with a modern title and it will be considered. Hence while seeing no excuse for the existence of any magazine, the Editor is forced by circumstances to continue the publication of his own, however faulty it may be.

[From The Path, June, 1892, p. 69]