The great event during the past month among American Theosophists has, of course, been the preparation for and holding of the Congress at the World's Parliament of Religions. In connection with this, Mr. Judge, who is acting for the President, as Chairman of the Advisory Council, has issued the following Unofficial Bulletin: --

Of the World's Columbian Exposition.
September 15 and 16, 1893.

COL. H. S. OLCOTT, the President, has written that he will send a message to the Congress, and it is also probable that he will send an official statement of the work in Asia . . .

It is possible that other arrangements may be arrived at, but the above is a general statement of the assignments now made. Mrs. Besant will lecture at one or two places before getting to Chicago, and it is also purposed to have her give a general free lecture to the public just after the Congress. If possible, arrangements will be made to have Bro. Chakravarti speak at the Chicago T.S. and those Branches which, in the time at his disposal, may be easily reached, but as to that nothing precise can be said until his arrival here and after consultation.

I can also report that the fund for the expenses of the Congress has grown much faster than the present commercial crisis would have led anyone to hope, and if any surplus shall remain at the close of the Congress it is proposed then to print for general distribution throughout the T.S. a full report of the proceedings and speeches. Bro. A. S. BROLLEY of Albany has volunteered to take stenographic reports of the proceedings.

It is well also to remind members that the President of the T.S. would have been Chairman of the Advisory Council were it not that he is so far away in India, and such being the circumstances he has extended his official sanction as President to me in the premises, delegating to me such of his powers as are necessary to carry this Congress to a successful conclusion. And I must also add that no success could attend these efforts were it not for the earnest and brotherly aid extended by individual members, to whom the thanks of the Society are due.


Vice.-Pres. T.S. and Chair. Advis. Council