The Cause of Rebirth

By W. Q. Judge

In general, all the matter visible or held in space still unprecipitated, has been molded at one time or another into forms of all varieties, many of these being such as we have now no idea of. The processes of evolution, therefore, in some departments, now go forward with greater rapidity than in former ages, because both Manas and matter have acquired facility of action. Especially is this so in regard to man, who is the furthest ahead of all things or beings in this evolution. He is now incarnated and projected into life more quickly than in earlier periods when it consumed many years to obtain a "coat of skin." This coming into life over and over again can not be avoided by the ordinary man because Lower Manas is still bound by Desire, which is the preponderating principle at the present period. Being so influenced by Desire, Manas is continually deluded while in the body, and being thus deluded is unable to prevent the action upon it of the forces set up in the life-time. These forces are generated by Manas, that is, by the thinking of the life-time. Each thought makes a physical as well as a mental link with the desire in which it is rooted. All life is filled with such thoughts, and when the period of rest after death is ended, Manas is bound by innumerable electrical magnetic threads to earth by reason of the thoughts of the last life, and therefore by desire, for it was desire that caused so many thoughts and ignorance of the true nature of things.

(Source unknown)