"The Hidden Way" and Theosophists

To the Editor of the [Washington] Post:

Sir -- In your paper of the 2nd instant is printed an interview with Mr. Shepard (of Lee & Shepard) and one N. R. Monachesi, respecting the book The Hidden Way Across the Threshold, in which Mr. Monachesi pretends to speak for the Theosophical Society, and says that the secretary of that body has endorsed the book referred to. Permit me, as president of the New York Theosophical Society and as secretary of the American Theosophical Council to say that Mr. N. R. Monachesi is not a member of any part of the society, knows nothing of the membership of its fourteen branches and never attended any meeting of the society. The secretary of the society has not endorsed The Hidden Way, and takes this opportunity to say that the book is thought by all well-informed theosophists to be a mass of foolishness, except where it contains pages stolen from other people's works, and that its author, in so far as he pretends to represent the Theosophical Society, is an imposter.

Yours truly,

William Q. Judge
Gen. Secty. American Theosophical Council
New York, Sept. 6, 1887